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Facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram Came in together These two

Facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram Came in together These two


@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “How adorable is this little furball! #A713813 available

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “❤ Came in together ❤ These two are cautious but curious about a new person. They came in togeth…

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “How handsome is this big lug! #A713750 available

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#Repost @facesofdevoreshelter with @get_repost ・・・ #A714656 available 5/2 I am a male, tricolor Spaniel mix. The shelter staff think I am about 13 weeks ...

Reposted from @facesofdevoreshelter - 🆘 Urgent needs to exit devore immediately 🆘 This

Posted @withrepost • @facesofdevoreshelter 💙 CAME IN TOGETHER 💙 #A714510 available 4/

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “Handsome & fun to spend time with. This guys

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Reposted from @facesofdevoreshelter - #A709025 available 4/25 ⚠ Owner surrender with

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “#A713828 available 4/16 This dudes very sweet

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “🆘 Code Red Urgent!!! 🆘️

@Regrann from @facesofdevoreshelter - ❤ Came in together ❤ These two are cautious but curious about a new person. They came in together and it would be ...

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “He looks like a big fox he is SO adorable

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “He's one gorgeous boy and oh so friendly!

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “🔵 CODE RED ALL 3 NEED HELP!

#Repost @facesofdevoreshelter with @get_repost ・・・ #A714496 available 4/29

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “This poor boy was seen being dumped early this morning



@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “#A715528 available 5/17 ⚠ Rescue Only

Riley Beek on Instagram: “Dis is me” - #Beek #dis #instagram #Riley - Riley Beek on Instagram: “Dis is me” Riley Beek on Instagram: “Dis is me”

@Regrann from @facesofdevoreshelter - #A713666 available 4/15 ⚠ Medical waiver required (tumor on stomach, hair loss). ⚠ To say this girls a lover ...

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “🆘 🆘 ALL EUTH LISTED CAN BE KILLED

We have had a lot of serious cuteness coming in this week! #savinggracenc.

@facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: “💙 Brownie 💙 #a715093 available 5/10 (

#repost @facesofdevoreshelter ・・・ PITTIE ALERT 🚨🚨🚨 ANOTHER URGENT BABY THAT

PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON *** Can't make the event??? You can still help us save more Boxers by sharing our post with friends and family!!

Get put out there and feel the Wind 💨 in your hair and the Sun ☀ on your face! #dogmomsknow #hangyourheadoutthewindow #freshair🍃 #dogsknowbest ...

The former #1 favourite sleeping area, “the old backpack”, has been demoted to 3rd and now sits mostly vacant. The former neglected #3, “the actual cat bed” ...

Please remember these steps in order to save a loved one! #cprtraining #cprcertified

#081393060060 Instagram Photos and Videos

Being vegan is about living a lifestyle that does not cause suffering, harm or death

kyriah124's Media: #Repost @facesofdevoreshelter 🆘 🆘 CODE RED NEEDS HELP!

I want a cocktail, not to wake up with your 🍆 in my mouth. #savealife #datingstories #meetup #rollthedice #roofie

It's official...more to come stay tuned ☺ 😉#whataboutdaisy #

#repost @facesofdevoreshelter A715163 available 5/11 I am a female, cream Labrador

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It has to be legit ,it's on the interwebs.

kniqhtfallrescuenetwork kniqhtfallrescuenetwork. kniqhtfallrescuenetwork. Reposted from @saving_furbabies - RepostBy @facesofdevoreshelter: \"#A

Gracie - 2 months / f / large Gracie and her two sisters were found by a lady in a cardboard box in Kaufland, Cluj. They are currently in foster until they ...

#repost @facesofdevoreshelter ・・・ She craves affection. To feel loved. Watch her video you'll see what I mean. #A716647 available 6/4 I am a female, ...

#repost @facesofdevoreshelter ❤ Cookie ❤ #a714451 available 5/11 ⚠ Owner

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kyriah124's Media: #Repost @facesofdevoreshelter These two are so cute and get along so

... Lurcher DIESEL is great with just about everything & everyone he has met so far. He'd like new owners who're around for a good part of the day & another ...

facesofdevoreshelter. ❤ Came in together ❤ #A715039 available 5/8 I am a

Flashback Friday: Almost one year ago, this handsome goof on the left, Dash

#repost @facesofdevoreshelter #a715403 available 5/14 I am a female, black

Can you guess her breed?! Comment below! Blythe is going to be joining us early next week from Manitoba! We're so excited to meet her ...

