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Reposted from kathiewheelerfineart Model session turned still

Reposted from kathiewheelerfineart Model session turned still


Reposted from @kathiewheelerfineart - Model session turned still life session when the model had to

Reposted from @kathrinelemkewaste - Cherries in Blue and White 20x16

#newworkswednesday . . Regrann from @paintingsbyjenny - White Echinacea Bliss 12x24 oil on linen #oilpaintersofamerica #americanwomenartists #amwomenartists ...

Travel day = very late start for this week's New Works Wednesday. Let's get a

Reposted from @lindalutzai - Finished!! The Dressing Room 12 x

Reposted from @rosamontante - Detail of an oil painting

dorothylorenzefineart. WIP almost done with this one. Still a bit of blending to finesse

Reposted from @jeannereavis - BRUSHWORKS IV same little brush

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Reposted from @kellybirkenruthfineart - Bagged Clementines Oil on Panel 12x16. Heading to Susan Powell Fine Art for the Annual Still Life Invitational.

amwomenartists. #newworkswednesday #womenartists . Reposted from @gailsauter - The Go

amwomenartists. #newworkswednesday #womenartists . Reposted from @nagel_klein - Winte

Night in Cordoba (Noche Cordobesa) by Gladys Roldan-de-Moras Oil ~ 64 x 48 Coeur d'Alene Art Auction of Fine Western and American Art. July 29, ...

Reposted from - Heather 24 x 18 graphite charcoal soft pastel Todays effort at Short Dog Studio with beautiful model Heather Always a good time with amazing ...

amwomenartists. #newworkswednesday #womenartists . Reposted from @j.m.brodrick - Fore

I will be at my friend's beautiful boutique, The Drifting Boutique this Friday night!

Reposted from @marianneholtermannart - Trying something different: an

Reposted from @tamicardnella - Tropical Blend #almostfinished

Wow, this gorgeous rainbow of flowers from @petalandthornflowers smell amazing and it's one of

Reposted from - WIP. Latest stage - the plebeian chicks are multiplying Power to the . Chicks and Balances people.

hodayalouis. April's Sun 36\" by 24\" Oil, acrylic, watercolor

amwomenartists. #newworkswednesday . Reposted from @lindalutzai - Working on the firs

Reposted from @susanneeseart - WIP. This morning.

Three loaves same dough but different shape. None of the preshapes were done well-

Tainter Hollow

#regram Approaching the homestretch on this piece. #oilpainting #stilllife #paintinginprogress #comics #clementines #realism #contemporaryrealism ...

“Single Track”

amwomenartists. #newworkswednesday #womenartists . Reposted from @anstaylorart - Fini

You guys, you know what is awesome, like the best thing ever? An

#newworkswednesday . . Regrann from @paintingsbyjenny - White Echinacea Bliss 12x24 oil on linen #oilpaintersofamerica #americ…

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hodayalouis. \"April's Sun\" 36\" by 24\" |

Lots of unpacking, hanging, and steaming to do before the store opens tomorrow!

What ...

Reposted from @lindadeliafineart - Spring storm rain blowing across the

When coach Luke is deadlifting a light 361 pounds, you do an eleventh rep!

amwomenartists. #newworkswednesday #womenartists . Reposted from @biancajrussell - Yo

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You're invited! 2019/20 season release, happening JUNE 14 @ 5

Reposted from @christineobrien_art - “Five Aspens”, oil on linen,

Reposted from @lisabottolee - Beyond the Horizon 14 x 11 black pastel available #lisabottolee #portraits #art #fineartcollector #drawing #sketch # ...

“Single Track”

janclizerpaintingscotland. Familiar Sights, Belfast Harbour 12\" x 16\" oil on

Another installation of panels went up today on the Viroqua Community Mural. The original mural that was completed in 1997 was so badly deteriorated that it ...

Reposted from @kopenhafer - Teyze Pastel 24x16 done from

amwomenartists. #newworkswednesday #womenartists . Reposted from @jodie.pastels - #wi

Opening for @lukeredfieldmusic tonight in #viroqua tell your friends in the area!

Another installation ...

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amwomenartists. For all the Game of Thrones fans. 🐺🐉🦁 . . Reposted

I've ...

#newworkswednesday #womenartists #Repost @danalombardofineart My demo at the Oklahoma Pastel Society tonight

Day Dream

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Another installation ...

Viroqua Community Mural



Reposted from - A woman from Nepal.

Water Blue (SOLD), Fanny Nushka Moreaux Mavi Sanat, Sanat Okulu, Monet


Reposted from @pameladellaartist - Oil - “Zinnia and Melons

Reposted from @j.m.brodrick - Forests #jmbrodrick http:

Reposted from @watercolor_waltz - Another piece done, but will revisit it