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Whats in your Geocaching Kit IBGCp Preparedness for Kids

Whats in your Geocaching Kit IBGCp Preparedness for Kids


A Geocachers' Kit List

What's in your Geocaching Kit? #IBGCp | Preparedness for Kids | Geocaching, Outdoor camping, Scout activities

We released a trackable 3 years ago in Akumal, Mexico. It has now traveled over 60,000 miles from Mexico to Mt. Olympus in Greece, Switzerland, Germany, ...

Geocaching Supplies for the Beginner Geocacher - Peanuts or Pretzels

9 Geocaching tools to keep in your pack (also add gloves, headlamp, and a stick/pokey thing to poke before sticking your hand in something, oh, ...

What's in my Geocaching Kit? | Here's a peek into my "GeoPac… | Flickr

GeoCaching CZ on

What's in your Geocaching Kit? #IBGCp Geocaching, Outdoor Camping, Outdoor Fun,

What is GeoCaching?

Geocache Bag

#geocaching #getlost #adventure

How To Begin Geocaching With Kids - And A Great Snack, Too!

Just getting started with geocaching. Look for traditional sized caches. Getting into the correct

What's in Your Geocaching Maintenance Kit?

Note: The cache was screwed into a tree for this photo, but this was

Geocaching Containers Collectibles

Click for a PDF of Geocache on the Rocks

DIY Dollar Store Mini First Aid Kit for Kids

This is a well decorated geo-pack. How to out yourself as a geocacher! # IBGCp

What's your favourite type of geocaching swag to collect or use? #IBGCp

Geocaching Field Bag. How fun! OMG I didn't even think about it...I need a 31 bag just for geocaching now :-)

how to start geocaching as a family What Is Geocaching, Funny Jokes For Kids ,

Not hard to tell this person is a geocacher. Does anyone else have geocaching buttons or patches on their caching bag? (pic by cameala) #IBGCp

The Joys of Geocaching a beginners guide by Jessica Lippe

The puzzle charms were purchased at Hobby Lobby. I just attached a cell phone lanyard for the ring. Could be used as a zipper pull. Fun project for the kids ...

A nice little picture demonstrating #geocache ratings. (cachesaurous pic) # IBGCp. I.B. Geocaching Supplies

An Adventure Book Your Kids Will Love: Eclair Goes Geocaching

Great Geocaching Question of the Day from Cache Advance! Check out the responses to this

15 Spontaneous Things To Do With Kids That Don't Require Spending Money. Junior

Final on a reverse wherigo #geocache. (geocachingct229 pic) #IBGCp

This looks like an interesting mechanism to get into this geocache. #IBGCp

Geomate Camping Party Caching Game Kit

Sneaky bark bison tube hide. "Wood" you notice it? :) (

Fine, hand cast solid Pewter pins and accessories!

Have you ever wanted to hide a #geocache in a crab but couldn't

How to make homemade trackable geocaching items FOR FREE! 1. Pick out an item with a at least one flat surface. 2. Sign In at Geotrackable.org and go to QR ...

I've previously written an article on what NOT to place in a geocache (and why) and included a few suggestions of what actually makes a good trade item.

#Geocaching #geocachingcustomstamp #muggles

GeoCache ID. Dit is erg handig en ook leuk voor de kinderen. Volg de link en personaliseert er een!

Letterboxing...like geocaching only better!

Geocaching Scrapbooking Stuff

geocaching: what it is & why we're hooked | geo cache lego party | Geocaching map, Geocaching, Activities for kids

Part of the fun of geocaching is the trading aspect which makes it seem more like a treasure hunt. Here are some geocaching swag ideas to get you started.

Bison tube paint job by Mogilny's 76 to make this nano #geocache even tougher

Geocaching, Cool Stuff, 80s Kids, I Remember When, Back In The

Geocaching newbie tip

Magnetic Key Holder Cache Container for Geocaching Full Kit w/ Log Book & Pencil

Stickers like this would be easy to make for simple cache swag! You can buy name tag sized stickers from the Dollar Store.

