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You Rock thank you mason jar filled with rock candy All About

You Rock thank you mason jar filled with rock candy All About


"You Rock" thank you mason jar filled with rock candy

After 5 – 7 days, remove the skewers and place them in clean jars to drip and dry for an hour or two, then enjoy!

Put the jars in a safe place where they will not be disturbed but where you will be able to patiently watch the crystals grow over the next 7 days.

You will be able to easily shatter the solidified sugar layer on the top of the jar to extract the skewers when you are ready.

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My husband said it reminds him of the rock candies in the States. and he is right! It's like rock candy on the outside but the inside is ...

Cute thank you gift. Rock candy with a note that says "You Rock!!"

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You want the skewers to stay away from the sides of the jar and each other, and there should be about 1 inch of clearance between the skewer and the bottom ...

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Once you try this, you'll never go back to baking in loaf pans again! Divide your banana bread batter into well greased wide-mouth jars.

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1 cup Water - 3 cups Sugar - Clean Jars or Glasses - Rough string or skewer sticks - Pencils - Food colouring (optional) - Flavouring (optional)

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Candy gram thank you. Pop rocks x riesen.

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If you have a magnifying glass or microscope, take a look at the crystals you've grown before you eat them!

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... Rock Candy Syrup I keep my main batches of RC syrup in big Quattro Stagioni canning jars like the one on the far left. I decant from the big jars into a ...

Make homemade rock candy with these tips and tricks and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Fill the bottom of your jar with rocks or gravel to allow for drainage. Add potting soil and your favorite herb plant to the jar. Water and enjoy!

If you want a longer rock candy cluster than pour the syrup in only one or two jars. The crystals will form as high up on the stick or string as the surface ...

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PHOTO: Burgundy leaves of the Bull's Blood sugar beet.

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Allow the rock candy to dry. Along with your stick or string of candy, you can save the clusters that have formed on the sides or bottom of your jar.


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Design your own wedding or corporate branded rock candy

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Send us a photo of how you used your candy or tag us on social media and we'll include your products in our gallery!

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