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Plastic is a substance the Earth cannot digest REFUSE SINGLEUSE

Plastic is a substance the Earth cannot digest REFUSE SINGLEUSE


Plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest. REFUSE SINGLE-USE PLASTIC

Rockport Single-Use Plastics Ban

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... environmentalists say the refusal of a single piece of plastic could be a first step in a much-needed larger behavior change @CleanCoasts @Coast_Monkey ...

... Substance the Earth Can't Digest. Plastic Series Landing Page

Biodegradable plastic 'false solution' for ocean waste problem

20 Ways to Stand Up and Stop Plastic Pollution Today — Plastic Pollution Coalition


Why Recyclable Single-Use Water Bottles + Other Plastics Are A Plague on Our Planet


Why is plastic bad for the environment and how much is in the ocean?

Can we fix plastic pollution?


abcdefghijk.jpg. Earth cannot digest Plastic ...

Eight million tonnes of plastic is spilled into the oceans each year, according to a

Plastic Pollution Coalition cover image

The Plastic Monster That is Destroying Our Planet#AsiaNewsNetwork


Millions of plastic products across the globe are used only once and then discarded. Humans have caused this problem and we can, individually, ...

Plastic Free Gear

Preventing Ocean Pollution – Greenpeace USA

The movement recognizing the harm of single-use plastic bags, straws, cups and other containers is already imagining the products that come next.

The plastics crisis is more urgent than you know. Recycling bottles won't fix it

A single discarded plastic water bottle on a sandy beach

Killing Our World With Plastic?

While these steps are a cause for celebration, the reality is that individual/few actions alone cannot solve the problem. Even if every one of us does what ...

ARUBA Without Plastic Bags since January 2017

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a growing global alliance of individuals, organizations, businesses, and policymakers working toward a world free of plastic ...

Rebecca Herrera

Plastic shopping bags on land are one of the most common types of litter. Build ups of huge quantities of plastic bags are well known to block local ...

Volunteers clean up plastic waste on a beach in Lima, Peru, during the World

Effects of plastic pollution on our health

Garbage getting dumped in landfill



Photo by John Cameron via Unsplash

Why Zero Waste

2 Plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest.

And over 700 a year for every single person on the planet. We can do better than that. See plastic bags used per year in real time below.

PLASTIC POLLUTION: Powell River Regional District's Let's Talk Trash team offers up some sobering statistics regarding the use of single-use plastics, ...

Plastic Pollution

A boy walks across plastic refuse dumped at south Delhi's Taimoor Nagar drain on Tuesday.

Plastic wastes fill a beach in Manila, Philippines, on April 18, 2018.

Plastic-eating bacteria discovered by student could help solve global pollution crisis | The Independent

Plastic is everywhere

Scavengers collect plastic materials at a garbage dump in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

photo of a dead, partly decayed seabird on a dark sand beach, body cavity

Only 14% of plastics are recycled – can tech innovation tackle the rest? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Plastic Pollution Coalition Join the movement to stop plastic pollution: "Disposable plastics are the greatest source of plastic pollution.

Institute comprehensive national plastic bag ban and regulate other single-use plastic products. Mandate companies to redesign products, packaging and ...

Toward a Global Treaty on Plastic Waste

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Plastic is a substance that the earth cannot digest. The estimation is that it takes 500 -1,000 years for plastic to degrade. May be it even takes longer ...

“Saving the Sargasso Sea: Environmental Challenges and Leadership Opportunities within the North Atlantic Ocean Plastic Crisis”

Why Recyclable Single-Use Water Bottles + Other Plastics Are A Plague on Our Planet

Addressing the Global Plastic Waste Crisis

Earth Day tips from Ecowatch

Plastic never goes away.

Volunteers collect and count plastic bottles littering the foreshore of the River Thames at Queenhithe Dock

plastic trash

Toxic Chemicals in Plastic

British scientists may have just found an answer to the planet's plastic crisis

#refill #refusesingleuse #PointlessPlasticpic.twitter.com/mcsIWm6B3L

8 Pieces of Plastic to Stop Using Right Now

Garbage Island

The average American generates 4.4 pounds of trash per day (1,606 pounds a year per capita)[1]. This means 481.8 billion pounds of trash a year in the US ...

Children among plastic bottle waste in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Plastic trash on Kamilo Beach

Plastic bottles and other marine debris cover a rocky beach in Curacao.

Scientists are developing greener plastics – the bigger challenge is moving them from lab to market

The Plastic in our Oceans


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ocean plastic

Refuse Single Use Plastics Straws

A computer model of a PETase, an enzyme that can digest PET plastic.



Midway Atoll in the North Pacific Ocean is the home of the biggest albatross colony on Earth. These birds fly there to next on these highly isolated islands ...


Ken Haldin introduces the concept of the summit Thursday morning.

PRESS RELEASE: G7 Summit: Environmental groups call on Minister McKenna to use law, crack down on plastic pollution - Greenpeace Canada