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ME blog Miles Makes a Little History Welshies Welsh terrier

ME blog Miles Makes a Little History Welshies Welsh terrier


Welsh terrier...love these sweet babies...this may be the

Welsh terrier--Play wif me!

Good boy Irish Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Terriers, Cute Dogs And Puppies, I

Snoward Welsh Terriers - Welsh Terriers

M&E blog: Miles Makes a Little History. Deborah Roggie · Welsh Terrier · '

"Are Welsh Terriers Small Airedales?" - Miles & Emma

As we come up on 5 years without Ashford (our Welsh Terrier), I saw this picture of a Welshie on The Daily Beast Site. Thought I would share.

Mini-Sara's dad... one of the most awarded Welsh terriers in Canada! Darwyn Welsh Terriers

Their nickname is Old English Terrier, Welshire, and WT.

Welsh Terrier at Bleak House on Instagram: “Who wants to play with my frosty stick? 🤩 _ I'm still having a few issues with my ginger chest tufticles and my ...

Fun Facts: The Welsh Terrier ...

Snowbeard …

A slideshow of Miles in action at NAC

Welsh Terrier ...

Welsh Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Terrier Puppies

... and they were big cows! So we had to herd the dogs up and get them indoors quickly to try and make the cows disperse. You've gotta love a Welshie!!

A slideshow of Miles in action at NAC

In total eight Welshies, one Airedale Molly & a Cain cross Robbie, with their attendants enjoyed a great walk…

Charly live in Switzerland on Instagram: “#animalshelter #welsh # welshterrier #terrier #realtime mein name ist charly - 6 jahre jung aus dem tierheim!

Portrait of Mr

Airedale Terriers and Welsh Terriers are similar in appearance, which brings about many misconceptions about these breeds, and their relation to each other.

... Mother' and 'Dog Auntie' who were also key players in making sure that once again, the furball full of love meant to bless my life found his way to me.

These Sweet-Faced Welsh Terriers are About to Make Your Day.

Many stops for cold, tasty beverages. Gotta stay hydrated.

Scout before

Welsh Terrier Miles achieves ATCHC Agility Champion Title

_ Doing some modelling today. I had to sit on a chair. I'm on my Bleak…

She won 'Best Welsh Terrier in Show' and was 'Reserve Champion' of the whole Show…

Rex also joined in the #StopYulin2015 campaign, which was aimed at trying to stop

He's tall for a Welshie so his parents think he might be mixed with something else... I of course suggested that there might be some mighty Airedale in ...

nac-miles-05 ...

Oliver. Deborah Roggie · Welsh Terrier

Rex, a Welsh Terrier, has nearly 600 followers on Instagram under the account '

Me and Mr ...

“That looks awfully wet to me”…

Welsh Terrier Memes and Jokes

A slideshow of Miles in action at NAC

Philip Hammond's Welsh Terrier Rex has hundreds following his Instagram posts | Daily Mail Online

Terrier Galés | Pertenece al grupo de Terriers. Altura promedio: 35.6 a 38.1 cm al hombro. Peso promedio: Hasta 9 kg. More

And with that he swam away as fast as those little webbed feet would carry him. That'll show him.

Lots of other dogs here, she didn't bother with them which is normal, but didn't seem stressed either. A short walk ...

BUT, the icing on the cupcake of my life? At least once a year she makes me wear a SKIRT!

Welsh Terrier images

Welsh Springer Spaniel | Dog Breed Facts and Information - Wag! Dog Walking

He's tall for a Welshie so his parents think he might be mixed with something else... I of course suggested that there might be some mighty Airedale in ...

In fact let me explain to you about Welshies, they look like teddy bears.In fact do you remember the famous vintage toys for children to help them walk?

Rex pictured next to bottles of wine and champagne in the Hammond's kitchen

Miles talks to me with his eyes.

Welsh_terrier_hd_photo. Welsh Terrier images

Miles is a Welshie, but he has a super cool, Lakie-approved blog. Welsh TerrierTerriersEnglish ...

I also get to play hard…REALLY hard!

We had a nice little picnic on the side of the volcano. Mama was enjoying sitting and relaxing. I, on the other hand, had other ideas.

Me and Mr Mr Jones on a sled

Miles is so well-trained, and likes to check in with me from time to time. I love the feeling of mutual respect and trust we have. Walks are such a pleasure ...

Welsh Terrier Vintage Dog Print by C.Francis Wardle - 1935 Print of Drawing, Mounted with Mat Welsh Terrier Print Welshie Print Welsh Dog

I also get to play hard…REALLY hard!

Corgipoos are high energy but tend to get along with everyone.

Welsh_terrier_dog. Welsh_terrier_hd_photo. Welsh_terrier_hd_photo. Welsh Terrier images

Rex rocking a relaxed look with sunglasses. The photo was posted with the caption,

welsh terrier by adore62, via Flickr #felteddog Terrier Galés, Perro Fox Terrier,

But the funniest one of all was yesterday when this stubborn little ten month old Welshie finally gave up, half way across the sofa she was climbing, ...

An afternoon spent in the forest is ALWAYS a good thing, but especially when it's hot. There is always some cozy shade to be found.

Welsh Springer Spaniel - The complete information and online sale with free shipping. Order and buy now for the lowest price in the best online store!

Can't we just stay in bed today?


I'm looking forward to more adventures with my wee co-pilot!

Her parents had just had their Welshie put down at the ripe old age of sixteen.

From miles and emma: Miles is a Welshie, and this is a shining example of the Welsh Terrier Stink Eye!

Britain's best biking pets

At the weekend it hopped around furiously on the patio until Rich succumbed and went out to feed the chickens. As Rich starts to walk across the garden it ...

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The non-Miles glimmers of color were few and far between!

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All of my walkies have been fine - through city streets and my local parks. No pain, no infection, just some fine, fuzzy healing.

Then there are the costumes…

Welsh_terrier_puppies. The Average Welsh Terrier ...

Welsh Terrier Puppy Photo Terrier Galés, Welch Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Terrier Puppies,

Bath time!!#dogs #dogswithbeards #dogsofinstagram #dogsbeingbasic .

A slideshow of Miles in action at NAC

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Which one of you bought me this darn dog coat? Come on!! I'm waiting!! I want names!! I have a feeling it was from one of the Till ...

Rex and Oscar are not the only pets to be patrolling Downing Street. Larry holds

run w max 2

#Chewie and #Rizzo after a 3 hour 8 mile walk .

Happy Rock Your Rabbit Ears' Day!

run w max 1

Mum is a working Cocker (quite chilled) Dad is a bat shit mental Toy Poodle.

Michel Thomas Big Eyes French Child Art Print 1960's Original Frame, Retro

Heart Melt www.milesandemma.com Bully Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Terriers, Heart

Feeling cute...might delete later #selfie 🤪#dogsofinstagram #welsh.

A Welsh Terrier at the 2019 AKC Agility Nationals