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New From Brigade Models The Wargames Website more Model

New From Brigade Models The Wargames Website more Model


New From Brigade Models | The Wargames Website

Brigade Models

Brigade Models – New 6mm Sci-Fi | The Wargames Website

New Releases At Brigade Models | The Wargames Website

Brigade Models

New Things From Brigade Models | The Wargames Website

Now onto proper brand new models, we have two light tracked AFVs, again for the early Lightning Division detachment lists. The Falchion light tank has a 6cm ...

Also available is the Varningr trailer which comes in three variants – a plain cargo trailer, an MRLS version with a 9-barrelled rocket launcher and a ...

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to again spend a day rolling dice and pushing tanks with Miniature Wargames editor and author of The Crucible, ...

Brigade Models

As far as towing options go, there are lots of options in our ranges already – from the EuroFed Musareigne, Lievre and Belette wheeled vehicles, ...

The Wargames Website

15mm Sci-Fi From Brigade Models | The Wargames Website

Brigade Models

In the smaller scale, we have some new dwellings in our Desert Domes range of 6mm buildings. These are simple structures built as housing for miners and ...

New Releases At Brigade Models | The Wargames Website

We also have two more new Human 6mm packs – our South African forces now get their own dedicated infantry figures wearing bush hats, and also a pack of ...

New 15mm From Brigade Models | The Wargames Website

Brigade Models - Company - Maidstone, Kent - 7 Reviews - 207 Photos | Facebook

Another (yes, another!) new 15mm Hammers Slammers detachment fell off my painting table the other week. They almost happened by accident, but they were such ...

A much easier model was the walled farm of La Haye Sainte – that is is still intact and in much the same condition as two centuries ago.

Brigade Models

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Brigade Models

One of Our Submarines

It's due for website release next weekend but I have enough advance stocks to allow me to bring a few along to the show – but it's strictly first-come, ...

Brigade Models – Baby Viking

Accompanying the Victoria is the all-new Albert class Battleship, which shares a basic hull plan but exchanges the torpedo boats for an extra main turret.

Brigade Models

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Brigade Models

Brigade Models

Aeronef From Brigade Models | The Wargames Website

What a week. Seriously, it's been a bit brutal. But I've made it through, busy as it was. And the weekend is nearly upon us. Just one last push through the ...

Research Base Set. Brigade Models

Brigade Models: 6mm Science Fiction Polish Infantry Miniatures

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Brigade Models Roman Walls and Fort

Wargame News and Terrain: Brigade Models: New Merchant Spaceships Released

Brigade Models

Brigade Models More 10mm SF Buildings. This week, we have three new buildings in our 10mm SF range. The Munitions Bunker in particular is one that has been ...

Brigade Models – Salute Updates

The buildings are by Brigade Models and are larger than Irregular Miniatures although they are more in scale with the figures.

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That said, the show edition of Miniature Wargames has just dropped through the letterbox which reminds us that we're getting ...

We're halfway there. It's Wednesday, so the work week is half over. If we've made it this far, we can make it the rest of the way to the weekend.

Ares Walkers from Hawk Wargames:

No, wait – there's more ! – Brigade Models

Brigade Models Release New Tiny Castle Towers

The Neo-Soviet Ulyanovsk supercarrier made its debut at Crisis last weekend, and today makes it onto the website. At 115mm long, this is a huge model, ...

Chain Home in White Natural Versatile Plastic

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The Aeronef Range By Brigade Models Expands With New Ships

Irregular Miniatures and Brigade Models 2mm buildings and village

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... a big bunch of “Fir Bolg” Skeletons from Brigade Models that were originally produced and still sold for the “Celtos” skirmish miniatures wargame.

Brigade Models: New 6mm Science Fiction Desert Buildings

Acheson Creations Showcases | The Wargames Website

Brigade Models – Sale Ending

Fantasy Facts with the monthly round up of what's new in non-historical gaming; News and reviews from Wargames Terrain Workshop; Mierce Miniatures, Brigade ...

Brigade Models has launched their Christmas Sale over on their website. Go grab yourself some figures for cheaper than you'd usually have ...

6mm, Airframe, Angel, Armor, Barracks, Battlegroup, Brigade, Heavy,

Brigade Models Roll Out More 15mm Sci-Fi Tanks

UN Battlegroup

Brand New 20mm Release | The Wargames Website

Brigade Models expands Mercenary Brigade Range - Ontos, Mantra and Wizard

Well except that the 2-pdr and 6-pdr needs one more coat of paint or two 🙂

New: Wargames Illustrated WI375 January Edition (With FREE PT Boat)

My scratch-built 2mm Napoleonic army ...

We've revamped the contents of our moonbase pack to include both these new models and allow you to make a more varied layout.

Two FREE Cruel Seas models worth £6 with Miniature Wargames June issue

Celtos Fir Bolg Skeleton Spearmen

New Armour Comes Rolling In from Brigade Models

Horns of the Buffalo - Rorke's Drift collectors edition

6187 British Infantry & Sepoys Colonial Wars Italeri 1 72 Model Kit

Ares Walkers from Hawk Wargames:

See the Plastic Box Sets page.

Ratel Tanks (Brigade Models)

Universal Sci-Fi Miniatures Game and Design Rules Compatible with all 6mm-15mm Miniatures

Australian Wargaming Magazine #27 Vol 7 No 3 Fire Brigade

Brigade Models Releases 15mm Rifle Squad In Bush Hats – OnTableTop – Home of Beasts of War

This month includes releases from Ainsty, Flames of War, Brigade Models, Early War Miniatures, Milicast, Old Glory, North Star, Pendraken, plus a new ...

Brigade Models New Soviet Spaceship Fleet Released

Beachhead Assault! D-Day battle-set collectors edition

Massive Scale Wargaming! A new Sci-Fi miniatures game with a unique unit activation

Imperial Skies Brigade Models Victoria and Albert

Brigade Models – Base Over Apex

The Joy Of Six – 2019 | The Wargames Website


Build Up Roman Walls With Brigade Models' New Kit


Fred Mottern lines up one of the tanks used in a recent historical wargaming battle.

Great Escape Games

Something a little different for me although I guess like many wargamers, I do have at a minimum a passing interest in model railroading.

Beachhead Assault! D-Day battle-set collectors edition