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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Here's some quick screencaps from KOTOR 2 playing in widescreen 1920x1080 for me, the same resolution that KOTOR 1 is playing at. As you can see, ...

Taking in views of Kotor from up on the trail

... the dark side - even if I hadn't already known what was coming up, I think that would have been a sure sign that this wasn't going to end well for her!

Confession: I love Juhani and every conversation I got to have with her. I

Grey Skies Are Gonna Kreia Up: KOTOR 2 Is Done



Star Wars KotOR: Carth Romance #20 version 3: Carth doesn't give up on Dark Side Revan

What next for KotOR?

Star Wars KOTOR II: The Sith Lords easter egg by TheRealCarp511 ...

Don't make me start KOTOR again, meatbag!

Kotor 1 - Tarisian Bounties Volume 1 ( Selven, Matrik, Dia )

Things to do in Kotor Montenegro

KOTOR 2 Stream #5 - Nar Shaddaa (Part 2)

Not trying to hype myself up...but this just makes it even more likely that MAYBE Kotor will comeback into canon.

Opening crawl

Your Arbiter will basically blow the case for you, but you shouldn't interrupt him until he tells the court you are insane.

The developers realized that the game will need to be seriously cut, but they didn't have much of a choice. However, what did not end up in the game, ...

Our brother-in-law hiking up with our nephew (4 years old)

KOTOR 2 mixes it up between familiar locales (reusing maps) and new places, and this is definitely a regifting situation. Still, I now have a fully evil ...

In case you can't tell, Jesus is taking every opportunity to mock and humiliate the Mandalorians we come across. None of them get worked up enough to attack ...

Kotor 1 episode 6/exploring the Lower city apartments!

Port of call: Kotor, Montenegro Docked: 7:00AM - 12:00PM Date: September 26, 2018 Highlights: Fortifications of Kotor, Castle of San Giovanni

I have been playing KOTOR 2 again. I love the restored content mod there is

Things To Do In Kotor

Don't be disheartened if the heavens open up on Montenegro's Adriatic Coast. Here's six things to do in Kotor when it rains.

iPhone Screenshots

In the years that have passed since both KotOR games came out, it sounds like BioWare has come back around to the idea of making a new title in the ...

St John Fortress, Kotor, Montenegro - Hiking up the St. John Fortress is

And then I made a dumb mistake. Jerry came in with some fruit and a smoothie for me and I downed them before remembering the pig pills.

Drive yourself to the Apartments Ana shown below. Just as the road turns left, you can see the narrow pathway branching off the road.

Kotor long exposure

#CivilizationVI iPad, #KOTOR, and Jade Empire mobile are up to 60% off for a limited time! http://ow.ly/OLHU30lrSSU pic.twitter.com/yloYorjZtU

Obviously, you can't leave Kotor without rolling up your sleeves and making the hike upwards to the top of the castle. Several things to note though, ...

Kotor Fortress, Špiljari, Montenegro - View of Kotor on the way up to the

Bay of Kotor

Leave the cantina once you've finished your various business here. Next up on our tour is a stop at the Hidden Bek base, further up the corridor from the ...

But the Montenegrians had to move up into the mountains because they couldn' t fight the Ottoman Turks man-to-man on the ground.

Let's Play Star Wars KOTOR - Manaan 05: Slaughter at the Sith Base Part 2/2

We didn't stop there though, but continued the hike to Lovcén National Park to get to this view! // #Kotor #BayofKotor #Montenegro #Hik…pic.twitter.com/ ...

Prior to visiting I read up on it online and was, to be frank, quite excited to explore it.

Kotor Group Activity to Wake up all your senses in Kotor, Montenegro

MapKotor- ...

Halfway up you will hear a barking dog and then see a little stone house, don't worry the dog won't bite, his paws won't let him use a mobile so he is ...

Castle Of San Giovanni, Špiljari, Montenegro - For one of the most stunning views

Where It Begins - The Kotor Collection includes both Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic with over 40 Game of the Year Awards and the follow-up chapter, ...

Following the same formula as KOTOR, the story choices do determine your alignment and whether you get on someone's good side or not.

Charming, aren't they?

