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These funny photos were captured at the perfect moment Dont forget

These funny photos were captured at the perfect moment Dont forget


Perfectly timed photo of dolphin behind toddler

This photo is permanently ruined because everyone will always ask "who is she?" and they'll have to explain that it's just some random woman who got in the ...

These funny photos were captured at the perfect moment! Don't forget to check

Haven't we learned anything from horror movies? The creature is never really dead. It may be still for a little while, acting like it's dead, ...

Funny photo of tiny hat

40 Funny Photos Taken At The Right Time - Perfectly Timed Photos Ever - 2017


This Freeze-frame Trapped My Dog In A Bubble

Funny perfectly timed wedding photo in an aquarium

50 Photos Taken Before People's Death That Show Why You Shouldn't Take Your Loved Ones For Granted. Pics

She was hoping nobody was looking while she caught some air but unlucky for her someone caught the moment on their cellphones and captured it all.

Perfectly timed photo of dog with wings

30 Funny Accidents Captured at Perfect Time

Funny photobomb of couple with Jesus

30 Funny Accidents Captured at Perfect Time

If you really want to remember a moment, try not to take a photo

Well timed photo of parents dropping baby

30 Funny Accidents Captured at Perfect Time

How Taking Photos Affects Your Memory of the Moment Later On

Family Walking in Colonial Williamsburg

Well timed picture of photograph over face

10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV!

The 50 Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now

Excerpted with permission from the new book Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self by Manoush Zomorodi.

8 Tips for Capturing Genuine Emotion in Your Photos

Funny photo of jumping cat

Family comedy movies pair perfectly with a bowl of popcorn. No one in the fam will be able to resist these funny flicks!

72 Of The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background. Funny


Photographer Linda Mccartney's inspirational quote on a black and white photo of a photographer from the

30 Funny Accidents Captured at Perfect Time #BemeThis #perfectlyTimed #Photos #PerfectMomentShots #

'I Forgot My PIN': An Epic Tale of Losing $30,000 in Bitcoin

Dick Jokes, Drunk Takes, and Best Friends: How 'Superbad' Was Born

loving couple hugging on a bed portrait photography

The woman was unaware that she was being photographed in the store but when she found out she was glad and even shared it on her social media.

Funny photo of stork dropping baby

Our favourite creativity and photography quotes to inspire you!


To celebrate Jerry Garcia's legacy, here are 25 heartfelt Grateful Dead quotes that have continued to inspire multiple generations.

Meet the Parents

15 movies you need to see that people agree are absolutely perfect

These 365 Quotes Will Inspire You Every Day This Year

best snl sketches 2018

Wedding Photography Tips


time quotes live well lived long enough seneca wisdom

family playing hopscotch

An Elliott Erwitt quote on a black and white photo of man jumping with umbrella in

Time travellers: please don't kill Hitler

Best in Show (2000)

A black and white candid photography wedding shoot


Funny photo of man falling from sky behind married couple

"The best moments of my life don't make it to social media." What I post is honest, what interests me, and pieces of who I really am...semitransparent :-)

decisive moment humor

Best HBO Shows Ranked

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Illustration: Gluekit

Best wishes in this new year, and don't forget that this is the perfect time to introduce other families you may know to North Country Camps.

There is a good chance that you are the “friend” that everyone finds insufferable on Facebook

An image of two women laughing while taking a selfie.


woman and her cat

Finding a Book When You've Forgotten Its Title by Gwen Glazer, Librarian, Readers ServicesNovember 22, 2017

landscape photography tips

Unfortunately, no one cared and decided that was a perfect spot to camp. Luckily, there are too many of them for the police to fine all of them.

The 100 Funniest Things in the History of the Internet

Using signs as props is an increasingly popular way to express feelings in graduation photos. Don't forget to thank those that helped you accomplish your ...

We just love these captures of the gorgeous snowy Saturday last weekend, taken by @

Funny optical illusion of man riding woman

best christmas movies of all time

We've all seen and admired those people who seem like they were born on a stage. They speak in full paragraphs without notes, and look as relaxed as if they ...

Funny, I don't remember this guy ordering an iced coffee. Hehe. That's a 5/10 burn, if that, but then again it's the end of the article. Were you expecting ...

The 50 Best Streaming TV Shows of All Time

Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker

via amazon.com

beach maternity photo

photography quote Robert Frank. “

Post listing GDPR information for photographers looking to take a common sense approach

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Parents often forget they can be the perfect prop for a newborn session and often don't come prepared to be photographed. These are special moments you ...

best love yourself quotes about life

This angle gives you a unique perspective on the Ceremony. At the same time, it allows you to capture the emotional reactions of the wedding guests.