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Today is day 10 of YogaInTheStars2 with Capricorn King pigeon

Today is day 10 of YogaInTheStars2 with Capricorn King pigeon


Today is day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 with Capricorn - King pigeon pose. Capricorn is

Not my best version of this, but we're doing king pigeon pose for

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 is Capricorn ♑ , a disciplined sign with lots of

Day 10: #YogaInTheStars2 #KingPigeon . . Ahhhhh I'm SO excited!

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🌙10. Day of the #YogaInTheStars2 Challange. Today's zodiac sign Capricorn with the

Last post of #YogaInTheStars2 is Pisces ♓ , the fish sign. Pisces are known for being a compassionate, intuitive and emotional sign. Do you agree?

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 10: Capricorn - King pigeon pose #kingpigeonpose Hosts: @ker.yoga @stelasulzdorf @whitneydavisyoga @warriorfromwithin @marta__milani ...

CHALLENGE Day: 10⚡ . The tenth day of #YogaInTheStars2 is Capricorn and the pose is King Pigeon pose🌌🌟🐐 . . Hosts: @amy.yogini @marta__milani ...

Day 10 - King Pigeon Variation - CAPRICORN ♑ 🐐 Capricorn energy is said to be

Para o desafio 11 do #yogainthestars2 , para o signo de Aquário ♒ , do elemento ar, abusa das teorias e sua visão vai além habitual.

Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better. Day 4 of

Tree pose for the Zodiac sign ♉️Taurus🐃 and having some fun with it at the end #yogainthestars2 #beagoddess #yogaprogress

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 11 Bridge🌉Pose ♒ 🏺Aquarius. I love back bends

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 is #KingPigeon for the sign #Capricorn ♑ Still on the struggle bus on this one! 70's here the past two days and now windchill ...

Desafio #yogainthestars2 dos signos. Comecei com o meu signo de Escorpião com a postura

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 12 Fish 🐠 Pose ♓ 🐟 Pisces. My bestie @nikstats

I would have lifted my hips higher but I wasn't sure if I would

Day 10 of #yogainthestars2 is Capricorn and the pose is kapotasana (king pigeon

„L'amour est comme un arbre: il pousse de lui-même, jette profondément ses racines dans tout notre être, et continue souvent de verdoyer sur un coeur en ...

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars is the sign: Capricorn and the matching pose, #

Instagram Image by Francesca (@fran40degrees) with caption : "Almost at the end

Everybody has their own speed of growth and process. If you want a proof for it - just look outside at the blooming spring season. Some trees are blossoming ...


I used to believe that if I lowered my expectations I would free myself from disappointment, I thought if I built walls, I would free myself from pain, ...

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 is Capricorn ♑ and is king pigeon pose! 🐦 Last time I did this pose, I wasn't able to bend as much as today.

day 2 of #yogainthestars2 is eagle or tree pose for taurus! taurus is an earth sign and they are typically grounded and determined. eagle and tree pose are ...

So after Instagram didn't let me post my video yesterday evening - here it is finally 🤩 Isn't it the best to have someone that understands and shares your ...

Four great chances to join me for yoga this week! ⚘ Monday 7pm at LA

I want to stay strong in a yoga pose that's why I practice pilates. And this is for boat pose✌🏻 7th day of challenge. It sembolise Libra ⚖ #aloyoga ...

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 celebrates Capricorn ♑ with a King Pigeon . Mental note

Day 10 of #YogaintheStars2 is the Zodiac sign Capricorn and the pose is King Pigeon

Today is day 7 of #yogainthestars2 And we're focusing on my star sign

image by Francesca (@fran40degrees) with caption : "First yoga challenge I join

@dreamerrio Today is the last day of this lovely challenge , and I'm so happy to have been in contact with so amazing people . So many good vibes I received ...

Today is day 5 of #yogainthestars2 with Leo - Cat stretch. Leo rules the

The 12 and final day of #yogainthestars2 is The pose is Matsyasana or fish

#YogaInTheStars2 ✨ Day 1️⃣1️⃣: Aquarius 🏺- Bridge pose

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 1️⃣0️⃣ : Capricorn 🐐 - King pigeon pose I totally should work on

Day 3 of #YogaInTheStars2 is downward facing dog. 💫 Today has been a good

Instagram Image by Francesca (@fran40degrees) with caption : "Last day of #

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 1 Today's pose is for Aries and I choose #crescentlunge 🐏💫

day 4 of #yogainthestars2 and we have any forward fold for cancer 🦀 emotional and intuitive, cancers are often creative and loyal sometimes to a fault. ...

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 2 Today's pose is for Taurus 🐃 and I choose #eaglepose 💫

Today is day 6 of #YogaInTheStars2 and it's all about Virgo. They're the epitome of perfectionism and ruled by Mercury - the planet of rationalism.

Day 10 ⭐ #yogainthestars2 💫pose : #kingpigeonpose focusing today on Capricorn // catching up ⭐ 💫hosts: @ker.yoga @stelasulzdorf ...

