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Recognize GMO Tomatoes This Way There are numerous people who

Recognize GMO Tomatoes This Way There are numerous people who



The most horrible thing about this is that most people cannot recognize the difference between GMO products and the natural ones. For instance, they cannot ...

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Is anything more needed to prove what you should opt for? It's your life, your health, your family and your wish. Say NO to GMO. via: Amazing Facts

Genetic discovery points the way to much bigger yields in tomato, other flowering food plants

History of Tomatoes



Tomato with blight. Image credit: Downtowngal, via Wikimedia Commons.

Tomatoes, said to be the world's most popular fruit, can be made both better-tasting and longer-lasting thanks to UK research with purple GM varieties.

The FlavrSavr was the first commercially grown genetically engineered food to be granted a license for human consumption, but it was pulled from store ...

GMOs and the “reverse halo effect”: Trust is key to dispelling consumer fear

Tomatoes plain and sliced

GMO tomatoes

10 Indigenous Foods Thought to Be European

More attention should be paid to organic farmworkers, many ...

General Care. Tomatoes ...

Do you know how to spot the barcodes of GMO foods. Here's a video that

Genetically modified purple tomato 'tastier than normal varieties'

The day of the killed tomatoes

Selecting Plants

Red tomatoes with PLU code in a supermarket.

First ruby-red oranges, purple tomatoes, now genetically modified, red-fleshed apples

When corn was both genetically modified to be immune to Monsanto's weed killer Roundup and to be foul-tasting to insects, most researchers thought that such ...

Genetically Modified Foods

94% of the soybeans and 93% of the corn in the United States is

Famous for their taste, color and, well, homeliness, heirloom tomatoes tug at the heartstrings of gardeners and advocates of locally grown foods.

Rainbow Papaya: In 1992 papaya ringspot virus hit Hawaii's papaya groves, decimating the livelihoods of farmers and damaging the island's economy.

A recent study finds that the most extreme opponents of GMO food have the lowest levels of relevant scientific knowledge, but also tend to believe they know ...

Bejo Seeds' Senior Tomato Breeder Doug Heath

The private sector has driven GM research – but in whose interests? International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center/Flickr

gmo meat

The Role of Heirloom Crops vs Genetic Engineering in Future Food Systems - AgFunderNews

Update 1/12/12: Thanks to science and biology bloggers, Christie Wilcox and Emily Willingham at the Scientific American blog network and The Biology Files, ...


cucs.jpg cherry_tomatoes.jpg ...


Honeycrisp Apples


Indigo Rose, a truly purple tomato, from OSU's program to breed for high levels of antioxidants.

Campbell Soup is gambling that a tough stance on GMOs will win back American consumers

Organic vs GMO

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Voting with their feet: many supermarkets already stock goods with GMO labeling, which a House bill would stop. Jason Redmond/Reuters

3 Big Ways GMOs Support the Environment.

hybrid seeds vs gmos

In this chapter I explain how this happened, what foods we know are contaminated, and how to protect yourself. Thankfully, there are ways ...

... remarkable stories of people who regain their health after discovering the secret ingredients in their food and making a bold commitment to avoid them.

Open image in new window ...

Late blight-infected tomato plant: leaves, stem, and fruit all affected

Proposing a ban on mutations caused by gene transformation for the sake of biosafety indicates a blind spot about the safety of numerous ...

Costco Joins a Host of Retailers Refusing to Sell GMO Salmon

An unripe tomato growing on the vine

Touting a rBST-free cheese. tillamook/flickr, CC BY-NC

The green tomatoes can be fried and enjoyed for eating now, or you can also ripen them in a paper bag in a cold and shaded spot.

It is frequently claimed that GM foods are not properly tested, or asserted that few independent studies have been published to establish their safety.

Anti-GMO Stencil on a building in Bellas Artes, Caracas. (Photo:

non-GMO tofu image, soy myths


Looking for perfect heat and lots of it? Gene engineers in Brazil think they might be able to create eye-watering tomatoes.

teosinte Humans ...

We use tomatoes all different ways in our home, but one thing that I love to do with these tomatoes is roast up a whole batch at once and then make several ...

salmon. salmon. SHELF LIFE Plenty of genetically modified foods appear in ...

Tomato Maker (4-2-6)


Tasti-Lee® Tomatoes, the company's flagship product, have been lauded as the tastiest and best slicing commercial tomatoes available since they were ...

How to Shop Clean

Vegetables Potatoes, 170.5 tons Tomatoes, 18455.3 tons Onions, 3.9 tons Cabbage, 292.9 tons Carrots, 706.4 tons Cucumbers, 392.4 tons Beans, different types ...

Tomatoes are considered a fruit or vegetable depending on context. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, tomatoes are a fruit labeled in grocery stores as a ...

Tomato seeds - Roma : Rich flavored and low seed count is ideal for canning.



This could be a teacup dog, a cow with improved milk production or a fruit without seeds. However, this is limited to naturally occurring variations, ...

I recently debated Hansen tomato

Stop buying name brand. start supporting companies that ban GMO ingredients. Hit MONSANTO where it hurts. In their bank accounts.

Shocking Difference

Now that things are winding down and we're finishing up our day of tomatoes, let's talk bedtime.


... an insect-borne bacterial disease is shown as Larry Hardie, a grove manager for Barnes Citrus, Inc. holds malformed star ruby grapefruit in a grove in ...

Seeds of Deception.

Now the Pundit really does understand the French. GMOs are merely collateral damage from L'Affaire du sang contaminé and Histoire de la vache folle.

IRT is a world leader in educating the public and policy makers about the health risks and environmental dangers of GMO foods and crops, ...

This Is How Keto Diet Benefits You. There are numerous ...

The Ultimate Guide to Clean Eating

Peas were so starchy and unpalatable that before eating, they had to be roasted like chestnuts and peeled. Carrots were scrawny. Beans were naturally laced ...

"Anthony Bourdain was an American celebrity chef, author, and television personality who explored the cuisines, culture, joys and essentials of human ...


Companies that use #GMOs #Monsanto products/crops. How many of these products are in your home right now?

Various heirloom tomato cultivars