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The wooden spire of Ntre Dame Cathedral Paris Cathedrals and

The wooden spire of Ntre Dame Cathedral Paris Cathedrals and



Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

The facade of Notre Dame against the blue sky. Photo credit: Getty

Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris

A firefighter tackles the blaze as flames and smoke rise from Notre Dame cathedral as it

This is what makes Notre Dame cathedral so iconic

Low angle view of the East end of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral at sunset

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral Tuesday morning, April 16, in the aftermath of a

How the Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire Spread

Notre Dame Cathedral Is Crumbling. Who Will Help Save It?

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Notre Dame Cathedral fire: why it was so destructive, according to fire engineers - Vox

French prime minister announces competition to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral's iconic spire - ABC News

PARIS (AP) — A massive fire engulfed the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of the French capital Monday, toppling its spire and sending thick plumes ...

Anglican leaders express sadness and solidarity after Notre Dame cathedral blaze in Paris

Google Earth; Ian Langsdon/EPA, via Shutterstock

The spire and attic of the Notre Dame Cathedral were damaged in a fire this week

Fire was the scourge of medieval cathedrals. But they rebuilt from the ashes. Flames and smoke rise from a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris ...

Revolutionary Gothic Architecture - Flying Buttresses

Figure 33: Two views of the Spire over Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. The area marked in white circle is shown in greater detail on the photo to the right.

General view of the interior of the Notre-Dame Cathedral as flames burn the roof

Notre Dame Cathedral's famed rose windows, organ spared: Church official - ABC News

Rebuilding Notre Dame: Not so Fast

Firefighters spray water as they work to extinguish a fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in

Notre Dame cathedral spire collapse shown in videos filmed by Paris bystanders

What happens next: How can Notre-Dame be rebuilt?

Notre-Dame de Paris fire

The steeple of the Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris collapses on April 15, 2019. AFP/Getty Images

Notre Dame cathedral with its spire on a cloudy day before the Notre Dame fire

Notre Dame Cathedral's famed rose windows, organ spared: Church official

notre dame on fire april 2019

Firefighters inspect Notre Dame Cathedral April 16, 2019, after a fire broke out in Paris. Officials said the cause was not clear, but that the April 15 ...

Cathedral bells toll in solidarity with Notre Dame

Created with Sketch. Notre Dame before and after

Some 400 firefighters battled a blaze that had broken out at Paris's Notre-Dame cathedral for more than nine hours.Yves Herman Reuters

Our Lady of Paris: a history of Notre Dame Cathedral | World news | The Guardian

Firefighters operate on the Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday morning after the fire was put out

Faithful hold candles during a "Path of light" procession between Notre Dame Cathedral during

Major Fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris; Main Structure "Saved and Preserved

Notre-Dame of Paris

Discover the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris

The spire of the Strasbourg Cathedral has been soaring for centuries.

Figure 36: A monument in honour of the Virgin Mary at the East garden of Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. Area marked in white circle is shown in greater ...

Paris Notre Dame Prints Wood Print featuring the photograph Paris Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris Surreal

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An aerial view of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, in July

Notre-Dame cathedral, which dates back to 1163. (Alberto Pizzoli/AFP

Some 854 years after construction began, Europe's most visited site, with about 12 million

How to Build, and Keep Building, a Cathedral Like Notre-Dame

France: The bells of all the cathedrals will sound at the time when the fire

Marga Abejo-Momper via Twitter

'It was bound to happen': Notre-Dame cathedral was beloved but long neglected

Façade of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Notre Dame cathedral 3D tour — from above and within, how fire hit the heart of Paris - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

a cathedral on the banks of a river at sunset. Notre-Dame de Paris ...

West Façade of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

Graphic shows a 3D model of Notre Dame Cathedral and calls out notable features and events

Fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Notre Dame, the most beautiful Cathedral in Paris. View from the river Seine,

Image of Notre Dame with the tower on fire

The spire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is seen in this Oct. 17, 2017, photo. The cathedral, built on an island in the middle of the Seine River, ...

Thibault Camus, The Associated Press. Flames and smoke rise from Notre Dame cathedral ...

The Notre Dame Fire and the Future of History

Notre Dame Cathedral is ravaged in blaze; Macron pledges to rebuild - The Boston Globe

Catastrophic fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

notre dame cathedral fire The Notre-Dame Cathedral spire ...

Notre Dame Ablaze: 'Terrible Fire' Engulfs Cathedral In Paris As Iconic Spire

Smoke and flames fill the sky as a fire burns at the Notre Dame Cathedral during the visit by French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, Monday, April 15, ...

An image made available by Gigarama.ru on April 17, 2019, shows an

Towers and the spire[edit]. Main article: Spire of Notre Dame de Paris

People look up at the damage caused to Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday in Paris. A fire broke out on Monday afternoon and quickly spread across the building ...

Could Notre-Dame rebuild include a carbon fiber spire?

Notre Dame "may take a decade or two" to repair say experts

Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch.

Paris after the fire: Notre Dame Cathedral is revealed as a hollowed shell | National Post

France begins debate over how to rebuild Notre Dame, starting with a contest to design the spire

Our Lady of Paris: a history of Notre Dame Cathedral | World news | The Guardian

Since the Notre-Dame spire collapsed in the fire, and an architecture competition was

Construction Workers Questioned Over Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Notre-Dame blaze: How bad is the damage to Paris' iconic cathedral?

Paris Fire brigade members are seen at an entrance that looks into the Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral will never be the same, but it can be rebuilt

The 19th-century spire was destroyed in the 2019 fire.

A general view taken April 16, 2019 of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris,

Tradition vs modernity: Debate over future Notre-Dame spire sparks controversy