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This may appeal to your interest if you like betta fish Betta

This may appeal to your interest if you like betta fish Betta


This may appeal to your interest if you like betta fish.

Walk into any pet store selling fish these days, and you'll see betta fish and betta-related products taking up anywhere from eight to 16 feet on the shelf.

The Betta Splenden

If they are not properly fed and cared for betta fish will become ill and quite possibly die from common betta fish diseases.

betta fish - siamese fighting fish


Their tails come in many shapes, single tails, double tails, fringed tails and veil tails. Betta Fish


Betta Fish. If you need to add glamour and exotic appeal to your aquarium, then don't forget to add substrate. There are many types of substrate and the ...

Koi Betta, Halfmoon Betta, Betta Tank, Pez Beta, Beautiful Fish, Pretty

Siamese Fighting Fish

Betta Fish Care: The Ugly Truth

betta fish tanks

Betta fish like to snooze in their hammocks. Blue betta fish resting on leaf-style hammock near surface of fish tank

Colorful Betta

6 Nano Betta Balls - Live Round-Shaped Marimo Plant - Natural Toys for Betta

Blue Betta swimming

Pez Beta, Baby Betta Fish, Beta Fish, Pretty Fish, Cool Fish,

Betta Fish Facts

Betta Bed Kit (6 Beds + 2 Suction Cups) by Sungrow - Non-

Female Betta Fish

My new Betta fish, Hermes, glows and shimmers in his gown of fins.

Betta Play Balls - Natural Toys for Betta Fish - to Toss, Chew, Nibble - Couch for Laying Over - Stress Buster - Giant Round-Shaped Marimo Plant - Easy to ...

Betta fish resting on his leaf shaped hammock at the top of his aquarium

Why do betta fish fight?

Betta - Siamese Fighting Fish


How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

When it comes to adding tankmates for your betta fish sadly things aren't quite as simple as just throwing them in.

The so-called "wild Bettas"- those non-domesticated relatives of the ubiquitous poster-child for fish abuse, Betta splendens, rear their beautiful heads ...

Betta fish has been widely adored and kept as the fish is not only beautiful and appealing, but also low maintenance. With betta fish, you do not ...


Just like any other fish, Bettas can suffer from various diseases. No matter what type of tank or bowl you keep them in they can become ill. But, when given ...

Should Fish Live in a Bowl?

Betta fish - Betta fish, siamese fighting fish, betta splendens

Amazon.com : SunGrow Betta Bed Kit (6 Beds + 2 Suction Cups) Non-Plastic, BPA-Free Hammock - Natural, Organic, Comfortable Rest Area for Fish Aquarium ...

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You will need the space to house 50 or more male Bettas and be able to take care of them properly.

However, do these small, aesthetically-pleasing fish bowls offer clean surroundings for the fish? Is the favorite betta bachelor in want of an associate or ...

Many varieties are available on the market.

Ornamental Betta Fish


Betta sitting on hammock near surface of water gulping in mouthfuls of air

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes in betta fish care. This largely has to do with the amount of poor ...

Betta fish resting at bottom of bowl

In photos: Flowing fins of Siamese fighting fish: Digital Photography Review

Choosing PLANTS for Your BETTA FISH Tank

Common Betta Fish Diseases

Betta Behavior - Male and Female Betta Fish

Best Betta Fish Tanks Review 2019

Just remember that you do not want to keep the betta bowls in the window because sunlight coming through the window can actually heat the bowl up if it is ...

It is important to know the temperature of your Betta fish's tank. Photo by Betta Fish Awareness Day

Betta Fish

Siamese Fighting fish May be Fighting

In small sized tanks with small number of fishes fights between betta fish males may even end up with death of the weakest fish.

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Aeration for your Betta Fish Tank

Betta fish bubble nest. I hope you find your ...

I hope u like it. FB_IMG_1531286089359.jpg

... fish with the colors you prefer. fishkeepingadvice.com

The Origional Fish that Started the Tropical Fish Hobby, Paradise Fish

betta aquaponics

In Asian countries, people buy high-quality fish they can enter into contests that take place quite regularly. People living in Europe and the US generally ...

Halfmoon Betta Fish Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys

Amazon.com: Luffy Betta Balls : Live Round-Shaped Marimo Plant : Natural Toys for Betta Fish : Aquarium Safe: Pet Supplies

Betta looking out front of aquarium while sitting on hammock

Betta bubble nest

betta. Cleaning Water changes should be done on a weekly basis with a water conditioner to remove chloramines, chlorine and ammonia that is the same ...

It's a large, interesting group of small, really cool-looking fishes, many as far-removed in appearance, behavior, and husbandry requirements as the Honda ...

Betta Fish Painting on Wrapped Canvas


Large Betta Splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish) It ...

Betta Fish Care

Female Mating Preferences As A Result of Coloration And Movement In Betta splendens | Eukaryon | Lake Forest College

A tri-color halfmoon male Betta splendens. Photo by breeder Aquastar71 via aquabids.

Betta Greeting Card featuring the drawing Betta Fish by Rosie Baker

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African Dwarf Frogs

A list of all the types of Betta fish and the unique characteristics of each fish type! #typebettafish

The Betta Splendens, or Siamese fighting fish, have been bred and selected for its color and the shape of its fins for litterally centuries - it is ...

Photo of About Fish - Westminster, CO, United States

Your Betta Fish Tank Buying Guide

Green Coconut Tree Glowing Effect Betta Fish Tank Aquarium Plastic Plant - image 1 of 3 ...

The ttrue history of the Wagtail Platy

... your child can choose a fish that looks like a real individual! Siamese fighters are brightly coloured, feisty characters – great for a child to get to

Betta fish looking up at me

Betta Fish

setting up a nano tank betta pond aquarium aquascape aquascaping tips

Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish – Everything You've Wanted to Know About Betta

So what interest does the Gnome have with Ogie and Livesbearer Aquatics? Well, because we are in the backyard business, we do love our backyard ponds, ...

betta aquaponics

... Best 25+ Betta Fish Bowl Ideas On Pinterest | Vase Fish Tank, ...

From Fish to Tanks, the Nano Category Continues to Expand Karen M. Alley

The Native Betta Habitat - Separating Fact from Fiction | Betta Fish Care | Fish Care

crowntail betta swimming While an actual attack might not follow this ...

Some, like my fave, Betta albimarginata, actually are mouthbrooders, like many of the cichlids we may have played around with now and again. Surprise.