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Three ants carrying part of a plant Indonesia Flora Fauna

Three ants carrying part of a plant Indonesia Flora Fauna


Three ants carrying part of a plant, Indonesia

A cross section of a red fire ant. This photo: The Insect Biodiversity and

Figure 3.

Matabele ants at Karongwe Camp

Matabele ants at Karongwe Camp

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The Captivating Flora and Fauna of Tanjung Puting National Park – Orangutan Foundation InternationalOrangutan Foundation International

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David Batzofin (cc)

6 - Common Archduke (Lexias pardalis) BMG_wm

Herbivorous turtle ants carry bacteria for making amino acids from waste nitrogen.

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Army Ant Travel Guide

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Harvester ant (Messor pergandei) carrying the calyx of dyeweed (Psorothamnus emoryi). Right: Close-up view of a dyeweed calyx showing rows of orange glands.

Diagram of a typical flowering plant (angiosperm).

Native plants can attract birds, such as this New Holland honeyeater. Cazz/Flickr

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Butterflies are important pollinators in backyards. John Tann/Flickr, CC BY

Leaf cutter bee


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1(a-e):, (a) Weaver ants nest (Oecophyla smaragdina), (b) Males, (c) Females, (d) Queens and (e) Weaver ant's eggs

Small ant worker with heavy object

Birds, bees and bugs: your garden is an ecosystem, and it needs looking after

Carrion Flowers and Hammerhead Flatworms: This is Why We Work – Health In Harmony

Plague of fire ants the latest Hong Kong alien invasion - and boy, do they sting | South China Morning Post

... Dingo: The Singing Dog in Papua

Questions and answers about biodiversity


Bird of Paradise Dead-Wire (Seleucidis Melanoleuca) is one of the types of paradisiac birds with medium size and a length of about 33 cm.

5 - Trilobite beetle (Platerodrilus sp)_ED_wm

View image of Black garden ants like a drink (Credit: Arco / NPL)

Adventures among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions by Mark W. Moffett

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The ...

Lot 9: Ant


The Most Amazing Wildlife In Guyana

Ants carrying a dead grasshopper, Indonesia

While poaching for tusks continues to be a large scale phenomenon, man-elephant conflict

Rainforest Animals Leafcutter Ant

Along the sandy shoulder, rows of dyeweeds were interspersed with thriving colonies of harvester ants (Messor pergandei). Could some of these plants have ...

Rainforest vegetation along the northern coast of Ecuador.

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Photo by Nicholas Hellmuth, FLAAR photo archive of flora and fauna of Mesoamerica.

Ecology and behavior.

Fire Ant Mound

Ant on leaf


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Symbiosis in the animal kingdom. Mutualism, commensalism and parasitism

Blue Banded Bee , Australia. Stock Photo : Blue Banded Bee (Amegilla), Australia. Carole · Flora & Fauna. Three ants carrying part of a plant, Indonesia

View image of Leafcutter ants undertake a harvest (Credit: Bence Mate / NPL)

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David Batzofin (cc)

Sphecomyrmodes robustus, a 99 million year old fossil ant in amber. (Image credit


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General anatomy of a spider and variation in body forms.


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Tropical Rainforest Animal Adaptations

Small ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) climbing on branches.

Red Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea Rubra) is one of the types of paradisiac birds endemic to Papua. This bird has yellow and brown feathers, a yellow beak, ...

10 - Three-Striped Ground Squirrel (Lariscus insignis) BMG_wm

Among the arthropods of the Amazon Rainforest are spiders (including orb weavers and tarantulas)



Ant-snatching assassin bugs

Photo by Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society.

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Borneo health and comfort

Here is a friendly little Insect in front of my office window

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Bull Ant

Insects and flowering plants have evolved together.

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Uluru wildlife thorny dragon

Blue-Banded Bee , Australia

Right: California harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex californicus). Note hairs and parallel vertical lines (grooves) on red harvester ant.


What flower colours do birds and bees prefer?

'Planet Earth II' Recap, Episode 1: Islands

Land-use choices follow profitability at the expense of ecological functions in Indonesian smallholder landscapes | Nature Communications