This Making Tracks 'Cache & Carry Swag' kit is great for keeping all your swag items in, and for stocking up other caches. Store your own swag items in the ...

This #geocache would be hard to spot in the woods! #IBGCp

Look Inside The March 2016 Cache Crate!

Mission cards for your #geocaching trackables

Great resource for planning and hosting a geocaching event for your Cub Scout den or pack

Link to the list of GeoTours and geotrails with rewards, as well as a link to information on how to create your own.

Superhero travel bugs head out into the world. Evil muggles: beware. #IBGCp

Tools of the geocaching trade found at Home Depot

"Swag-Bag" - the items I take with me while geocaching. Of course the contents evolve, but this is typical.

Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery Retail Card

10"x3" I Use Multimillion Dollar Satellites Bumper Stickers Geocache Decals

Emergency Preparedness for Kids: Water Purification with Free Printable

Instagram post by Geocache pictures • Mar 4, 2018 at 12:57pm UTC

geocaching kids, nature, awesomeness - get your kids outside and into nature even if they aren't super outdoorsy! I.B. Geocaching Supplies

Andy Wright on. Geocaching Containers ...

One dozen Geocaching Acronyms Wooden magnets. These are made from 1/4 solid wood

Adolficus on

Now that's a big ammo can!

It's not often you find a #geocache this big! (crow19 pics) #IBGCp

Do You Geocache? How To Turn A Hike Into a Videogame. #IBGCp Geocaching

Night Geocaching Archives - The Cache Advance Blog

Hosting a Leap Day geocaching event? Create a custom logbook for your gathering with the

GeoTour Logo Cloudland Canyon, Georgia State Parks, Canyon Road, Geocaching, Historical Sites

5 Things Before You Start Geocaching

Make a geocache kit

Log Your Geocaching DNF with Pride - PodCacher Geocaching Containers, New Hobbies, Fun Activities

Have you ever had a close encounter with wildlife while geocaching? #IBGCp Geocaching,

Thinking of starting out geocaching with young kids? Check out the experience I had with the Four Acorns family. I.B. Geocaching Supplies

3cm (1.2") SMALL Geocaching Log Sheet Template - Free Download now at GEOLoggers.com!

@eat.sleep.cache.repeat on Instagram: “What do you think of this camo? 🔍 At first we were stumped, but we branched off and searched an area each 👯In the ...

geocaching Summer Activities For Kids, Summer Camps For Kids, Summer Kids, Outdoor Activities

Have you tried letterboxing with your kids? It's similar

'Twas the Night Before Cachemas, a fun geocaching take on the popular Christmas poem

A geocacher in Nova Scotia shares about geocaching and a winter event on CBC radio.

Sarah J. Daudelin on Instagram: “You don't need to guess how difficult it is to find a cache like this.... Evil Cache! But fun nonetheless! # Geocaching ...

A4 #geocache log strips

Nice geocache in a library. #IBGCp (pic by Linsey Penland on Twitter)

Just line up the crosshairs to see the cache location. P.S. Don't worry, we asked. The tree this is attached to was already dead.

Prepping With Kids: Obedience, Chores, and Cleanliness

Adolficus on Twitter

Neat geocaching keyring. This would be fun to show off during a group hike to


Geocache owners like compliments too! When logging your finds, remember to thank cache owners

How to Make an Emergency Survival Kit for Kids at School. What would your ...

Take a Look Inside

Find the key, then open the cache! A nice TB Hotel geocache in the

A 4 month old car left as #geocache swag? Hmmm... how

Classroom / Camp Kit Ammo Cans, Geocaching, Classroom Themes, Outdoor Camping, Camping

Agency: Enviromedia Client: Puget Sound Partnership Puget Sound Starts Here Geocaching Geocaching Containers,

Social Security, Superman, America, Personalized Items, Cards, Books, Geocaching,

5 Things Before You Start Geocaching | Geochaching | Geocaching containers, Geocaching, What is geocaching

Here's an good idea for #geocaching trackables. The mission (to visit all 50 states) is attached to the tag along with a hole punch and punch card.