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Leticia ramirez solis leticiaramirezs on t

Leticia ramirez solis leticiaramirezs on t


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Today we had the privilege to visit Selma, Alabama, a historic site from the Civil Rights movement. On a Sunday in March of 1965, around 600 marchers left ...


Bio: Leticia Ramirez

Winding its way from Arizona through Texas to Mississippi and Memphis the Undocubus, filled with 30 undocumented immigrants, plans to come to a stop in ...

- No Papers, No Fear - Ride for Justice Blog

Ramirez can't get a stable job, either, since she is undocumented, leaving it up to her husband, who fixes cars, to be the sole provider.

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We then freed monarch butterflies to show how they are free and that they have no borders because in the end of the day, that's what we want – to be free.

Bio: Julio Cesar Sanchez

Maria Cruz Ramirez, one of several undocumented immigrants traveling across the country on the "

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After that but before going to a rally/press conference at the state capitol, we broke into smaller groups to talk about how we could connect the struggle ...

I got to see one of the apartments, where I was taken by one of the day laborers, German. It was a two-floor, small apartment, where the walls were covered ...

Chela: Something I mentioned at the Senator's office after we walked over the bridge was that the government had been more violent towards the African ...


- No Papers, No Fear - Ride for Justice Blog


No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice Bus

In the magic hour, under the light of a full moon it was a long good bye in Phoenix Arizona for a group setting off to defy unjust laws in order to ...

El autobús va pintado de verde, el color de la esperanza, y lleva imágenes de mariposas monarca, en símbolo de la inmigración.

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In fact, we suffered a lot to get here. But all they see is that we're criminals. They kept calling us "illegal aliens." But we're not illegal or aliens.

El 11 de Agosto La Jornada por la Justicia: Sin Papeles y Sin Miedo, fue recibida por el Comité Popular de Laurel. Compartimos con ellos y ellas un taller ...

PHOENIX — The route they will take on their cross-country trek resembles a slithering snake — up, down and around in a series of intentional detours that ...

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I had heard about the struggle for civil rights in the 60s but it had never mattered to me. I had not realized that I could learn from the struggle, ...

Eventually Commissioner Yaki heard that we were being refused entrance and told security to allow us to enter. By the time we sat down in the briefing room ...

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Bio: Alejandro Guizar

Migrants Plan Multi-State Protest Tour - USA Today

Witnessing the Birth of a Day Laborer Worker's Center

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That's when we felt the most energy, everyone chanting with us. But at the same time we felt angry knowing that they were inside making decisions about ...

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