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Its a thin line iPhoneography Movement t

Its a thin line iPhoneography Movement t


5 Tips For Shooting Firework Photos With Your Phone Mobile Photography, Iphone Photography, Photography

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Photographer turns to iPhone for creative wedding shoot: Digital Photography Review

The iPhone 5: An iPhoneographer's Hands-on Review

Olloclip launches three lens kits for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Digital Photography Review

Coming. Adria Ellis · iPhoneography Movement

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2017-02-20_10-19-50_000 (2017-02-21T13_32_46.

I've only just gotten this kit, so I don't have much of to say in terms of performance yet. I do like the new case - it's slim, and textured on the ...



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How to create when you're just not 'feeling it'.

Lines are a great way to compose your image as they take your eyes to the


16 Perfectly Composed Leading Lines Photos #MashPics

Photography / Static Movement by WE ARE NOT YOU — Designspiration

Dubbed “LA's iPhoneography Wizard” by Forbes magazine, Alon Goldsmith is an award-winning photographer who has been featured extensively across media and ...

Siri engineers are aware of its limitations ...

I love this gorgeous black and white landscapes.. #blackandwhitelandscapes Photo Black, Black

Pop Art iPhoneography Warhol Would Love

Lines/contrast/depth/color/repetition. Look for strong design elements in


Check out this story by Adria Ellis on @stellerstories

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Vo is an avid user of Camera+ and loves the application's filters, cropping, lighting

L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' EXHIBITION

Chimney. Light. Fire. Back to the roots. Dark. Good old days. Iphoneography. Photography

L.A. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards - 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' EXHIBITION

It doesn't matter if the picture isn't the best quality, after all, you don' t want to copy it, but you're just looking for some inspiration

A reduction of 0.1” is nothing to scoff at, but I didn't feel all that impressed. As I looked more carefully, I found several factors that might explain ...

Lensbaby - Oggl (G2 lens / Queens West film)

Two lights to light the background and two softboxes or other modified lights to light the subject is how high key portrait lighting might be traditionally ...

Our pals at The Field Museum here in Chicago tweeted an amazing picture of the current location's ...

Make sure that there are some settings which don't disturb your process. We'll tell you which ones, and how to turn them off.

My Nikon DSLR has a focus that tracks movement and constantly makes the right adjustments. I use that setting for my butterfly photography during bright ...


Matter 3

Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case


I don't tend to consider leading lines, foreground interest or the rule of thirds when considering my compositions. It is more about how to best capture ...

But if you're not a CC subscriber or you don't have fast wi-fi, then you may want to look elsewhere for an app that lets you save photo files in the DNG ...

I don't tend to consider leading lines, foreground interest or the rule of thirds when considering my compositions. It is more about how to best capture ...

2017-02-24_10-01-50_000 (2017-02-24T20_09_42.

It's all about catching the atmosphere or emotion in a split second.'' Nico Brons' application to Fotoacademie Amsterdam in 2011 ...

Walk the Line Geometry dominates. Rectangles collect colors to help define their existence. Pathways emerge. Light dances from human creations.

2015 course catalog august december 2015 by University of Georgia College of Education - issuu

The original Hurricane Sandy image by Ben Lowy, from Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn, that was used for TIME Magazine.

How to create a retro stop-motion film with Instagram or Hipstamatic

Creating a Polar Globe

To take complete control of your camera by shooting in manual mode, you are going to be balancing the amount of light captured using the 3 elements we've ...

Dark and moody? Are there any particular landmarks you want to highlight? The answer to these questions will inform where you want your light to be, ...


Still detecting movement beneath the silt... #iphoneography #iphoneonly #patina #

It's the weekend, y'all. 🎈 . . . #fujifilm #fujixseries

For many art-lovers, Andy Warhol is best-known for two particular works: his ...

You may not have noticed it since it is buried a little deep in the menus. I recommend that you give it a ...

This bitter cold day in Yellowstone National Park had a high-key look already, and minimal editing was needed. High-key needn't always be monochrome.

Thin line between happiness and sorrow. Destructive destructed. #ohno #wine #wineaccident

Creating and Using Leading Lines

... and balanced on its narrow edge (the inside was hollow), climbed down into an empty swimming pool full of garbage and discarded furniture, and so on.

Square format, iPhoneography. - Stock Image

Others bloviate on their creative drive, explaining at length how they arrived at the shots pictured, some of which are quite underwhelming (one in ...

It turns out the ovipositor actually originates much further up on the body, and is the thin black line you see extending from the horntail to the tree in ...


To all #iOS / #AppleUsers if you don't have your #iOSDevice


Hit the Slopes With Your iPhone: Snow Sports iPhoneography

Here's a black and white version of the opening photo that I made using Lightroom for conversion.

Three Frame Stitch, taken in a lane-way where the 18mm setting was not quite wide enough to capture the scene due to the narrow width of the lane.

(Spy) Did you know this thing about AirPods? : apple

Bench, Windows & Light 7/100

Erika C. Brothers @erikacbrothers Iphone Photography, Mobile Photography, Photography Awards, Art

For the benefit of mankind and my personal friendships, I got over my strange obsession with posting images of my meals, and started taking pictures of ...

T is for trouble by awjay ...

10 Things Running Has Taught Me

It's much quicker and easier than waiting for Lightroom mobile to synchronize files, or using the RAW app and saving your photos to the Camera Roll one by ...

#AustralianArtistAlphabet⁣ ⁣ H is for Joy Hester⁣ ⁣ Joy way a key figure

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Margaret Barr's signature in the Cambridge Unitarian church membership book

Most Photographers Avoid Manual Mode, so One Animator Decided to Change Things

View your photos on a map

When you get eyeball to eyeball with a butterfly, you MUST have absolutely perfect focus or it's trash! So use your tripod!

... I felt that the ticket was already superfluous because my name and where I will be assisted actually appeared on several screens. Their system also sent ...

But don't worry. The minor transformation of a space in the city's Ballard neighborhood is only temporary. Sandwiched between a Patagonia clothing store and ...

Polarized light micrograph of a thin section of gypsum. Gypsum is a chemical sedimentary rock, composed mainly of hydrated calcium sulphate.

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Parts & Pieces Don't Make The Whole, 2 (michelle-robinson

Movement of the lines and colors that draw your eye around the image: