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Szlachta aaaWinged HussarsRadogostUniechowski Fashion Winter

Szlachta aaaWinged HussarsRadogostUniechowski Fashion Winter



Rozalia Mancewicz and Marek Twardowski in historical costumes of szlachta [via].

Costumes of Polish szlachta [nobility] from c. 17th-18th centuries - a

Polish and Russian fashion of the XVI. Century. 16th century costumes. Medieval clothing. Middle ages dresses.



Kontusz, pas kontuszowy. Szlachecki strój Polski

Sarmatism - Google Search Larp, Armours, Knight Armor, Knight In Shining Armor,

Persona Reserch: Jadwiga Radomyski 16th Century Poland

Portrait of Polish noble Stanisław Tęczyński by Tomaso Dolabella,1633-34 Polish Clothing,

Kontusz, koniec XVIII w.

Strój szlachecki Polski. Kontusz, pas kontuszowy, buty husarskie, szabla, pas do szabli, czapka z piórami.


Strona główna Blox.pl

Kraków, Poland

Sarmatian-style. Sarmatism is a term designating the dominant lifestyle, culture and ideology of the szlachta (nobility) of the Polish and Lithuanian ...

Medieval Rus/Slavic


Strona główna Blox.pl

Hussar Pimp Coat

Jhaegar Medieval Armor, Medieval Fantasy, Armor Clothing, Larp, Waffen, Middle Ages

Polish nobles in the XVI and XVII centuries was a master of saber and a greatsword fighting.

Dress inspired by portraits of the Lubomirski family, 16th/17th century, Poland. Reconstruction by Nomina Rosae.

Arnold Paole: Serbia's Most Famous Vampire. The account of Arnold Paole begins in 1727 when the Serbian soldier returned home from war to settle down.

Reenactment: Polish Winged Hussars and szlachta [nobility] of 17th century - times of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Photos by Krzysztof Kapica taken in ...

Jewish dress in Poland 17th and 18th century - History of the Jews in 18th-

Reenactment: Polish Winged Hussars and szlachta [nobility] of 17th century - times of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Photos by Krzysztof Kapica taken in ...

Podolski.jpg (800×600) Poland Culture, Eastern Europe, Historical Clothing

Sarmatian belief and customs became an important part of szlachta culture, penetrating all aspects of

Non-Western Historical Fashion

Portrrait of Polish nobleman Kazimierz Ossoliński,1720s

Padded arming zupan Polish Zupan 16th-17thc noblemen gown Battle Dress, Arm Armor,

Zupan (polish gown) made of Italian damask, 17th century, In: O

Andreea Diaconu In 'Ladies & Gentlewoman' By Mariano Vivanco For Vogue Spain October 2013

Exploring the peoples, places, and things of Tolkien's Legendarium.

Nice warm hat and hand ✋muff Polish Recipes, Folk Costume, Traditional French Clothing

Leila Alaoui: The Moroccans The Moroccans is a photographic series of contemporary live size portraits, shot in a mobile photo studio across Morocco.

Polished Man, Antiques Roadshow, Figure Painting, Character Concept, Scale Models, Anglo

Новости Winter's Tale, Medieval Fantasy, Historical Clothing, Ukrainian Art, World Images,

Seated Girl in Peasant Costume Gerard Ter Borch (Dutch, Oil on panel. In the century this young woman in peasant clothing would have been.