🧸🧸This San Bernardino Bulldog is So Handsome. Let's get him some attention and

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RepostBy @facesofdevoreshelter: "💙 Bosco 💙 #a714436 ⚠ Owner surrender ⚠️

krissy o

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How adorable is this little furball! #A713813 available 4/16 I am a male, white and tan Welsh Corgi Cardigan mix. The shelter staff think I am about 9 weeks ...


#Repost @beaumadisonrescuenetwork with @repostsaveapp · · · Please help save/follow 👉👉👉👉 they need help on IG @facesofdevoreshelter Pluto is seriously ...

#repost @facesofdevoreshelter with @get_repost ・・・ This girl is stunning but sad

#Repost @facesofdevoreshelter #A714017 available 4/20 I am a male, tan

Floating into the weekend with this fairytale wedding. Happy 4 month Anniversary Lizi & Justin

... DELBOY🙏🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧 is a 6yo Greyhound, an agile lad, quick on his feet & ever so loving. He gets on better with older teenagers & would like to be the ...

#081393060060 Instagram Photos and Videos

Posted @withrepost • @pawsondeck_norcal Look at this beautiful baby!!! 😩😍

Happy Midweek and National Love Your Pet Day ❤ , here is a wonderful story

#Repost @facesofdevoreshelter 🐾 MOMMA & 2 PUPPIES 🐾 #A711659 available 3/6 I am a female, tan

I had such an amazing time in Florida at @gracesmithtv Advanced #Hypnotherapy training. I wish I could share this experience with everyone in the world.

When you arguing and you thought it was over and they mumble something #Ownerproblems. @facesofdevoreshelter on Instagram: ...

¡FELIZ DÍA DEL GATO! No olvidéis que hoy estaremos de 18 a 20 horas

Posted @withrepost • @rbaricats URGENT! Our senior bonded pair, Squeaky & Patches

#A713757 The Face Of The Unknown, No Name, Her History is a Mystery

Bonded Brother and Sister are up for adoption. This is a pair that needs to

Reposted from @kyriah124 - #Repost @facesofdevoreshelter ❤ CAME IN TOGETHER ❤ #A714722

If someone is choking “DONUT” forget these simple instructions! 1. Encourage the

So good! #everyoneneedsabuddy #giving #give #love #believe4freedom #buddyandgina


🌟Last two available spaces for this Saturday's class in Leigh!🌟 chloe@daisyfirstaid

#Repost @facesofdevoreshelter (@get_repost) ・・・ #A714837 available 5/

#Repost @facesofdevoreshelter (@get_repost) ・・・ ❤ 3 came in together

#Repost @bla_nche_ • • • • • • 💔💔💔💔💔🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 Repost @ facesofdevoreshelter

Reposted from @ facesofdevoreshelter - 💙 CAME IN TOGETHER 💙 These two are so thoughtful of eachother. They didn't crowd over the other or push eachother ...

#repost from @tammy3.hedden #reposta #reposta_app @reposta_app

When things feel unstable, the Bible, kitties, and yarn make life much better! And the fact that we live in the unshakable Kingdom of God. “In Him we live, ...

The weekend is in sight!!! I sure hope my parents bring me back

🆘🆘💔😢🙏URGENT @facesofdevoreshelter She's got the wiggle butts and she's adorable

#chicagomarathon #nevergiveup #18002738255 #helpsavealife #ptsd #ptsdawareness #teamafsp #teamamp

#repost @facesofdevoreshelter #a714967 available 5/7 I am a neutered male,

#Wagmorhotel on Instagram Videos & Photos

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Reposted from @moreno_valley_shelter_animals - 🆘 EMERGENCY UPDATE - TWO UNDERAGE LITTERS OF KITTENS MUST EXIT



Rescue, Rehome, Love on Instagram: “IN DANGER OF BEING KILLED TODAY! Shelter full!! K3, year old sweet boy. Bonded with K5. These two…

URGENT 🛑⚠ #Repost @countryroadsanimalrescueok with @make_repost ・・・ URGENT!