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There are certain places off limits to certain people The sacristy

There are certain places off limits to certain people The sacristy


As I mentioned, the Church was founded by the Countess of Clare. In the sacristy, there is a brass plaque asking the priest to remember her at the Mass.

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Here is an inscription that I photographed in a Church some years ago when I was visiting Granada.

It's ...

(Anthony E. Clark)

Pastoral Perspectives on Silence in Church. "

Don't blame the sex abuse crisis on queer Catholics

Project Update

(Anthony E. Clark)


... when my wife and I have occasion to visit this church with our three children, especially the elder two. My kids know that this church is where their ...

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zone post image for post 9796401. Giant baby Donald Trump blimp launched in Parliament Square ...

The Sacristy

The restored color scheme within the cathedral interior. The columns are now returned to their

The Nave of the Basilica during the Solemn Pontifical Mass. Photo by Steve Skojec via One Peter Five.

A glimpse of heaven: St Mark's Basilica. Image by Education Images/UIG/

Confessionals, left, line the wall of a church. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Pope, bishops look at what they have done, failed to do to prevent abuse

The oldest standing church in Cincinnati, the faithful began filling this sacred space (CT

An image tendered as evidence and obtained on Thursday, February 28, 2019, shows

He is also charitably offering Mass for the London faithful next Sunday; and getting in some golf ...

“This is not a movie theater!”: A view from the pews in China

... Lady's September Fatima Rosary Procession this Thursday the 13th. October already will be the last. Friday is Holy Cross Day. Next Sunday we solemnize ...


Click below to view information about credibly accused sexual abusers that is specific to a particular Diocese.

What's a Priest To Do To Save His People?


Melozzo da Forlì, “Obadiah” in the Sacristy of St. Mark, ca

Excuse Me, There's an Elephant in the Sacristy and He's Making a Heck of a Mess!

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Morning Mass

Here are some photos of the Votive Mass of the Immaculate Heart which was celebrated in SS Gregory and Augustine by Fr John Saward, last Saturday: 13th May.

Forest Lawn – Glendale

The two examples below are at Conception Abbey in Missouri

The Catholic Church is turning to outside arbiters to reckon with its history of sexual abuse. But skeptics argue that its legacy of evasion continues.

1. Edinburgh St Giles, exterior, from the north east

The ceremony ends with the Christus factus est, then the Custos reads the following prayer, after which the clergy depart for the sacristy in silence:

Notre-Dame de la Garde

For some time, now, the Cathedral authorities have kindly allowed the LMS to remove the demountable forward-facing altar for their Masses.

Amidst all of the sorrow, it is a blessing to have some idea of the “day ...

Confessions of a guitar-Mass Catholic

Beyond that, if they weren't going to do some of these things any longer, then what were they going to do? After all, as a community of believers they had ...

In particular, it transmits both Pelagian and Protestant messages — a surprising combination, but nonetheless true.

Nine months after Ted McCarrick sex-abuse crisis explodes, The New Yorker gives it some ink — GetReligion

The dome over the altar of Brunelleschi's Old Sacristy at the Basilica of San Lorenzo in

Eliptical dome of the Main Sacristy. Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María.

Peace Walk & Juneteenth Gathering on June 15

Breathe with both lungs, yes — but in their healthy condition, not their diseased condition.

The Shrine ...

Light shines through an arch window onto two rows of pews inside St Patrick's Cathedral.

The ceremony ends with the Christus factus est, then the Custos reads the following prayer, after which the clergy depart for the sacristy in silence:

Fr. Winslow

Please consult the bulletin carefully, as always. There are still a variety of Masses and devotions at different times to enable everyone to do something.

... almost officially here (June 21), it's a good time to think about recreation and how it contributes to our well-being. Not that the gamers (i.e. people ...

... The Church of Holiest Savior was rebuilt immediately after the war, reopening in 1948.

Some weird and wonderful things in there! All in all however, there was a great atmosphere and the remaining staff are doing a great job under very ...

The habit of consistently eating healthfully and making correct and positive choices for what goes in our body is good for us. Making sure that on certain ...

Church Inside.jpg

In The Treasure of the Church, J. B. Bagshaw argues to the intimate connection between royalism or royalty and temple liturgy, and how, as a result, ...

The Church of the Holy Innocents (NYC), where the Latin Mass is offered daily.

A central part of any visit to Krakow is a visit to the Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus on the Wawel Hill. It is some years ...

That evening we received ...

Further along is the Pyx Chamber, built in 1070. At some point it may have been used as the sacristy, which is why it has an altar.

San Lorenzo, Old Sacristy, ceiling.

The shelter was a fully functioning mini city with a maternity ward and infirmary, which are the only two rooms to have tiled floors. While some of the ...

I am a police officer, and I know well that the appurtenances of my profession are the objects of longing of nine-year-old boys everywhere.

The Sacristy is opened on Saturday mornings from 9.30 to 12.00 by volunteers from the Touring Club of Italy.

A crucifix and an Infant Of Prague statue in the sacristy at St. Vitus Catholic

IMG_0099. '

Fr Pat Cleary's Induction as our Parish Priest

... forgiveness for sins they were unwilling to stop committing) and dedicated to a favorite saint. Below are highlights of some of the more famous chapels.

Letters to the Editor

I place on record my sincere thanks to each and everyone involved in a huge clean-up operation at 'the Martyrs' – church, sacristies and grounds these last ...

The Mass was for the feast of St James and I took the opportunity to refer to the devotion that the Spanish people had to St James, particularly in relation ...

San Girolamo della Certosa

This is no mere speculative issue. As we know, liturgists for decades have been talking about how to “reform” the Eastern Catholic rites to bring them into ...

... out: man is made for measure and limits, and only in the finite does he find rest and happiness. But this God knows nothing of measure.

ORG, and is making it available to ALL our parishioners! Discover all the best Catholic content in one place: Entertaining ...

Sacristy room, Cartuja

... Large Sacristy in morning light ...

Fr. Winslow

St Birinus Day

San Miniato al Monte, interior.

The singers, from the Schola Abelis, otherwise sing the standard Roman, Gregorian Chant, which is different in certain subtle ways from Dominican chant and ...

The reconstructed interior of Saint Casimir. Photo: wikimedia.org/Cezary Piwowski

The sacristy, one of the most decorated parts of the cathedral, displays a large collection of 18th paintings by Marcos Zapata, including his version of the ...

In 1970, a fire occurred in the sacristy, which was internally destroyed. Though the remainder of the church escaped with only water and smoke damage, ...

Holy Sites Walking Tour, Rome