Zygmunt III Waza: Próba zamachu na Króla Zygmunta III Wazę Poland History, Vaza,

Fashions From History


Royal Executioner Rudolph REG by DiegooCunha.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Марокко. 2011 г. Автор фото: Leila Alaou. World Photography, Photography Awards


Vampire, Herren, Male, Man, Rokoko, Rococo

Reenactment: Polish Winged Hussars and szlachta [nobility] of 17th century - times of

Khamlia, a desert village in southern Morocco, 2014. The Moroccans by Leila Alaoui

Daily Fashion, Love Fashion, Let It Be

Asos Faux Leather Cap, Asos Leather Jacket, Religion Shirt, Asos Book Clutch, Underground Creepers

Polish magnate Jan Zamoyski dressed in a crimson delia over a blue silk żupan, and tied with a pas kontuszowy. The right hand holds a buława.

pre-1700 Russian costume for noble maiden from russian movie 'Raskol' (meaning "split"). late 17th century costume. boyar dauthter (boyaryshnya, ...

polish noble, picture taken from the epic film : OGNIEM I MIECZEM, With Fire

Portraits of different cultures

Kontusz, 2.poł. XVIII w.


Costume of Polish szlachta (nobility), c. 18th

Costumes of Polish szlachta [nobility] from 17th century. Celebrations of the Anniversary of. "

Plate #54b - Mid-Seventeenth Century - Germany. Munich, Nuremberg, Vienna (1640)

Невмирущі традиції Polish Embroidery, Folk Fashion, Ethnic Fashion, Carpathian Mountains

Italian Barbie Diva Dolls, Ag Dolls, Hand Puppets, Barbie Collector, Barbie I

Croatian Light Infantryman, 1600 Army List, Thirty Years' War, Medieval Fantasy,

Reenactment: Polish Winged Hussars and szlachta [nobility] of 17th century - times of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Photos by Krzysztof Kapica taken in ...

Joseph Black Fox - Oglala - 1900 Native American Men, Native American Photos, American

The Great Basin Costume Society: May 2010 Medieval Fashion, Renaissance Clothing, Historical Clothing

Polish Hussar Nobleman by Vyacheslav Rusyaev · Putty&Paint

Zbroja husarska Robert Stefanowski

Maria Puslowska, Jan Matejko ศิลปิน, ผู้หญิง

Hello World, Im The Dope Dealer.

Trotsky bodyguard, Russian Civil war - pin by Paolo Marzioli Russian Revolution 1917, Army

Polish People, World Cultures, European Countries, Folk Costume, Lithuania, Warsaw,

Types Of Armor, Winter's Tale, Commonwealth, Painting Art, Fantasy Characters, Folklore

Партрэтны жывапiс (cармацкія партрэты) - Портретная живопись (сарматские портреты) - 2-

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Maria Tyszkiewicz z Radziwiłłów (1857) Commonwealth

Tudors, Empireart Couture, Rennesaince Outfit, Herren, Pierre, Leszczyk, Empireart, Couture, Mode, Photograph, Fotograf, Kunst,Frisur, Dolch

Prussian Hussar unifrom, 1st and 2nd Leib (Life) Regiments, including shako,

Aleksander Benedykt Sobieski, son of John III Sobieski, dressed in Polish costume Poland People

Beautiful Creatures

Leila Alaoui was a French-Moroccan photographer. May she rest in peace. Photography

Muzeum w Jarosławiu Kamienica Orsettich

Na dworcu kolejowym w Cieszynie... Finnish Air Force, Poland Ww2, Fighter

Fashion under the Reign of Charles IX.

Renaissance, Fur Coat, Winter Hats, Fur Collar Coat


25 Stepan Alekseev Fantasy Male, Fantasy Rpg, Medieval Fantasy, Fantasy World, Character

Celebrity Hairstyles, Bob Hairstyles, Fashion Hairstyles, Leelee

Польский костюм шляхта: 7 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Muhtesem Yuzyil Gold Dress, Hatice Sultan Turkish Fashion, Beautiful Costumes, Wattpad, Game

Sam Ayoub

Atike Sultan That one?

Polish magnates 1576-1586 - Clan of Ostoja - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Renaissance

Photo of The Musketeers - Season 2 - Cast Photo - Rochefort for fans of The

Leila Alaouis a French Moroccan Artist, her latest exhibition is a tribute to the rich

Stroje Historyczne Planet Earth, Planets

Charles of Austria (1607 - 1632). Second son of Philip III and Margaret

Husaria. Polish winged hussars.