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Shuichi Tsujiyama Takumi Saito is a broke private investigator

Shuichi Tsujiyama Takumi Saito is a broke private investigator


Shuichi Tsujiyama (Takumi Saito) is a broke private investigator. While on a job


河畔的惡意 (リバーズ・エッジ / River's Edge)

Takumi Saito

A Cappella (2016)

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Handsome and smart Haruta (Shori Sato) and bright and naive Chika (Kanna Hashimoto) were childhood friends until Haruta's family move…

The Kodai Family (2016)

Elevator Trap (2009)

Yuan Shuai, a debt-ridden animal-breeder, tries to get out of

Yakiniku Dragon

Hirugao (2017)

Nana from Nana to Kaoru worn by nightkinks

Love Rerun

A ...

映画『ナナとカオル 第2章』 - シネマトゥデイ NANA TO KAORU DAI

I Just Wanna Hug You (2014)

Mari Natsuki

Café Funiculi Funicula

Ken Shounozaki

Hajime Onuki (Ryuhei Maruyama) was a thief, but he now works as a

Rosuke ...

Buried City to Shut All Lights

Policeman and Me

Kekkon Aite wa Chusen de

Bayi Gaib (2018)

Ace Attorney (2012)

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

I debated on which 斉藤由貴/Saito Yuki song to include in my list as I'm a really diehard fan of the Anime series 『めぞん一刻』/"Maison Ikkoku" and ...

Tag (2015)

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

Devastating Beauty

Detective Story

Ramen Shop (2018)

99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Season 2

7 detectives, each with their own unique style in problem solving, work at the

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

One Cut of the Dead

Synopsis: In a room with no windows on the eastern coast of Africa, a Scotsman, James More, is held captive by jihadist fighters. Thousands of miles away in ...

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

Choi Ja-Hye is a lawyer and Dokgo Young is a detective with a hot temper. They work together on a murder case where the suspects are children from the elite ...


Narratage [Full Movie] Eng sub

Seven friends get together for dinner, and decided to play a game where they must

Kamen Rider Build The Movie: Be The One (2018)

Specialist (2013)

Single Girls Are Looking For Single Men In

Shinjuku Seven

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

Ha Ji Won and What's his name from temptation of wolves star in this. This isn't for everyone but I enjoyed it. Unique and different, I like it.

The Land Of Rain Trees [Full Movie] Eng sub

Poster Poster


Divx Movie,Series,Anime

Synopsis: Aliens have invaded and overtaken the Earth. Trying to escape defeat, a Chinese General (Tiger Chen) is accidentally sent back in time while ...

Re: Born (2016)

Izakaya Fuji

Tantei Monogatari - Okochi Hiroshi

Jang Dong-Soo (Ma Dong-Seok) is a gang boss in Cheonan

Colors Of Wind 2018 [Full Movie] Eng sub

Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen

A big thanks go out to Nikala, Marcos V, Jari and especially J-Canuck for giving me the opportunity to participate and contribute to this awesome blog.

Single Ladies Senior

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

[ IMG]

Keishicho Zero Gakari: Third Season (2018)

Tantei Monogatari - Suzuki Takayuki

Joseon's top detective Kim Min (Kim Myung-Min) attempts to track down those

Make A Bow And Kiss [Full Movie] Eng sub

Girl in the Sunny Place

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ...

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

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Shūichi Gonda

... to The Maze Runner Saga, Thomas leads his group of escaped Gladers on their final and most dangerous mission yet. To save their friends, they must break ...

The Could've-Gone-All-the-Way Committee (2018)

Tantei Monogatari - Yamashita Yorie

Go Here

Anonymous Noise [Full Movie] Eng sub

Tora-san confesses

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

Hyung-Min (Kim Yun-Seok) is a detective in Busan. He

Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)

Gokudo Meshi (2018)

Tonight, At The Movies 2018 [Full Movie] Eng sub

Divx Movie,Series,Anime

Los Angeles in 1947, everything should be sunny, but the smog creates a fog, a haze that permeates not just the lungs, but the psyches. Private eye Roland ...

Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Ba Yi season 2

Young Detective Dee- Rise of the Sea Dragon-p1.jpg Dragon Star,