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Captive hawaiian crow carrying a stick Black Wings Soar Animals

Captive hawaiian crow carrying a stick Black Wings Soar Animals




Jungle crow in Japan (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Hawaiian crow in the wild in 2017 (screenshot from 'Alala Project video (San Diego Zoo Global) shown below)

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American crow

Common raven (photo by Marge Van Tassel)


Fighting crows. Photo by Sheila & Boyd Anderson

Besides being bigger and having nicer voices than crows, ravens also have bigger beaks, a tuft of feathers at their throat, and wedge-shaped tails.

Black flowerpiercer, Ecuador, March 2019 (photo by Michelle Kienholz)

A dozen gulls soared and called - all the local Herring gulls - slowly assembling and ascending on the thermals. Then I see a Buzzard, soaring higher.

The Airshaft Crow. Mary Sylvester photo.

Great write-up by the @nytimes about the Hawaiian crow, or 'alalā

American Crow - Brooklyn, NY

Odd Name With A History

Fighting crows. Photo by Sheila & Boyd Anderson


______ Andy (Avraham) Blumenthal ______ Thoughts On Leadership, Technology, Life And Faith

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Two American crows on the left, one raven on the right (photos by stonebird on Flickr and Shutterstock)

A juvenile albino crow. 6/24/09. Mark Macdonald photo.

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Bird Academy's A-to-Z Glossary of Bird Terms | Bird Academy • The Cornell Lab

54 lions killed at a farm in two days: Horrified animal inspector reveals carnage she found in slaughterhouse

King vulture soaring overhead

Critter: Bullock's oriole

Real unicorns have curves. A portrait of a White Rhino taken in Kruger National Park

Why do crows congregate in large numbers to sleep?

The Swallow-Winged Puffbird (Chelidoptera tenebrosa)

West of England Tumblers Beau & Cher are devoted mates

54 lions killed at a farm in two days: Horrified animal inspector reveals carnage she found in slaughterhouse

Adult Dark Morph Rough-legged. Hawk, Oberly Road WMA, NJ, 2008

Why Birds Matter, and Are Worth Protecting

Frances flirting with his teddy bear

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Australian Birdlife March 2015

Spanish version

Hawaii mamo.


Critter: Cactus mouse

Given that African swine fever is now endemic in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and that cases occur sporadically in Eastern European and Sub-Equatorial nations ...

Illustration for article titled The Time I Spent On A Commercial Whaling Ship Totally Changed My


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... FAQs about crows · In the media · Publications · Research Background


The King Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa)


Scientists Are Totally Rethinking Animal Cognition

The following photo is from 21 June of 2015, taken in a local fishing lake. A young downy cygnet a few weeks old. You can notice how its right leg is tucked ...

Analysis: Failing To Invest In Endangered Species Is A Tragedy Of The Commons

Wing-Lift At Bombay Hook NWR, ...

a lion lying in the grass: Lions and tigers are being crossbred in captivity in


Outside My Window

Adopt A Tasmanian Devil

Crow taking off with Nathan's cocktail franks 12/3/8. M. Westerfield

Black Bird Swinging in the Spread of Light

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Hawaiian Goose or Ne-ne (Branta sandivensis). Female on nest, turning


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Protect the birds at your feeder

Costa Rica is home to many exotic, colorful animals that you don't see everyday, including sloths, monkeys, exotic birds, unusual butterflies, ...

"Nevermore" Beautiful Birds, Love Birds, Animals Beautiful, Beautiful Pictures, Simply

Every Episode of David Attenborough's Life Series, Ranked

Andean condor

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Spinebill hover feeding

From Nairobi we were off in to the horizon – quite literally, in a small Cessna Grand Caravan. What I expected to be a practical bush plane was in reality a ...


The premise of the cartoon is based on an old Aesop's fable, about a donkey who comes upon a lion's skin and wears it to frighten the other animals and to, ...


CFZ Watcher of the Skies

Seasonal variation in whimbrel mortality

The Last Herd

Birds Banded Cotinga Ciro Albano ABC

The Hawaiian crow, or ʻalalā, has been extinct in the wild since 2002. (Photo Resource Hawaii / Alamy )

A Leucistic crow. Photo by Meris Brown.

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Critter: Black-tailed jackrabbit

The Yerkle Yerkle Rooster


Birds Band rumped Storm Petrel Mike Danzenbaker ABC


... full marathons and 3 x ultra marathons. These included the 2015 North Pole Marathon in ...