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The carving is carefully removed leaving the impression of its

The carving is carefully removed leaving the impression of its


A lintel, showing characteristic form and methods of Maori decorative woodcarving. The spaces are not occupied by the principal figures and the omnipresent ...

A heitiki (hei, neck ornament, tiki, carved figure) of green-stone. These were highly treasured herilooms and momentoes of the dead.


Henry Moore 'Woman' 1957

Detail of the carving of a large box used for the preservation of valuables.

Left-hand detail of the house carving, Fig. 95. The middle of the trunk is clasped by the left hand, conventionally three fingered, with a thumb suggested ...

Remove all harsh edges except for the small group of primary feathers at the wingtips and

Draw these features on the wood left to accommodate them and carefully remove all the wood

STEP 18: Using a small flat chisel, slowly and carefully cut away the parts of the background. Make the plane smooth and be sure to not leave any pits.

The ancestral figure in the center seems to be trampling upon a bird-headed monster while two similar creatures whisper in his ear.

Before photography, the silhouette helped leave an impression. "

Cristina Cordova starting on a new head sculpture with a videographer filming her process

Henry Moore 'Seated Torso' 1954

0910 HP Diorama Halloween Pumpkins

A house ornament. The head has a realistic representation of a face moko.

carefully remove the waste using a scalpel, then curve the top of the toes

Henry Moore


Fitting and Carving a New Cello Bridge

step 7 - Carefully remove the card stock from the clay.  Trim the

A detail of the lintel, Figure 87. The characteristic three fingered hand and the four spirals marking the junction of limbs with body are well shown.

A feather box. These boxes upon the carving of which, with the tasteful disposition and combination of spirals and scrolls, so much careful labor was ...

Marlene uses a vacuum with a very narrow tip on the end to perfect the mold, making sure no unwanted sand is in the mold.

Impressions 2

The figurehead of a war canoe. In this example, the composite figure between the two large spirals and the representation of the demigod Maui on his back ...

... removaltooth impressions · Custombilt Hooked Bass

Block Printing Stamps: A No-Fire Way to Make a Great Impression - Ceramic Arts Network

Assyrian sculpture

Before the first grade of sandpaper is used, all of the deeper tool marks are

Most of the deceased during the nineteenth century did not have the economic means to leave such extravagant markers. By carefully examining cemetery ...

What Happens When a Neurosurgeon Removes Your Hippocampus

In this removal process, be very careful that the masking does not touch the sizing. The impression that the masking leaves in the size will show up in the ...

jade sculpture

Design Toscano Blessed Virgin Mary Statue, Small 12 Inch Figurine, Bonded Marble Polyresin, White

Henry Moore

The Suction Cup Primer is needed for the permanent bond between Suction Cup Paste and acrylic. Evaporation time is 1 minute.

Bellerophon with his horse Pegasus, stone bas-relief; in the Palazzo Spada,

Look carefully at the outside edge of the real leaves and then draw a slightly stylised

Penone's The Hidden Life Within. Penone's sculptures ...

The Double-Cord Impression Technique

Once Fred has a finished "original piece" of clay and wax, for the larger sculptures, the foundry will visit his studio to take careful measurements and ...

Michael Johnston with one of the extracted footprints

Pour the stone mix soon after as the alginate will dry out and lose its detail. We used Ultracal which has a 30 minute set time. Once it is set remove the ...

The specimen was cleaned with compressed air and swabs of acetone to reveal details; friable and loose gap fillers were removed with a scalpel; ...

Then while the turkey is resting, the gravy can be made so that it's ready to serve right after the turkey is carved.

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Carve a Pattern

Tile, England, 14th century. Museum no. 382-1905. Red earthenware

Air Walkers

One of the more common methods of recovering three-dimensional impressions is to create a cast of the impression, usually using plaster of Paris, ...


Note: If your leaf is too firmly embedded in the clay and you risk tearing the clay removing the leaf after it's been arranged, remove the leaf covered clay ...

... 54. Custom Tray Fabrication Carefully remove ...

Babson College - Twizzlers® Dancing (detail)

Leaf carving is a kind of handicrafts carved on actual leaves. Leaf carving is actually

Debra's work teaches us to recognize how nature–on its own–is already an art, and man's purpose is to find ways to reconnect our disparity with that natural ...

One of the exhibits currently on display at the Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Museum in Essex. Souterrain Impressions: First World War Carvings ...

Here's the front half of the shell coming off.

... 61. Box and Pour Master Cast Carefully remove ...

24 Casting Underwater Impressions  Drain or remove excess water – Good – BUT - Not Necessary  Pipette or syringe  Carefully Absorb with paper towel ...


Laith McGregor, Untitled (Vision), 2019, oil on canvas and found object, 385 x 310 mm

Surface decoration isn't just for paper or fabric, it's for ceramics too! And the options are endless. Below we explore a range of techniques that can be ...

"Natural leaf carving is actual manual cutting and removal of a leaf's surface to produce

Raven adding the final leaves to the bat sculpture

Henry Moore 'Two Piece Reclining Figure: Armless' 1975

The Reign of Jupiter


The Day the Dinosaurs Died

16 C ASTING Carefully remove loose debris Use a Q-tip dipped in oil to remove small debris Place form around impression if necessary (on an incline) 16 ...

Debra's work teaches us to recognize how nature–on its own–is already an art, and man's purpose is to find ways to reconnect our disparity with that natural ...

Henry Moore 'Maquette for Mother and Child: Hood' 1982

The Beer Lover's Table: Wild Garlic Pierogi with Caramelised Onions and Left Handed Giant x Whiplash There, There Rye IPA

First cut, beginning with careful outline of the image, just outside the lines to allow for adjustments in line quality/character. Also note position of the ...

Where possible, always sand in the direction of the grain, as sanding across the

Sculptor Blair Buswell made this larger-than-life armature to support his monumental sculpture of basketball legend Oscar Robertson.

... then replace the impression foam (picture).


Virgin and Child Ivory Carving (c.1280) Carved to fit the shape of the tusk. A masterpiece of Gothic sculpture. Louvre, Paris.

The glass is then very carefully hand-carried to a special oven where it is slowly brought to room temperature over about a hundred hours, roughly a week's ...

A carving made by local WWI veteran Robert Shuel is part of the Souterrain Impressions: First World War Carvings exhibit. Dax Melmer / Windsor Star

Tall Birch Vase White Trees (Blue) Created by Bernard Katz Cool blue vessel of blown glass; "tree" design created by carefully removing layers of glass ...

Polished fossil ichthyosaur bones and teeth Carefully prepared ichthyosaur skeleton from Lyme Regis Left: A ...


Marcel Duchamp, Nude (Study), Sad Young Man on a Train (Nu [esquisse], jeune homme triste dans un train), 1911–12, oil on cardboard mounted on Masonite, ...

Use a cutter and cut your clay into the shape you want and then carefully remove the excess clay.

Carefully cut to outline and remove the wood that lies above the muzzle.

Spider Web Pumpkin

Babson College - Twizzler® Molds

The journal reported that the latex was left on the surface for “one to four days” and that after its removal, the stone was cleaned with “damp sponges and ...