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SAA separates Khan AlShih from western ghouta after restoring the

SAA separates Khan AlShih from western ghouta after restoring the


Syrian Army tightens noose around jihadi groups in Western Ghouta. Map Update

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#Syria #Damascus #WestGoutha Pocket - Situation Map Update - #SAA pic.twitter.com/fdJjgeyTjD

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SouthFront map depicts the military situation in Eastern Ghouta as of February 15th, 2018, just before the Syrian Government ground operation began.

Hamza sulyman 🇸🇾 @hamza_780

Map shows the re-encirclement of east Aleppo with the SAA seizure of the entire

#SAA & Allies retreated from electrical station to the south of highway

Aleppo Victory a Matter of Time Following Failed Insurgent Offensive.

Arabiana 🌐 @ArabianaINTEL. West #Ghouta ...

The final battle map of Aleppo.

#Israel: #ISIS-affiliated Jaish Khalid Ibn Walid opened fire toward IDF soldiers near the Syrian border, IDF responded & killed …


Syrian Perspective @SyrianperNews

Artillery firing towards Homs, Syria. Smoke rising from the subsequent shelled buildings, 25 February.

Yusha YuseefVerified account @MIG29_

Map of the military situation in Hama and southern Idlib Governorate as of 24 November: Areas held by the government (red), ISIL (black), HTS (white-gray), ...

Old Aleppo ~ Syrian Army breaks through resistance of mercenary-terrorist gangs, thousands of them fleeing from the city ~ Russian Colonel and dozens ...

Siege of Eastern Ghouta

Destruction in Homs (4).jpg

Assad & Russia Commit Dozens of Massacres in Idlib One Year Since 'De-escalations Zones' Agreement Took Effect

Russian Su 34 jet said to be armed with KH 35 Uran anti-ship missiles patrols the skies above Tartous on the Mediterranean coast of Syria, April 11th, 2018.

Aerial bombardments of East Ghouta in February 2018

Rural Damascus Provincial Council Sends Letter to Turkish President Urging a Halt to Onslaught on Eastern Ghouta

Siege of Kobanî

Scenes of mayhem and horror in al Rashideen following the massacre of more than 100 people including at least 68 children in a car bomb attack.

Aleppo, Karm al Jabal neighborhood, March 2013

Syrian Coalition: UN Security Council is Obliged to Urgently Stop Attacks Against Civilians


Waste Water Floods Syria's Khan Dannun Camp for Palestinian Refugees

Assad Forces Execute Palestinian Refugee in Yarmouk Camp

Streets of Arbin in 2018

Rural Damascus Provincial Council Condemns Int'l Silence on Onslaught on Eastern Ghouta

(Source) Life returning to normal in the parts of East Ghouta, cleared of insurgents. (Source)


Military deployments in the vicinity of Zabadani between 11 and 13 February 2012

Appalling Death Toll in Eastern Ghouta as Syrian Coalition Renews Calls for Use of Force Against Assad

Destroyed insurgent APC in Minyan, West Aleppo following the failed insurgent offensive.

Additional armored and artillery units arrived outside of Idlib by 11 March and began deploying into the city by 12 March.

Since the start of its intervention in Syria, Turkey has striven to rebuild destroyed areas

Patrick StricklandVerified account @P_Strickland_

A family in Ghouta on 28 February 2018

zapadna Gota u Siriji

Government forces burn a flag of Jaysh al-Islam in Douma following the evacuation

Syrian Coalition Says Russia Deliberately Committed a Massacre in Rural Idlib on Thursday

Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham logo.jpg

The BBC humilit=ate themselves with childish, farcical lies as is their custom.

Destroyed Jaysh al-Islam tanks in Douma, April 2018


Rally Held in Khan Eshieh over US Bilateral Moves

Assad regime regains lost territory in Aleppo

Rebel equipment left behind in Douma

Map highlights the Castillo highway that is the only road link between the insurgents in Eastern Aleppo city and the outer world.

Iranian Militias Carry out Summary Executions against Civilians in Aleppo

White Helmets looking for survivors in Arbin

1,400 Palestinians from Yarmouk Camp Pronounced Dead since Outbreak of Syria Warfare


Turkey to Iran: Stop Syria truce violations

The UN headquarters building in Baghdad after the Canal Hotel bombing, on 22 August 2003

Syrian Coalition: Int'l Community is Obliged to Condemn Assad Regime & Russia's Attacks on Eastern Ghouta

The area around the 1070 apartments was a key battleground in the failed insurgent offensive of


Ruins in Arbin on 27 February 2018

The Der az Zour pocket showing the SAA positions.

Palestinian Workers from Syria Grappling with Abject Situation in Lebanon

Syrian Army tightens noose around jihadi groups in Western Ghouta. Map Update

Syrian rebel group fighting against the Syrian government in the Syrian civil war

Assad Regime Intensifies Assault on Alwaer District in Homs as Russia Fails to Restrain Assad

Photo from Phivolcs earthquake bulletin

Area of Zamalka that was destroyed by the bombardment.

Elite Army (Syrian rebel group) - Former logo of the Liberation Army


Refugee Tents in Deir Ballout Swamped with Water following River Flood


Regime & Russian Airstrikes Knock out All Hospitals in Aleppo as MSF Urges Halt to Attacks

... Baghdad-map-shutterstock_134492624


What Assad has actually done with the children of East Ghouta! Children returned to school following the evacuation of militants and their families.

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Jaish al-Fatah started today a new offensive in #Aleppo. So far they captured Al-Assad district, Minyan sawmills and rest of the 1070:

Syrian Coalition Holds Workshop on Restoration of Stability & Services Residents of Afrin

Syrian Armed Forces

Tanks of the Turkish Land Forces on the road to Afrin.


Turkish soldiers and Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army fighters at the building in Afrin that

Syrian Coalition Assesses Implementation of UNSC Resolution 2401 & Needs of Civilian Population in Teleconference With Leaders in Eastern Ghouta


UNRWA Schools in Khan Dannun Camp Left without Heating Equipment

Bashar al-Assad


Ganancías del SDF:

Jaysh al-Islam rebels in Eastern Ghouta in February 2017

Al-Mu'tasim Brigade - Image: Logo of the al Moutasem Brigade

24 Palestinians Killed in Syria last month