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Surf Its not about being a ripper but just catching waves

Surf Its not about being a ripper but just catching waves


The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Surfing

SURFER Magazine

Caption: Kurt ripping in Jamaica when he's not behind the lens.

Rip-roaring: "No two waves are the same," says

A woman riding a wave

The perfect waves for beginner surfing - Yalah Surf Camp - Yalah Surf Camp

SURFER Magazine

Steph Gilmore in competition

Every board has its day. Photo: Courtesy of Palbritton/Flickr. “

We strongly recommend you to ask for advice in a locally owned surf shop. It's not just important for the economy; it's also the best way to get advice from ...


More Surf Slang - Drop in "

Position surfer pocket

Catching waves early on a SUP / How to video

SURFER Magazine

Why Ripping on a Wavestorm Really Just Makes You Look Smug. Surf

New surfer about to wipe out. Not as easy as it ...

A surfer rides a wave as a pod of dolphins swim behind him.

Ben Waltzinger is a young French surfer who spent a couple of years in Australia and then Reunion Island before joining the Mada Surf Tours crew in 2014.


Surf training raglan

Young Professional Skimboarders RIPPING BIG WAVES in Laguna Beach - RAW FOOTAGE

Is Jet-Ski Tow-In Surfing Desirable in Bali?

Emi Erikson at Sunset Beach. Photo by Sachi Cunningham.

Note the number of male surfers paddling in to Paige's wave wider on the shoulder.

It's summer in North America, and although the warm season is the ideal time to get soft, who says softboards can't produce yearlong fun? Don't be glum Oz, ...

Big wave women: meet the female surfers fighting sexism on the beaches

Photo: Dan Taylor


Fashion Is Coming for Surfing, and Its Lifestyle, at Full Force

Rockaway Beach Surf Scene. “

Learn How To Surf: Start Ripping Today!

best surf trips for intermediate surfers in South Africa

Saturday Extra: Rip Curl, the iconic Aussie surf brand born in a tin shed

Matt getting some surprises as the Mini Simmons takes off under his feet.

How two filmmakers with a camcorder and a jet ski made Mavericks world famous

Postcard from East Java: Belinda Baggs on itinerant surfing, the world's best waves, and motherhood as the ultimate stoke

Brock Crouch, The First-Ever USA Surf and Snow Athlete

RIP: Chris Brown 1970 – 2019


Photo: Silvia Yom

A man rides a wave on a long orange and purple surfboard to depict how to

Is The Fish Surfing's Most Misunderstood Design?

Catching Waves

Jackson Taylor Santa Cruz surfer

nudie SurfGroms – Weekend Surf Programs

7 surf cities that will make you want to move there!

When you are out surfing in the water it is important to remember a few things, did you know that there are unwritten surf rules that every person who is ...

Studying And Surfing The Ocean's Monster Waves

Create your Acceleration & Surf Faster

... to guide the Cash Pack and private charters so if you're signing up for either of the latter chances are we may just catch a few waves together!!!

surfing terms "


Interview: Richie Collins


3 women going surfing

Boom or Bust at the Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal !

With only 3 seconds between waves, I generally get caught before I can turn around and get some momentum. Thus, the desire for a better board than my C4.

Jacob Willcox is Awarded Wildcard to the 2019 Corona Bali Protected

I watch a lot of guys drag old, albeit trusty, boards around the world, unwilling to invest in new equipment for a big trip. But there's something to the ...

1. Arrifana Beach:

Are you surfing the wrong board?

Caroline Marks's Raw edit signals the Rookie of the Year's 2019 intentions

surf mentawai surfkaravaan

Welcome to GreenWave Raglan

Foil Interview with Sky Solbach

All together I had an amazing trip playing the river every day, catching some beautiful waves and most importantly, I didn't need to walk any rapid because ...

Surf Camps Asia

north shore surf competition vans triple crown

Down South Lay Days With Mason Ho And Co

Delmar ripping as per usual.

1) It may have been a while since you last surfed. We get it, winter waves aren't for everyone, so the chances are you may not have been in the water for a ...

4 Bobs 10.jpg

Western Australia surf trip 2015

Catching Waves

Already getting green waves after a week of practicing💪 #ripper @sadie_coles #shredder

Evan Michele. (image by Jordan)

Mobile foam: Surf Portugal's best waves – by B&B truck | Travel | The Guardian

Frontside hack surfing at Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Flodstrom was among several surfers taking advantage of the windy conditions and big waves.

Rammohan Photography

5 Reasons to Take a Family Surf Trip

Byron Bay surf spots

jack lindholm | Jack Lindholm, "Jack the Ripper" drop knee bodyboarding through a .

(Body)surfing the Mentawai and Telos Islands

Nancy Emerson Surfing

There are several reasons we recommend learning how to surf on foam boards. First and foremost, when the board hits a student or wipes out it doesn't hurt ...