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Your campus library is packed your roommates version of quiet

Your campus library is packed your roommates version of quiet


The Most Underutilized Campus Resources You Should Use

6 Reasons You Should Love Your University Library

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West Chester study spots: the quiet reading room on the second floor of Francis Harvey

Packing up my father-in-law's library.

Did I just see my roommate behind me??

8 Tips for Being a Good Roommate

If you're working on a research project, you can get help finding articles and literature from a librarian trained in your subject. They're always more than ...


Libraries Are the Worst Places to Study, Change My Mind

As summer quickly comes to a close and move in begins in a short 2 weeks, I have started to think back to my first move-in day Freshman year.

West Chester study spots: a smiling chair sits in front of a word-filled

10 Ways to Politely Sexile Your Roommate

West Chester study spots: The facade of Fenn's coffee, located on Church Street

Student lounge sdsu

FAQs about Residence Life at York College

Marcos Gasc

West Chester study spots: the Maps room located on the second floor of Francis Harvey

Photo Courtesy of www.uwlax.edu

William T. Young Library

Roommate Horror Stories from Columbia & Barnard that Will Make You Cringe, Cry & Want to Die: Part 1 | Her Campus

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving Into Your Dorm Room

Spring on the York College campus

Trips around Trop: The Beach(es) in your Backyard

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My roommate and I are on two different schedules. I'm up early getting ready for 8am's and he tends to get back to the apartment late- plus, ...

10 Places to Study Other Than Fondren During Finals

For next semester, if I go with a monster's university theme; quiet hours signs!

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Creating a flexible seating environment in your library is vital for supporting a variety of learning

The Bottom Floor of the Undergraduate Library

... but your roommate may not be able to tolerate scents. It's easy to forget that living with others in college requires some sacrifices if you aren't used ...

Dividing Up Chores With Your Roommates

With this essential oil diffuser, not only will you give a thoughtful gift to your roommate, but you'll reap the benefits of a pleasant smelling room ...

Residence Hall Association and Learning about Life on Campus ▻

Issues You Will Probably Have With Your Roommate (and How To Overcome Them)

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Never again will your roommate ask to borrow your phone charger. With this ten foot long charger, your roommate can plug in no matter where they stand, ...

... of two people to a room along with a Jack and Jill style bathroom, although, there are single rooms available. The university provides detailed layouts, ...

Again, this gift might not jump to the top of your list as THE must-have gift of the season, but your roommate will appreciate the extra storage space.

The 18 Worst Things About College, Because It May Not Actually Be the Best Years Of Your LIfe

The Roommate 'dis'Agreement

Psychology Today

For the quieter creative type, tapping into the craze of adult coloring books can score big and make for a great roomie night in. “Coloring is something me ...

You know your college student is having many different kinds of experiences while she is at college. You want her to have experiences that will expand her ...

Your Campus Group Survival Guide

Photo: Via Barnes & Noble, Eleven City Diner, Columbia College

For people who may be more of the adventurous type, a fancy passport cover can be a great way for your roommate to keep you in mind even while away.

I Found My Roommate Off Craigslist And He Turned My Life Into A Gruesome Nightmare

Valedictorian. Maybe you were one of those in high school, and maybe you weren't. The best thing about college is none of that matters anymore.

Worst Roommate Ever. “

Around APU

Library support information at the Arts and Social Sciences Library

Starting your Apartment Life: A Packing List

Optional: Bicycle with Kryptonite or similar lock, Sports Equipment (Frisbee, tennis racket, racquetball rackets, spike ball set, etc.

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Housing FAQ

... surprised at how quiet the spaces are even when they're packed. Put your phone on silent and forget about everything else you've got going on while you ...

Living on campus - FAQ

Phone chargers, like that pen I swore I just had, vanish the second you so much as blink or turn your back to them. Help your roommate keep from losing ...

Lady_Ruthandre Tumblr post Shitty roommate Roommate, Tumblr Posts, Just For Laughs, College Roommate

Closet storage: Again, I can't stress how important storage is. I was mildly horrified when I walked into my dorm room and saw how small the closet was.

There you can find a dedicated, enclosed quiet space. Take a quick study break and play in the center's game area which has an air hockey table, ...

Get your roommate something to cuddle up to while they read or binge TV with a decorative throw pillow. You can find a cute or humorous design, ...

Cherish your nighttime routine. “

Rinsing carpet stain remover Hardwood Floors, Flooring, How To Clean Carpet, Carpet Runner


If you thought you missed your mom's home cooked meals when you were in the dorms, you were very wrong. Coming home after a long day of classes and having ...


Library. While it's quiet and might have nice views, odds are the library isn't sexy or convenient. Librarians or other students will probably have a ...

To ensure your time with your new roommate falls into the latter category, there are a few things you can do to make the transition into your new home ...

College students need coffee more than anything else. So why not give the gift of caffeine and treat your roommate to an entire sampler of new flavors this ...

All Gender Housing


Where to find your textbooks?

Yes, Lakeview is a very nice neighborhood and not far north, but it still does not compare to living on campus where I would ...

Sure you and your roommate might have luscious locks, but how many times have you had to free a hairball the size of a small dog from your drain?

How to be the Best Roommate Ever

The First Week of College With Mental Illness: Expectations vs. Reality

Spacious Room For Rent-great Location

Cover of E.E Evans-Pritchard's ethnography of the Nuer.

Commencement Advisory

Your bed

To the Class of 2023: Ephelia

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