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Good Thoughts, My Heart, The Secret

Good morning! It is exceptionally early this morning. I awoke at 3am again and decided to carpe diem and whatever else goes with that.

TOWARDS TOMORROW, TOWARDS LIGHT -Dionysios Solomos | w. | Good thoughts, Thoughts, The secret

TOWARDS TOMORROW, TOWARDS LIGHT -Dionysios Solomos | w. | Good thoughts, Thoughts, The secret

Poets Dionysios Solomos Hymn to Liberty I can see thee by the lightning of the sword

TOWARDS TOMORROW, TOWARDS LIGHT -Dionysios Solomos | w. | Good thoughts, Thoughts, The secret

TOWARDS TOMORROW, TOWARDS LIGHT -Dionysios Solomos | w. | Good thoughts, Thoughts, The secret

Poems for Easter (7): 'The Easter Day' by Dionysios Solomos

Eternity and a Day ... a story of love, regret, life and memory, light and darkness, hope and despair and life and death


Greece's National poet Dionysios Solomos (1798–1857) was born on the Greek island of Zakynthos, to an elderly count and his teenaged housekeeper.

11 Poets Kostis Palamas The Grave On the grave on which the Black Horseman takes you, be careful not to accept anything from his hand; And, ...

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20 Poets-Joanna Tsatsos

File:Dionysios Solomos statue at Dionysios Solomos Square, Zakynthos City, Greece 01.jpg

With Jackson Mac Low: The Light Poems & Other Matters (Personal, Literary, Political) 2003-2004

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43 Poets - Yiannis Ritsos From Romiosini These trees cannot adjust to lesser sky, these stones cannot adjust beneath the tread of strangers, ...

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Notes on Seferis' 11 Three Secret Poem/' 143 like the longing that merges


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Dionysios Solomos, author of the lyrics


... before our soul "sets sail" and you lose forever this angelic light, as Solomos also says: Light that treads joyfully on Hades and on Charon.

The first floor of the Museum includes the rooms dedicated to Dionysios Solomos, Dionysios Romas, Nikolaos and Thaleia Kolyva and the wing of Eminent ...

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This poem regained fame and popularity in Greece some years ago with the 1998 film Eternity And A Day (Μια αιωνιότητα και μια μέρα) by Theodoros ...

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church st D three saints.

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War in the Poetry of George Seferis 183 life was not guided in the past like

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... of the property ...

Below - Dionysios Solomos Ferry

We save for you the characteristic original flavor, taste, quality and variety, traceable from each traditional family's owned estate—farmer of every region ...

Villa Anastasia

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Anthems of European countries

Zakynthos Map

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Dareia Suites (Villa), Plános (Greece) deals

Dionysios Solomos 3

2 Modern Greek Literature – Review Prose The Short Story Novelette Novel Poetry Epic Poem Lyric Poetry The Sonette The Elegy The Language Question The ...


People waiting to get out of greece and get into turkey today. July 5, 2015

In Seferis' Poetic Workshop 161 animal skeletons shining like whitewash, visions that make you

... is a chance for all devoted Orthodox Christians to arrive at the church where their concentration is drawn to the Holy Body, untouched by the centuries ...

However, Solomos became more and more obsessed with perfection and he left many poems unfinished, including 'The Free Besieged.'

Via Demokratias Street we proceeded towards the Plateia Solomou (Solomou Square), the town's largest and most recent (landfilled) square.

The Museum Solomos and Kalvos contains the skeletons of the national poets Dionysios Solomos and

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52 Poems ...

The Norwegian Literature Festival in collaboration with DnF put freedom of expression for women on the agenda with a Norwegian version of the festival which ...

Sea traffic disrupted, many ferries docked as winds blow with up to 10 Beaufort

27 Poets Constantine ...

They're gone - first Richard, who flew in for a week, a day after the others arrived; I dropped him at the airport on Thursday.

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unhappy have been many men around him. I struggle to help myself in order to

... church St. Dionysios rebuilt

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Below - Dionysios Solomos Ferry


Greece: Revolt Betrayed

KROMA/Untitled (a quiet disorder #08) giclee archival print 30x45cm[298

Adamantios Korais

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Modern Greek literature

It is an important day and an honour to take back the Holy light, without being blown out along the way. As the clock strikes twelve midnight the church ...

This place lends itself to strong light. Its absence flattens the broad acres of variegated granite and sand, removing perspective.

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Dionysios Solomos square with Cultural Center, Zakynthos, Greece - Stock Image

49 Poets Nikiphoros ...

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Inside of the Tomb of Mary, on the foothills of Mount of Olives, Jerusalem


Using captivating interviews with international personalities and the youth of Greece who has been trying to overcome the difficult times through innovative ...

Double or Twin Room with Balcony


In the beautifully preserved Old Town of Corfu, a UNESCO world heritage site, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical “repertoire” came to be successfully ...

The Descent from the Cross, Nikolaos Koutouzis, c. 1790

... and Hydrani" on the first Monday of March 2019 (March 4, 2019) with a distinctive title, as suggested by Woman Scream for this year "I scream for me".

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... Elections against Democracy!