Mega Man USA

Don't hesitate. Step up the mountain - Kotor's Castle Of San Giovanni

... Montenegro Could not quite believe the sheer beauty and vastness of the vistas over Kotor, Montenegro

Close up of the Majestic Princess as it leaves the Bay of Kotor.

... ahead of us at any given point, and would take water breaks while waiting for us to catch up. Cassandra and I called our pace the "Slow Tour of Kotor."

You know what's one big difference between KOTOR 1 and 2? The sequel has a LOT more cutscenes and isn't afraid to keep splitting up the party and having you ...

Emailed Obsidian about Kotor 3.

A new voice comes out, saying "The highly anticipated sequel to the 2003 Game of the Year," as some redundant ("The Sequel to 2003's Game of the Year") text ...

Once a Firaxa notices you and attacks, it is within range of the Sonic Emitter: if you didn't have one, all you could do would be put up your dukes, ...

Montenegro's medieval walled city of Kotor is suffering under a huge influx of visitors.

My second playthrough of KotOR is up on YouTube and Twitch! Check out The Infinite

Our two days in Kotor didn't turnout as we'd planned with one day spent at the hospital and bad weather on the second day. Today we packed the bike up and ...

Consulars aren't as good with lightsabers and such, but makes up for it with Force Lightning spam.

Hiking Ladder of Kotor

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The crew didn't lie when they said it would be worth getting up early to watch the “sail-in” to Kotor. It was a very impressive view.

Here's an in-game image from KOTOR 1 where everything displays and fills up the screen in widescreen resolution, unlike the various menus I posted screens ...

Hiking up San Giovanni, Kotor's famed Fortress to this magnificent view wasn't easy

Kotor Bay and Old Town

I'd highly recommend a trip to kotor it's such a nice place, perfect for getting those awesome photos and a very relaxing place to spend some time.

Incredible view of Kotor on the way up to the fortress ...

Above: It won't be long until you have views like this over town. Note that the town is built in a triangular pattern with a maze of streets to confuse ...

Fortress Things To Do In Kotor

On my way down, I crossed over to another trail that took me to the Kotor Fortress. When I was there, the little path and hole in the wall I used to ...

Kotor. I woke up in Dubrovnik to a rainy day. Since the forecast wasn't set to improve too much, I decided to push my kayak trip to the following day.

So, the story, fiction, atmosphere, and world are all well-done, what about the game play? Here is where things become a mixed bag. The leveling up system ...

Fab Four KOTOR. RSP_Beatlesshirt_7_0718_RSP_ThrowbackLogo_BackTag_0218_mockup_Front_Wrinkled_Baby-Blue.jpg

I begin by mapping out this huge alien bar, which ends up being a disappointment since there is no one to talk to and the whole place is basically a fog of ...

We weren't sure what to think about leaving the ship via glorified life boats, but soon enough we were safely onshore.

I don't think I've ever run about with GO-TO. And I've played for well over 200 hours and I don't think I've ever given him a level up.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. This is why I can't do a KOTOR 1 LP, I'd just end up shitting all over Carth and Bastila the entire time.

Villa Duomo, Kotor, Montenegro - Walk past the mall, and follow the hiking

Walked 1350 steps up to the fortress above kotor. Amazing views. @pandocruises loving Oceana 😊 #cruise #pandocruise #oceana

However, what makes the lighthearted Pokémon flick work with fans is that it isn't a retelling of any of the games; it's a faithful interpretation of the ...

One of our favorite memories from Kotor was attending a free chorale concert in an old orthodox church. The choir was a group of professional singers from ...

Above (and below): about 20 minutes up you'll come across the small Catholic church of Our Lady of Health (also known as Church of Our Lady of Remedy).

Knowing we didn't have the luxury of taking our good sweet time because we needed to meet up with the rest of the fam, we pushed on ahead.

The walls didn't just surround Kotor on the bay side, but climbed the hills behind the town, so the walk up was steep, but the views just got better and ...


When Avellone first signed up for Knights of the Old Republic 2, he didn'

Kotor, Montenegro: A Postcard Perfect Surprise |Sometimes places can sneak up on you

Kotor cliff cat