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Your art your fandom cosplay or audience means the world to you

Your art your fandom cosplay or audience means the world to you


Your art, your fandom, cosplay or audience means the world to you. Still, it is just as important to build up your privacy and security as you build up your ...

This retired couple, now cosplaying our favorite fictional duos, prove you're never too grown up to do what you love.

Christopher Clark Brings Fandom to Fine Art with The Incredible Art Gallery

Canon, fanon, shipping and more: a glossary of the tricky terminology that makes up fan culture

Fandom PDX 2020 will be January 4-5 next year.

Costumes & Cosplay

Yaya holding one of her cosplay fabrics

Where fandom meets joy: a day at the Armageddon cosplay convention

Costuming Cosplay: Dressing the Imagination (Dress, Body, Culture): Therèsa M. Winge, Joanne B. Eicher: 9781350035911: Amazon.com: Books

The Fandom PDX 2019 Costume Contest

Cosplay in Western countries[edit]


"It's funny, you ...

Fan art, cosplay and geek belly dancing: turning fandom into money

Amazon.com: Fandom: Fic Writers, Vidders, Gamers, Artists, and Cosplayers (9781512450491): Francesca Davis Dipiazza, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn: Books


A trio of "Harry Potter" fans display embodied fandom as cosplayers at the New York Comic Con 2018.

Yaya Han as Medusa on a comic book cover

"I feel like a force no one can stop": How cosplay empowers women

Fandom and Participatory Culture

What Is Cosplay?

elfdarlingcosplay: ““I would like to rage!” Yasha cosplay made and worn by me. Photo/edit by JCM Photography - go check out his work on FB. ”

COSPLAY TALENT: Radical Edward Cosplay will be at Fandom PDX 2019!

Some people mistakenly liken the childish cartoons of yesteryear to modern Japanese anime, but the comparison couldn't be more misleading.


Yes, any kid can wear a Black Panther costume, say creators who helped shape the character

TikTok, explained

Fan art, cosplay and geek belly dancing: turning fandom into money | Television & radio | The Guardian

Indeed Elite Con does not want cosplayers sullying its oh so refined atmosphere. In a now deleted post on FB, they came right out and said it:

Photo by Tamara Robeer

The Science Of Stanning And Why You Want Your Fave To Run You Over With A Bus - MTV

Courtesy Dragon Con Photography (c) 2016 Dragon Con, Inc

Artflower Fotografie

Chadai C as Audrey Horne.

Cosplay Dating Tip #4: Go To The Con That He (Or She) Is Attending!

Regan as Loki

An Introduction Into The Wild World Of Cosplay

League of Legends' virtual K-pop band is helping the game attract a whole new audience

Cosplay in Japan[edit]

On the left, Oleg Cassini's design sketch; on the right, Jackie Kennedy in the finished suit. (Noble y Real)

Superfans at Snake River Fandom Con. | EastIdahoNews.com file photos


Forrest J. Ackerman in his “futuristicostume” in 1939

Thank you for reading this cosplay fam! If you liked this Article you may enjoy

Copyright for the Freelance Artist, Pt. 4, a Case study of MomoCon

Everything At RoberCon 2018. Your ...

At Katsucon in Washington (image from Fred Dunn)

Wizard U's motto is that it “is the world's premier institution for late-blooming

This picture is a group of cosplayers from ACEN 2012, and I think it exemplifies

Yaya Han, pictured as Carmilla from the anime film Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, has turned her cosplay hobby into a business. 'I've dressed up as more than ...


National Winner T Cake Cosplay as Sailor Moon with Dunedin Winner as Warhammer Orc. Photo: Joel Thomas.

RuPaul's Drag Race Winner Aquaria Knows Exactly How to Address Racism in the Show's Fandom

Wizard World Atlanta 2014 | Cosplay Costume Contest

Yaya at a convention, with all of her accessories on sale

These three stole our heart. Game of Thrones is another favorite of ours.

3 Questions to Ask About Online Fandom (and Teen Fans)

illustrated mugshot of miyazaki tsutomu


Hopeful fans can pick up a painting of Daenerys on the Iron Throne—or Deadpool, because, you know, why not? His pop culture art depicts fantastical worlds ...

COSPLAY TALENT: SAMazon Cosplay will be at Fandom PDX 2019!

Wonder Words (18)

Cosplay contest winners at MomoCon 2017

Don't Cosplay with My Heart

The grown men who love 'My Little Pony' aren't who you think they are

'Star Wars' fans keep fueling the Force as Disney expands the galaxy far, far away

Alex Kokkinos Photography

What Cons Are Like When You're a Famous Cosplayer

Animegao Kigurumi: The Secret Cosplay Niche


The Digimon Die-Hards Keeping the Fading Fandom Alive

toko graduation party

"The McElroys are doing their best": How The Adventure Zone developed one good good fandom


What Black Anime Fans Can Teach Us About Race in America

Lady Loki ( Denver Comic Con 2016 )

nycc comic con cosplay justice league batman robin

Color image of an Asian woman in full cosplay dress, wearing a daring formal red

How to speak fangirl

Man Ray, Luisa Casati, 1922

Fursuit pictured is my own (@Cosmic_wolfz)

Bolde Cosplay


Giving due credit to others for something does not diminish your own achievements in any way.

Cosplayers in the Anime Central convention lobby (image from metaxin)

Amazon.com: Fandom: Fic Writers, Vidders, Gamers, Artists, and Cosplayers (9781512450491): Francesca Davis Dipiazza, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn: Books

Luxlo as Odogaron

9 questions about furries you were too embarrassed to ask

Losing the convention may also be an opportunity in disguise. Now that local fans have seen that such events are possible in east Idaho, they now have the ...