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Whats Your Patronus After All This Time Harry potter quiz

Whats Your Patronus After All This Time Harry potter quiz


What Animal Is Actually Your Patronus?

What's Your Patronus? i got stag lets see how many different patronuses we can get this through! Stag>>>

Wolf They say it's a wolf while Buzz Feed says its a stag.How can I tell if it is a stag or wolf?

For all the Potterheads, and those who are not, have you ever wondered what yours would be? Take this quiz to find out!

I took Zimbio's Patronus quiz and got Dog! What's yours? - Quiz


I took Zimbio's Patronus quiz and got Otter! What's yours? - Quiz

12 people who were NOT happy with the Patronus they got

Discovering my PATRONUS - Pottermore (NEW FEATURE!)

MY PATRONUS IS A DUMB, WEAK BIRD?|Patronus Quiz on Pottermore

Pottermore's Patronus test is finally here

Harry Potter fans: Discover your Patronus on Pottermore | The Independent

What's Your Patronus Based On Your Zodiac Sign?You're a strong, determined worker, happiest when working toward a goal and taking care of yourself and ...

What's your Patronus? The 'Harry Potter' website Pottermore will tell you

New HARRY POTTER Quiz Matches You with Your Patronus

I took Zimbio's Patronus quiz and got Rabbit! What's yours? - Quiz Of course I'm a rabbit. It is my zodiac symbol after all.

Fun Pottermore quiz will reveal your Patronus

What's your patronus?💖 Comment below...👇 . . Follow @harrypotterfanfest

What's your Patronus? Pottermore quiz reveals your 'Harry Potter' animal charm - pennlive.com

The Harry Potter site Pottermore has launched an official quiz that will tell you what your Patronus is in the Harry Potter universe.

Hey my Patronus is a dolphin🐬, what's your patronus?

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Your patronus is a Hawk. Unbound by land, the hawk takes flight and owns the sky! Just like a Hawk you too are powerful. However your power comes from ...

I Hated the Patronus Pottermore Gave Me- So Here's What I Did About It

Harry Potter fans: Discover your Patronus on Pottermore | The Independent

Take Pottermore's Patronus quiz and find out if you're a dolphin or a monkey

#dragonpatronus Instagram posts (photos and videos) - Instazu.com

Patronus Charm

Find Out Your Patronus on Pottermore

What is your Patronus | PlayBuzz. What is your Patronus | PlayBuzz Harry Potter Quiz ...

What's your Patronus?

Hermione Granger

Pottermore/That Weird Girl Life

Your patronus is a lion! You prefer to be with others and feel it to be your duty to protect not only your friends and family, but strangers too.

Image via Pottermore

The quiz was absolutely beautiful!

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, especially considering that I grew up with the series (and the actors), so naturally, when I spotted this quiz, I simply had to ...

No wonder she was his Patronus.

Discover your Patronus #2! Rhinoceros! Pottermore!

Amazon.com: Always Harry Potter Poster Inspired Illustration Art Print Deer Patronus 8x10 P03: Posters & Prints

... wanted to know what your Patronus would be, you'll soon have the answer—thanks to the new Patronus test released on Pottermore—a.k.a. the Harry Potter ...

J.K. Rowling's Patronus Quiz Brings Traffic — and Disappointment. The 'Harry Potter' ...


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Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood Is Just as Pissed About Her Patronus As You Are

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💙The Falcon Guide💙 When I took the Patronus Quiz on Pottermore I was surprised

Image: max knoblauch

My #patronus #charm is a #spirtbomb the

What's Your Patronus?

Pottermore | Discover your Patronus!

Patronus illustration of the Silver Doe in the forest

Harry Potter

Now You Can Discover Your True Patronus

Oh my gosh! This took 4ever! My Patronus from Harry Potter is a Fox

Harry Potter Patronuses: A complete guide

How To Take The Pottermore Patronus Quiz, Because We've Been Waiting Years For This

Which word would you use to describe yourself?

Patronus Analysis 046 Black and White Mare Those with the black and white Mare Have a

#expectopatronum ⚡ #mypatronus .

So in honor of the 20th anniversary and Harry's birth month I've finally caved in a joined Pottermore to be sorted. I kept putting it off because like any ...

Harry Potter Fans Can Now Discover Their Patronus in a Quiz Developed by J.K. Rowling Herself

Magic sword

How to Get Into the Harry Potter Series

What's your patronous? Mine's a Stag. #harrypotter #patronous #stag #stagpatronus

He loves her, even after all this time. Chills. Harry Potter Patronus Ornament

What's your patronus? When I took the quiz on Pottermore I got

You can take a quiz, or decide for yourself. It doesn't matter. You can always change your Patronus if you like (like Tonks). Mine was an eagle but is now a ...

ANSWER Morsmodre; 21.

#patronus #pottermore #greyhoundpatronus #granianwingedhorse #granianwingedhorsepatronus #greyhound #harrypotter #hp

Carry your patronus with you as an enamel pin, because everyone needs a light in

DISCOVER MY PATRONUS (Pottermore Version)


People are freaking out over their results on the JK Rowling approved Harry Potter Sorting Hat test

Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) poses for a photograph at a photocall