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The only word that came to my mind in that moment was SHAZAM It was a

The only word that came to my mind in that moment was SHAZAM It was a


The only word that came to my mind in that moment was SHAZAM It was a ...

'Shazam!' review: the DCEU finally shows its fun side

Shazam! seems part of a course correction toward more light-hearted, audience-

Film / SHAZAM! (2019)

Shazam! (2019)

Zachary Levi's 'Shazam!' Is 'Pure Superhero Entertainment' and 6 Other Electrifying Reviews

"There's no other superhero movie like this" – The first Shazam! reactions are in

'Shazam' Easter Eggs: Every Hidden DC Reference You Missed

shazam review

Why Shazam! could be the best DCEU movie since Wonder Woman | GamesRadar+

The Marvel family or the Shazam family or whatever they are called (Mary Marvel Shazam?? Sounds awful) I also didn't like. I felt they - pardon the pun ...

She is also set to be one of the first Muslim-American superheroes on TV in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, using her civilian name of Zari Adrianna Tomaz.


Shazam (Zachary Levi) Meets Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong)

The very last scene before the credits rolled offered up two really fun moments. The first was when Billy came to lunch as Shazam, fulfilling a promise made ...

Shazam review: DEFIANTLY FUNNY superhero ride for the kid in us all

Shazam: What does Shazam stand for? Meaning and history of the name REVEALED

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Shazam: 20 Powers DC's Captain Marvel Has (That Only Real Fans Know About)

The Monster Society of Evil

How 'Shazam!' Became a Holiday Family Movie in the Bleak DC Universe | Inverse

DC gets back on track with 'Shazam!'

Shazam! is a hit.

Warner Bros. is coming off the sterling release of Aquaman and now has its sights set on Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie in October.

At This Moment - Michael Bublé

A villain resurrecting from the dead is hardly out of the ordinary in comics today, but Mister Mind's return to comics took almost 30 years. See, Shazam's ...

'Shazam!' star Zachary Levi wants in on 'Justice League 2' | Toronto Sun

The stars of 'Shazam!' on bringing the 'Big'-meets-Superman comic book film to life

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He gives Aquaman his name, and perhaps his innocent, wide-eyed-yet-very-powerful self will be joining the live-action version of the Justice League in ...

Shazam Founders: Philip Inghelbrecht, Avery Wang, Chris Barton, Dhiraj Mukherjee. “The number one ...

Lois Lane as a black woman on the subway


First 8 Power of Shazam covers had to have a line art version before painting, because one of the comic Book distributors could not reproduce painted covers ...


Still, the graphic novel shouldn't be completely tossed aside because of its rich character moments involving Billy and Mary, along with some very funny ...

DC Comics - Mary Marvel Shazam

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'Shazam!' Post-Credits Scene Explained: One of the Weirdest of All Time | Inverse

Shazam is similar to Midomi, but works primarily as a mobile app and does not include the ability to sing or hum the tune. However, it's available for more ...

As anyone could see, Shazam was the name of the wizard and Captain Marvel was the name of the superhero.

Shazam on the App Store

Billy Batson Shazam

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Million Ways - Elissia Mariah

First and foremost, Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019, which is just a few months away! Awesome. But I am a little concerned about the movie's release ...

Superman's publishers – Detective Comics (also home to Batman), trading with its sister companies National Allied Publications and All-American Publications ...

The Words I Would Say - Sidewalk Prophets

The Night King Revealed Why He Gave Bran That Weird Look · '

Of course, Batson realized the importance of being given access to such great powers, and immediately set out on an epic quest for...beer. Oh, come on.

In the first trailer, Billy is shown coming to terms with his newfound powers as Shazam. When asked what his superpowers are, he doesn't even know.

Credit: Warner Bros. Animation

... visits @the_secretstash Watch the full episode on @AMC_TV #ComicBookMenpic.twitter.com/FTBDDsvyEi

Shazam Post Credits Mister Mind Worm

All I Need - The Temptations

Shazam reviews: What do critics say about Shazam?

As I held Marvel's just-released Miracleman Book One: A Dream of Flying in my hands a few days ago, my fingers trembled and these thoughts overtook me: ...

Shazam!: The Golden Age of the World's Mightiest Mortal: Amazon.co.uk: Chip Kidd: 9780810995963: Books


Mikhail Villarreal 🦇 @TaurooAldebaran

An Oral History of DC's CAPTAIN MARVEL/SHAZAM: The Future (As It Looked Back In 2011)

One of the scene's favourite party starters discusses his journey through DJing.

For those unfamiliar with Mister Mind, the character first appeared as a voice in Fawcett Comics' Captain Marvel Adventures #22.

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Of course, the most obvious way to find the song name if you know some of the lyrics is to use our old friend Google to search the string of words you ...

Mr. Mind's next appearance came in the pages of 52, a weekly series that chronicled a "missing year" of the DC Universe. In fact, he wound up being the main ...

Shazam: Mark Strong plays Dr Sivana in the Shazam movie (Image: WB)

Shazam! MovieVerified account

Captain Marvel is being touted as one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A plethora of fan theories have already been written ...

Shazam on the App Store

NF - Got You On My Mind (Audio)

Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for a digital copy of this lovely comic. ...more

There are a number of sites dedicated to creating databases of song lyrics, so if you know some of the words but don't feel comfortable trying to sing or ...

Whiz Comics - Shazam

Asher Angel leaps into action in Warner's "Shazam!

One of the reasons Shazam! is so much fun is that it's an exceptionally weird movie. It's got a magic wizard who lives in a cave, the physical embodiments ...

Aquaman (2018)

Shazam on the App Store

As with the majority of superhero features there is an element of predictability, that being said, I didn't mind that so much in this one.

But when I heard Geoff Johns was taking on this title for the reboot, my inner dork did a little dance! Could the great and mighty Johns make this title ...

Shazam: The superhero used to be known as Captain Marvel (Image: DC)

From left, Asher Angel, Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer

Mister Mind. "

And though Billy Batson is not the warrior of pure good he sought, the Wizard does see potential in him. He teaches the boy the word that will summon his ...

Shazam and Sivana

And that's just the beginning. Now I know that there are a few of you hardcore fans of the original Shazam out there, and seeing your beloved character ...

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Looking forward, looking back and living in the moment at IMEX in Frankfurt

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Who is stronger…