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Vimberg Audio Area speakers Mono and Stereo in 2019 Audio Home

Vimberg Audio Area speakers Mono and Stereo in 2019 Audio Home


Vimberg Audio Area speakers

New Vimberg Amea speakers. Another Munich High-End Audio 2019 ...

Vimberg Mino D speakers presentation

Vimberg - Tidal Audio speakers!

New Vimberg Amea speakers. Visit. April 2019

Vimberg and Tidal speakers

Under the radar with Vimberg, Lumin | High End 2019


If there is an award to be handed out for the best “budget item” of the show, I'd give it to Fezz Audio. In our days when MSRPs are going up at ...

Axpona 2019 Sneak Peaks!

VPI / Joseph Audio


CAF 2018: VIMBERG, TIDAL Audio, TW-Acustic, Transfiguration, Antipodes, and Skogrand

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 from Mono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine

New Heco Audio La Diva speakers. Visit. April 2019

Monitor Audio / Roksan

best-looking, best-built, best-sounding speakers I have had in my listening room"

I haven't attended a high-end audio show as a member of the press in nearly a decade, and I've never done a “wrap-up” before, so this will be both an honor ...

New Egglestonworks Nico Evo speakers

Issue #20 · Stereo Magazine 20

Sonic Artistry: Soulution Audio and Stenheim Speakers of Switzerland

New Living Voice R25A speakers. Visit. April 2019

Divine Acoustics Electra Generation 3 speakers

(Stenheim & Ch Precision at the 2018 Munich High End Show)

TIDAL video's, sound samples and impressions

Axpona 2019 Sneak Peaks!

Across the hallway, Paragon Sight and Sound set up a more "modest," albeit hardly chump-change, system that included Wilson Alexia 2 speakers ($59,900 with ...


Audiosolutions Vantage L speakers

Gramophone distribution out of Calgary had probably the most minimalistic exhibit at the show. But the sound in their room was anything but minimalistic.

CAF 2018: Bricasti, Tidal and the Last Word in Inner Detail


Swiss Audio Exhibition!

No photo description available.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 from Mono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine

They're coming for a review soon at Mono and Stereo. Read more: New Cube Audio F15 NEO speakers

TIDAL Akira reference system in Belgium


Graham Audio Launches the LS5/9f at Gig Harbor Audio

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Halcro Eclipse monoblock amplifiers!

Thus did Doug White, proprietor of the Philadelphia-area dealer The Voice ...


The TIDAL Piano wins the "Product of the year award 2018" in the category "Aesthetics and Sound".

... to do with the amplifiers and their ability to properly drive the Vimberg Mino floor standers. Lumin used a pair of stereo power amps in bridged mono ...

Spatial Audio M3 Triode Master speakers

The synergy between the Karma speakers and the Nagra electronics was very apparent rendering a very smooth, relaxed and full bodied sound.

Den 16-17 Februari så kan vi för första gången i Skandinavien stolt premiärvisa Tidal Audios mindre syskon VIMBERG under årets High End Mässa i Stockholm.


SYD by Kanto is a standalone speaker that you can connect a turntable, CD Player, TV and even by bluetooth. It costs £289.99 and here Harry Smith puts it ...

MOON by Simaudio 390

Herb Gets Ready for High End 2019

Despite the small speaker size, this system produced a remarkably full and rich sound that was transparent and extended in both low and high frequencies.

Click image for larger version Name: 20181104_133923.jpg Views: 124 Size: 2.91


Salk Intros A New $10k Floorstander – The SS9.5

TIDAL Piano review and editors choice in “Soundstage Ultra”.

These products have been on our radar for several years and have maintained very high standards in quality and performance. We are proud to be able to offer ...

Universal Player: Goldmund Eidos 36U+ Preamplifier: Karan Acoustics KA L MK 3. Power Amplifier: Karan Acoustics KA S 600. Speakers: Penaudio Sinfonia (top ...

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 from Mono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine

... chosen Stellar Audio, model Amelia speakers, stereo power amplifier was our KAS600 matched with preamplifier KAL Reference Mk3. As with previous system, ...

The Home Depot cables notwithstanding, the system sounded surprisingly good which made us think, "Could the system sound even better with high quality ...

Issue #21 · Stereo Magazine 21

Zesto, Purist, Verity | High End 2019

Everywhere I wondered in the MOC I saw big banners declaring the virtues of ESD Acoustic horn speakers. There was always a picture of a pair of big, black, ...

The Lumin Music room was a delight to my eyes as well as my ears. Everything in the room, including the sound, was light and bright – clean and open.


Click image for larger version Name: 20181102_134015.jpg Views: 1 Size: 2.83 ...

In 1982 I wanted three things: A Nikon F2 with motor drive, a BMW 320i and a pair of JBL L-100s. I got two out of three.

Munich High End 2019 Sights and Sounds

Fezz Audio of Poland produce very affordable and very good sounding tube amplifiers that are definitely worth checking out. The Mira Ceti model matched ...

Elliot Goldman, President of Bending Wave USA, says that those “in my 4 decades in the high-end audio business, these are the best speakers I have ...

My next top pick is a little like a cross between the Living Voices and the Zellatons: Magico's $172k, three-way, five-driver (one 28mm ...

... Thales TTT-Compact II turntable ($19,500) with Thales Statement Tonearm (CD$28,000), EMT JSD-VM cartridge ($6500), and Vimberg Tonda speakers ($43,000).

AXPONA 2019 KLH Rogers

TIDAL Piano reference review in “Music Emotion”.

Göbel High End and Trulife Audio

VIMBERG: Room 7018

Given that I had recently gushed over the pairing, at one of Definitive Audio of Seattle's Music Matters events, of Wilson Audio's Alexx speakers ...

Exposure CD Player

This was a rare opportunity for a person to hear the same speaker on three completely different systems on the same day. All three rooms sounded great!

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TIDAL Audio GmbH does present its new brand: VIMBERG.

Wynn Audio – Crystal Cable / Karan Acoustics / Vimberg / Metronome Technologie / SotM

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Oct 5-7 2018

Eli had two of his speaker models set up for demos and he kept toggling from one to the other with each track he played. He began with the Grand Studio ...

Pass Labs INT-60 Amplifier

Issue #12 · Stereo Magazine

Thank you Chris 🙂

Add to this the fact that I think the Thoress is some of the best looking audio equipment out there and you are on to a winner.

It is a limited edition cable combining mono-crystal silver and silver/gold alloy. Crystal actually holds a patent on ...

Click image for larger version Name: 20181104_132216.jpg Views: 122 Size: 2.92

Whilst the Tidal Preos/Impulse combination offers exceptional value and simplicity with its inbuilt DAC and Phono preamp, some people prefer to explore the ...

... any of the sonic attributes that can commonly be identified with either tube amps or solid state gear. A true state of the art stereo power amplifier.