#YogaInTheStars2 ✨ Day 1️⃣2️⃣ : Pisces 🐟 - Fish pose Thanks for this challenge,

Sextouuuuuu 🙌🏻 E no desafio 10 do #yogainthestars2 vamos com a postu

Day 9 of the Yogainthestar challenge -> Bow pose . Stretching the shoulders, the front thi, and opening the heart! In nature 🌿🌳🌲 .

Capricorn ♑ - King Pigeon Pose Day 10 of #yogainthestars2 . Now I know this isn't a “king” pigeon, but to be quite frank, I'm not there yet.

It's the last day of #YogaInTheStars2 and it's dedicated to Pisces. Pisces are such lovable people. They have a big heart for the people around them, ...

8th day of the challenge. It sembolise Scorpio🦂 #aloyoga #alo .moves Hosts: 🌟 ker.yoga stelasulzdorf whitneydavisyoga warriorfromwithin marta__milani ...

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 9 Archers Pose🏹 ♐ Sagittarius. I picked a different variation

play_circle_filled Day 10 of the Yogainthestar challenge -> King pigeon pose! . Pigeon pose is

Fish pose for Pisces on the final day of #yogainthestars2. I've always

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 we arrived at the sign of Capricorn; a very important


E hoje no desafio 6 do #yogainthestars2, vamos fazer a pose Headstand (Sirsasana

today's prompt is capricorn & king pigeon. i think this is the first time i

Omg l!!? So much to do and I'll never get it

Look who came to assist me trying to find the bow and arrow shape for day 9 of #YogaInTheStars2 - the hubby @paddy.photo 🤩🙌🏼 Although I knew he would ...

WIE HEB IK AAN DE LIJN? HALLO? | Met sommige verzoeknummers kan ik niet

DAY 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 : Capricorn and King Pigeon It is the middle of the

Instagram Image by Francesca (@fran40degrees) with caption : "Day 7th of #

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2. #kingpigeonpose. ☀ . 1st-12th April . . 🌟Hosts: 🌟 @ker.yoga @stelasulzdorf @whitneydavisyoga @warriorfromwithin ...

day 7 of #yogainthestars2 is celebrating libra ⚖ since libras love balance #boatpose is a great representation, but the little twist i added throws off ...

Today is the daaaaayyyy It's Aquarius day - my zodiac and moon sign (Day 11 of #YogaInTheStars2 ) And as I read about it I had to nod in approval constantly ...

King pigeon for Capricorn 👑♑ one of the prettiest poses to me

#YogaInTheStars2 Day 9 Today's pose is for Sagittarius ♐ 🏹#bowandarrowvariation - This

Day 7 of #YogaInTheStars2 is #boat for the sign Libra ♎ Hosts:

You can lead a camel to water but you can't make it drink.

Instagram Image by Francesca (@fran40degrees) with caption : "5th day of #

Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 is #kingpigeon for the final earth sign - Capricorn.

My camel pose got a little blurry, but now I'm caught up!

#kingpigeonpose day10 . . 🌟 . #YogaInTheStars2 . 1st-12th April .

Felt like revisiting King Pigeon today since I haven't worked on it for a while. It's still a struggle to grab my foot and hold it for a few breaths!

Day 2/12 #YogaInTheStars2 is #taurus @meganfox is a taurus. Anyone

#bridgepose day 11 . . 🌟 . #YogaInTheStars2 . 1st-12th April .

i'm super excited about this one right here!! i haven't practice alot on this particular #armbalance but i've been wanting to try it and today i finally got ...


Someday this will be my 'before'

Day 10 of #yogainthestars2 challenge . Pose: #rajakapotasana or #kingpigeonpose . Today's

#vanpigeonsturkey #van #pigeonmardin #pigeonphotography #pigeon #pigeonlove #pigeonsofinstagram #pigeons

Instagram Image by Francesca (@fran40degrees) with caption : "For the second day

Sometimes it feels so good just to do nothing. That's my weekend vibe when I

Best attempt at king pigeon for day 10 of #yogainthestars2. I am incredibly sore

Day10 #YogaInTheStars2 #yogachallenge Been looking forward to sharing this one I love it if I do say so myself Today's star sign is #Capricorn and we have ...

Day 1️⃣ of #growYINwithin starts today! Our first pose is swan 🦢 or hamsasana

... I had a wonderful day ...

On the last day of capricornus, I'm inspired by their rule following, their hardwork and reliability. Go get what you want, just like a capricorn!!


King pigeon pose Is one of these asana that take a lot of patience to come

Hello 🤗 for day 4 of the challenge #YogaInTheStars2 today's pose is #standingforwardfold but let's talk about today's sign...Cancer...my super brother ...

Day 10 of #YogaInTheStars2 is King Pigeon Pose🌙 • • • • • • . 🌟Hosts: 🌟 @ker.yoga @stelasulzdorf @whitneydavisyoga @warriorfromwithin @marta__milani ...

#pigeons #pigeon #birds #güvercin #güvercinler #kuşlar #taube #pigeonsofinstagram #pigeonlove #racingpigeon #kingpigeon #kuş #duiven #petdove #tauben ...

Este sábado a las 10:

#ALOboutinversions Day 4️⃣ #funkyforearmstand #funkypincha #funkypinchamayurasana ⠀ Haven't practiced funky