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Ted and Heidi Crus Establisment Stealth Candidate The Liberty

Ted and Heidi Crus Establisment Stealth Candidate The Liberty


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Ted Cruz Reveals What he'd do if Elected President – And it's Even Worse Than You Thought

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, looks downward while

#TedCruz2016 ObamaCare Ted Cruz Quotes, Presidential Candidates, Fight For Us, Patriots,

How Ted Cruz — Ted Cruz! — Saved His Honor

Do You Really Know Ted Cruz?

ted cruz stealing Trump grassroots memes too - Chuck (


Ted Cruz, R-Texas, as he addresses delegates

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

From left to right in foreground, Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Republican

Ted Cruz's superior ground game notched up another win over Donald Trump on Saturday when he

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders,

Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke Plight for First Debate Friday Night

The Man in the Arena

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is joined by his wife Melania, right, daughter Ivanka, left, and son Eric, background left, ...


Ted and Heidi Cruz

Posing for a photograph with his family and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

This describes Ted Cruz. Why vote for anyone else?

and former Republican presidential hopeful — Ted Cruz speaks

Rumor: Heidi Cruz Is So Repulsed by Iowans She Has to Shower Multiple Times a Day

Does Beto O'Rourke Stand a Chance Against Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz is the Conservative Choice!

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Why Ted Cruz is the Best Alternative to Donald Trump Fight For Us, How To

Ted Cruz: DC Establishment 'Terrified' by Grassroots Conservatives Fueling Campaign with Small-Dollar Donations Ted Cruz, Heidi Cruz, Catherine Cruz, ...

Get Out Of The Weeds

WATCH: Ted Cruz Says Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Want Trump to Expose Hypocrisy - Only Common Sense Here

Cruz shakes hands of supporters at Saburosa 2 in the Bronx. (Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP).

Ted Cruz takes all 14 delegates at Wyoming convention | Daily Mail Online

Ted Cruz of Texas has made a name for himself in the Senate,

Fighting for principle matters. And it's the path to victory. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Ted Cruz speaking to the press after the meet and greet. (Alyssa Bereznak/Yahoo News).

Ted Cruz's Challenge

Ted Cruz speaks during the RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, on July

Heidi Cruz (Screenshot via Fox News)

1of30Items created by the artist Sabo are for sale on the Ted Cruz for President website. The artist has gained a reputation for controversial comments on ...

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Image result for Asra Q. Nomani is a Muslim, an immigrant, a woman

O'Rourke visiting a shelter during Hurricane Harvey.


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David Hogg helps elevate 1000's for billboard displaying anti-Ted Cruz tweets from Trump

... Temple Grandin, Bill Maher, ...

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Julia Ainsley

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump gives two thumbs up while introducing his wife, Melania,

February 2014 magazine cover

Blumenthal: SCOTUS Nominee Will Be A "Majority Maker"; Rights And Liberties Are Threatened June 28, 2018

Ted Cruz is surrounded by stars and

Beto O'Rourke supporters attend his election night party in downtown El Paso. (Paul Ratje/AFP/Getty Images)


Heidi Cruz, wife of GOP Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz, made statements today regarding the Judeo-Christian foundation of this country that rankled ...

A court filing just revealed Maria Butina is ready to flip on her co-conspirator. And maybe a candidate or two, ...

Ted Cruz: Trump WH Has Done Very Well On Policy And Substance June 20, 2017

New York Daily News still not done with Cruz.

A court filing just revealed Maria Butina is ready to flip on her co-conspirator. And maybe a candidate or two, although there just doesn't seem to be a ...


howard wilkinson

Now We Know What the Venn Diagram of Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Looks Like

Trump's White House bid suffers fresh setback as Cruz takes Wisconsin

Cruz hangs on

Is Trump an improvised, rough-at-the-edges avatar of the Nixon coalition? Ask Pat Buchanan.

Jahi Chikwendiu / The Washington Post. Senator Ted Cruz ...

Then and Now: Flyer for Rally for Religious Liberty at Bob Jones University, No

Bobby Jindal hammers Mitch McConnell as Speaker John Boehner steps down | Daily Mail Online


Donald Trump


Yahoo News Now: Ashley Bell on the Trump campaign's outreach to African-Americans

A Ted Cruz as Zodiac Killer prom-posal. (Photo via Facebook)


BELLWETHER For China, buy American means something else

jim2 on February 29, 2016 at 9:33 pm

A court filing just revealed Maria Butina is ready to flip on her co-conspirator. And maybe a candidate or two, although there just doesn't seem to be a ...


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Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland

Video: Ted Cruz Chased Out Of D.C. Restaurant By Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters September 24, 2018

A Republican House candidate in Missouri lost a key endorsement — his own children

DREAM TICKET 2016: Senators Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio

Justice Integrity Report - DC Madam Attorney: Client Revelations; Cruz News?

Let's just cut right to the chase. Let's make it simple. This is a vote on Tuesday about God. Which of these candidates, which of the parties that these ...


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The 'Likely False' Dossier and Other Collusion Fairytales - Only Common Sense Here

Trump plans to install lackeys to the DHS might be illegal, but legality has been a minor consideration.

Senator Marco Rubio

A brief history of the Internet being suspicious of Ted Cruz's identity