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The VCbacked FinTech company Curlec came into existence in the

The VCbacked FinTech company Curlec came into existence in the


The VC-backed FinTech company, Curlec, came into existence in the year 2017. The firm seeks to assist businesses of all sizes.

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The company offers an inexpensive and efficacious way for businesses to control cash flow and collect recurring payments.

Curlec. Start-Up. Curlec is a VC-backed FinTech company ...

Until now, the collection of payments has been inordinately admin-heavy and costly. Since SMEs have always been underserved by banks, Curlec aims to ...

On this account, Curlec aims to provide businesses with assistance so they can easily collect recurring payments and control cash flow.

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Abdullah Faeez Mohd Noor, Chief Financial Officer,

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... acquired Polariant, a startup that develops positional tracking technology using polarized light detection. Established in 2015, Polariant's interior . ...


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The Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) made an announcement on April 11th that student startup company Class 101 https://buff.ly/2ILpXlS ...

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... the four major chest diseases, much more accurately than medical practitioners is being developed .. https://buff.ly/2V0eF3I pic.twitter.com/9WRDeaafFG


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... into a global unicorn company by commercializing its famous ICT (Information Communication Technology) technology. It is currently reviewing the ...

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And heres how the White House recorded it.

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Katsumi Kubota, Managing Director, Marketing Advisor For Asean,

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In some countries, specific credit cards may be preferred over others, while in other


Nimisha Tailor, Former Deputy Director, Policy & Markets, Competition & Consumer Commission Singapore

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Using Direct Debit to facilitate your business By Elizabeth Adegbesan ONE of the ways businesses reduce

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A lot of it is down to technique, too. Rowley shares simple tricks like keeping both eyes open when looking through the viewfinder, as well as limiting the ...

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TalkTalk's handling of a wi-fi password breach is being criticised by several cyber-security experts. The BBC has presented the company with evidence that ...

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On September 15, 2017, NASAs Cassini space probe plunged into Saturns atmosphere and burned up, concluding its mission after 13 years in orbit.

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The software allows you to plan, execute and track automations, tasks, leads,

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Over the past four years Plastic Jesus has been using Los Angeles as his playground to showcase his witty brand of street art. Originally a photojournalist ...

Paid subscribers to Apple Music have soared to 20 million but the U. S. technology giant has a long way to go before it can catch the industry leader.

... about their right to an IMHA are likely to be those most in need of one the right to an IMHA is unlikely to be the only right that is being ignored.

All students need to learn to manage money, write checks, use debit cards,

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Asgar Ali, It Consultant To The Prime Minister Of Nepal, Government of Nepal

At a large publication like The New York Times, there are a number of photo editorsincluding those in charge of curating great photography on Instagram. To ...


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Debt Relief companies are companies that say they can renegotiate, settle, or in some

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Over the past 27 centuries, the average day has lengthened at a rate of almost two milliseconds (ms) per century. However, it will take about 6.7 million ...

The ongoing court case to stop RWE from cutting one of the last remnants of ancient Hambach Forest took place today in Cologne. The decision was postponed ...

Tiffany Watts. Director, The ...

Indian Bank of Maharashtra takes three Bitcoin companies to court over suspected involvement in hacking of about $1 mln.

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Max Ng, Associate Director, AsiaPay

(Reuters) Oreo maker Mondelez, Mars and other companies have pulled advertising from YouTube after the Times newspaper found the video sharing site was ...

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Available Wednesday, Nicki Minaj: The Empire is the latest fame simulation game from Glu Mobile, the makers of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood , Britney Spears: ...

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The Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin ETF is getting a second chance as the US SEC reconsiders the original decision to reject it.