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Serena Lewis Art Im calling it quits sketchbook

Serena Lewis Art Im calling it quits sketchbook


Serena Lewis Art: I'm calling it quits... #sketchbook #illustratedjournal #watercolours #pensketches

Serena Lewis Art: A week of sketches for the 365 day challenge

Serena Lewis Art: Recuperating and sketching.

Art by Serena Lewis

Discover ideas about Calendar Pages. Serena Lewis Art: Recuperating ...

These two little mice are carrying a large sultana cookie back to the mouse hole but they run into a problem when they get there.

The whole skit was done over two pages in my Moleskine sketchbook which doesn't take watercolour too well. Next time, I will use the Moleskine watercolour ...

This is a photograph of my initial magenta Prismacolor color pencil sketch. I like working on this paper in color pencil and I did this sketch very quickly ...

YIKES!!! Me thinks that their Mum won't be too happy with them when she sees what they did.

Magenta pencil sketch, followed by watercolor, and some rubber-stamp ink stenciling, and then brush pen—switching things up and working without pen until ...

First the pen sketch

Serena Lewis Art: Another week of sketches - 365 daily sketch challenge

These two little mice are carrying a large sultana cookie back to the mouse hole but they run into a problem when they get there.

Twingley HW

Art by Serena Lewis

INKtober 26/31 - Mouse - I used the official INKtober prompt for the date which was SQUEAK. This little cutie was sketched with a mix of ballpoint pen, ...

A new semester of Sketchbook Skool started! This assignment had us turn random ink blots into something from our imagination.

The Line-us robot (pictured) is an extension of the human hand that

I had an image in my head which I roughly sketched with pencil in my Moleskine sketchbook. Don't you just love his over-sized socks?

Art by Serena Lewis

Phase 1: Kitchen sketch after about 1 hour of sketching.

Serena Lewis Art: Drawing buttons


190308-32-agatha-christie-movie-man-tv-linedCRAltFeat copy

Glasgow International 2018: New Library Display

Page 1

Serena Lewis Art Watercolor And Ink, Watercolor Paintings, Art Sketchbook, Art Journals,

I used an acrylic painting I did years ago as my inspiration for the inked piece above

Visual Artists' News Sheet - 2009 September October by VisualArtistsIreland - issuu

As we were getting torrential rain that week, it was only fitting that I sketched it. I used Strathmore Grey-toned paper with Sumi ink and a wee touch of ...

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The Christmas tree was sketched in a Strathmore sketchbook with tan-toned paper.

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Serena Lewis Art: More urban sketching... Journal Themes, Urban Sketching,



Then added some Kuretake artist quality watercolours

Serena Mayer Illustration Nick Victor

Judit Just of Jujujust - Judit Just is a textile artist raised and born in Barcelona




The STAR's of Tomorrow Today

Craft With Confidence: Market Manual - Over the past 6 years of creative self employment


For a change, this week I decided to share a summer sketchbook page with you instead of a painting. I just LOVE looking at other peoples sketches, ...

Instead the casket transforms itself into a vast, golden palace. Structured for maximum strength, it's a little bit Soviet, but with windows that shimmer ...

Patron of the arts: The doting dad wants to use the money they get from

A page from Carl Beech's sketchbook


Staff Picks Searchable Acquisitions Table | Bandon Library Friends and Foundation



“Yeah, still. I don't know. I just worked my way back from Random Puker. I don't know if I'm quite ready to be Desperate Girlfriend.”

I Am Loved.jpg

Today 8/20/18 9:00am pst - “Last Curtain Call,” a family drama set in the music world that stars Christopher Maleki (Passions, Days of Our Lives, ...

2) Don't attempt photo-realism: it's impossible in the time you have, so be creative. You don't have to draw everything you see: you can focus in on details ...

November 20, 2018 - The Difference Two Years Can Make


Joining in late on #mermay with some #sketches #watercolor #mermaids # sketchbook


... 55.

The Art Garden Sowing the seeds of creativity.jpg

A Million Sloths

Art by Serena Lewis

Women in Commercial Art with Karen Mailley-Watt

... and being re-defined.

Grandma's Purse by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

We'll return to this first of four short stories in a second, but what I am promising you here are twelve succinct pages of meticulously composed, ...

Toxic: Johannes Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring sprouts a gas mask with the aid


All-Star Baseball Crosswords

Detail of sketch.

5 wonder bread

A photograph of Vito Marcantonio, 1945 approximate, and poster of the current play on Marcantonio, as portrayed by Roberto Ragone.

Serena Lewis Art: My kitchen rules.... My Kitchen Rules, Journal

"Arnold Lobel as a hard hat" sketchbook drawing by Marshall

LadyFest Artist Spotlight #4: Moor Mother Goddess

Black Box' by Antonia Attwood - Film Still, 2016


Nicole O'Loughlin - Nicole O'Loughlin is a mutli-disciplinary artist,


The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds


Starring Jesse Rosen (The Art of Being Straight), Anna Rizzo (Lost in Bloom), Sean Carmichael (Trinity), ...

Lindsay Winning Gorgeous Graphic Design

Phase 4: Calling it quits on the pen work after about 6 hours, I


lethean-gui/words-tv_film.txt at master · LetheanMovement/lethean-gui · GitHub

The new series kicks off with the presenters trying to determine whether this painting was really

A page from Carl Beech's sketchbook

Here's mine. .


“Well Doctor, it's about Fausto! Unfortunately, last night…” “Fausto? You mean Georg Faust? I'm so pleased you're reading that!