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Understanding Your AncestryDNA Matches Genealogy research Irish

Understanding Your AncestryDNA Matches Genealogy research Irish


Understanding Your AncestryDNA Matches

#DNA testing can provide useful information for your #familyhistory research--if you know how to use it. One of our #genealogists shares how to understand ...

If your focus is traditional genealogy, the first thing you'll want to do is to link your DNA results to your tree, if you haven't already. (If you haven't, ...

Note that prior to their tests, I had no match closer than 3rd cousin and other than a couple of individuals I had communicated with in the past, ...

Understanding Your AncestryDNA Matches

Fortunately, DNA can now provide much-needed puzzle pieces that can help complete the picture of your Irish ancestor.


Last week I wrote about the six things I include in the notes on AncestryDNA for each of my brother's DNA matches. With matches for hundreds of 4th cousins ...

AncestryDNA reveals cousin matches whether you have a family tree attached or not. However, in order to understand more about those cousin matches and ...

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AncestryDNA | Introducing the 'Shared Matches' Feature | Ancestry

As I side note I find that I can no longer access AncestryDNA from my Ancestry.co.uk subscriber account. When I click on the DNA button I am taken to the ...

I was very pleasantly surprised to find this matches pretty well to the paper trail research ...

You can use this information to your advantage. It is likely that everyone showing as sharing DNA with you and the first match shares at least one common ...

Here, you can see their name, predicted relationship, and ethnicity summary (if they've chosen to make that visible). You can click on the blue “Add note” ...

Here is the accompanying supporting text: AncestryDNA's ...

Q: None of my matches seem to have family trees attached, and none of them are answering my messages – has DNA testing been a waste of time?

Genetic communities are genetically connected groups AncestryDNA has identified that show where your family probably lived over the past few hundred years.

The Ancestry results on the left are Katy Jean's old results, the results on the right are her latest results. (Submitted by Katy Jean)

The problem of the spinning wheel started occurring for me in October. The little wheel kept spinning, and the page of match lists would not scroll and ...

3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Ancestry DNA results

Ancestry DNA home screen

AncestryDNA | Understanding your AncestryDNA Matches | Ancestry

I really like the new format and DNA Story at Ancestry – now I can see ...

The Best DNA Ancestry Test for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

Ancestry.com's DNA testing has a large pool of users whose DNA samples can be

These are just screengrabs of my own pedigree chart. In general, mousing-over or clicking-on the names in the live online versions of these charts displays ...

Genealogy author and educator reviews the process of uploading 23andMe and Ancestry DNA test results to


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The Best DNA Ancestry Test for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

A home DNA kit for £130 – is it worth it?

AncestryDNA | What To Do With All Those Matches | Ancestry

Genealogy testing companies have been hard at work recalibrating your ethnicity calculations based on new and better data. Here's the latest from Your DNA ...

Something else new is the amount of shared dna being shown on the main matches list:

AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate

Beginning Irish Research | Ancestry

What AncestryDNA taught me about DNA, privacy and the complex world of genetic testing

The Best DNA Ancestry Test for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

This ties up quite nicely with my test results from Ancestry, where I was 90% British and Irish

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Intermediate DNA | DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy Genealogy Research, Genetics, Affair

I have 69 pages of matches which, at 50 matches per page, is around 3450 matches. Of these, 28 are fourth cousins. I have one shaky leaf hint.

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee shares a new infographic from DNA Bargains - Which DNA

6 Things You Need to Know About the AncestryDNA Ethnicity Update

Testing companies often list relatives and offer ways to contact them. (CBC)

Why would you want to download this information? I can think of a few different reasons. Firstly, if your match decides to pull their information for ...

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Interpret your AncestryDNA results

If it is typical for all testers with British heritage then it's good to see the disappearance of the trace regions.

The Best DNA Ancestry Test

Trentino Genealogy | Family History for Trentini Decendants. Search

AncestryDNA | Cousin Matches and DNA Circles | Ancestry

More about managing ancestry DNA matches here

My mom and I share 3,483 centimorgans shared across 42 DNA segments, by Ancestry's calculation. I found that out by clicking on the dark circle with the ...

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You've tested your DNA and gotten your results. Now what? Learn how

Genealogy Insider - Quick Tip: Sifting Through DNA Matches Genealogy Research, Dna Ancestry Test

My oldest sister's ethnicity results (on the far left), show she's 45% Irish .

Amy Johnson Crow. Modern Genealogy Made Easy

A new study by AncestryDNA reveals that Britons, on average, glean 60 per cent

After years of discussion, Adam and I sat down and ordered the Ancestry DNA tests to find out exactly where we come from.

Your Genetic Genealogist

When I look at my main match page, I now see that some of my matches have the red dot showing, and I go to the first match that doesn't have a ...

Step 3: Select "Link to Tree" as shown in the image below.


My "Genetic Ethnicity" Prediction - Click to enlarge

DNA results could be used for denial of health insurance coverage, for example. Photograph

No matter how many times The Legal Genealogist says that the ethnicity estimates part of autosomal DNA tests are not a whole lot more than cocktail party ...



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6 Reasons Why Ancestry DNA Test Is an Eye-Opening Experience

AK'S Genealogy Research

138 on the Irish reference panel? There are more on any 16A Dublin bus.

... and the southern tip of Italy, and rather than just showing Ireland/Scotland, it shows a region that I know some of our Irish ancestors were from.

AncestryDNA - DNA Menu

Living DNA family ancestry map

I've lived in Ireland all my life.

Genetic Ethnicity Summary:

Ancestry DNA Test Results

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For this sort of information there's only one route: documentary research, the lifeblood of genealogy.

Are Irish people really that diverse genetically? Now, we have a much better idea

This version matches my known ancestry the most closely and is also in line with the ancestral origins represented in my Relative Finder/Family ...

The four major European regions that contribute to my ethnic mix.

ThruLines has been rolled out to the entire AncestryDNA database and you will see the feature when you log into your DNA account. The screenshot below shows ...

How Do I Find My Irish Cousins among My DNA Matches? (This Works for 331+ Other Regions, Too.) – Ancestry Blog

dna testing infographic

The AncestryDNA updates significantly changed my results.

The Relationship Chart

AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity: Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care

The list is sorted by how much DNA they share and broken into categories: Parent/Child, Immediate Family, Close Family, 1st Cousin, 2nd Cousin, 3rd Cousin, ...