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LIKEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff inspired Mens Womens TShirts T

LIKEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff inspired Mens Womens TShirts T


LIKEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff inspired Men's & Women's T-Shirts

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Need some YA reading suggestions? Look no further than the #InkyAwards longlist, which

Written in transcripts, diagrams and emails, just to name a few, Jay and Amie shoot us into the stars and have our hearts caught in our throats in this ...

#TBT this time last year when we published @misterkristoff's #LIFEL1K3! Have you

Are you ready? Are you counting down the days?📆⠀ @misterkristoff's #

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Theres no better way to spend a beautiful day than to sneak outside on lunch to

The only problem with finding a book that you really, really love is that sometimes

And many of these lifelikes resided in a place called Babel. Growing up, you guys might have learned about the story of Tower of Babel as a lesson about why ...

So excited to indulge again in this world. Jay Kristoff has this way of crafting

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"Deviation or whatever you want to call it? That's just another expression of it. "



What is your favorite Jay Kristoff book? If you haven't read any what


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honestly I'm trash for Jay Kristoff and I'm so ready for deviate

LIFEL1K3 (Lifelike #1)

Figure I might as well get into the kick of things with another Jay Kristoff !

[not sponsored, author tagged] . 🖤 Auto-buy author? . 🐈

“Your past doesn't make calls on your future. It doesn't. “

Evening all 😁 If you could be anywhere right now where would you be? This

〚 MAY 20 2018 〛 Q: What is your favorite character archetype? ⇓⇓

You can check out Slayer by Kiersten White soon from Brisbane Libaires. But while you wait, why not check out other books from Kiersten White including The ...

CANVI ( @changetobecome )

“It's simple to love someone on the days that are easy. But you find. “

Ok, so I have quite a lot of catching up to do 😅 .

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I couldn't express that feeling any better if I tried. 📚🥰 #

... Scythe is totally unique in its storytelling, with a killer concept on the side (pun intended). I can't wait for the third book this year!

“It's simple to love someone on the days that are easy. But you find. “

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Gotta love Kristoff's sci-fi


#Lifel1k3⠀⠀ 📚One of my favourite auto-buy authors is


Sunday shelfie of all my Jay&Amy because I'm so excited for Aurora Rising!

full review now posted on starburnt reads! with a little bit of screaming! -- this definitely woke me up

Hello everyone! Wall-E is in the Library for one day only 🎉.

A gravity defying #bookspiral for this Saturday! I have a lot to do today

ibrary — novelknight: Who are some of your literary.

Droogs! Quick announcement - those awesome folks among you who've pre-ordered

🐝🤖LIFEL1K3🤖🐝 . . I finished LIFEL1K3 this week after trying to start


Never stop learnin' if you want to start earnin' . I'm not

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may 10 ; I am pretty sure I have done this before where by I lined

Do I need to say more? Just look at every picture of him and check out the lake scene! The points above also explain. He's just too attractive for his own ...

Reviews are looking fab for Jaxson 3! THANK YOU ❤ ❤ .


When you go to Texas for a Jay Kristoff signing and end up spending your life

Books by Jay Kristoff


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As a fan of the post-apocalypse and dystopia as a genre, Station Eleven felt like a breath of fresh air, introducing new spins on the clichés we've grown ...

Books by Jay Kristoff


... 21. ❤ ❤ ❤ . . . . . . . #bookstagram #

#yourvoice Read below for your #COMMENTCHALLENGE 💭 Sometimes we forget just how powerful our

“And Sadie, if you're out there, please let me know,


Congratulations to Krishna Pandey on winning the Youtube #CommentChallenge. #ContestAlert #ContestWinner

June Wrap Up!!! · 📚Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young 2


I didn't manage to read all the books I wanted, but I did

Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight 😎😴.

ibrary — 5 YA books we can all enjoy no matter who we are…

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My June wrap up. It's been a while since I've had such a

QOTD: Do you like detective stories? · Hi there!! · How was your friday? Hace you got any olans for the weekend? · Today was a holiday in Argentina.

QOTD: Are you a fan of love triangles?⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ AOTD:

“Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.” For all of our new followers, welcome. To everyone that's been here, don't forget that we ...

The Indian muser king star and photography sut #likechallenge #followchallenge #commentchallenge #mychallenge



Hi, it's Tuesday again 🌼 #QOTD : Do you read anywhere, or do

It's not the world that's cruel. It's the people in it. ✨ The Foxhole

“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they'll wait for. “

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Emily Stonier ( @emilystonier )

“Don't forget, we're in this together.” To change the world, we all have to change a little bit of ourselves. Whether its our attitude, our outlook or our ...

〚 APR 18 2018 〛 Q: What's the last book you read that just wasn

【birdy says hi】 . #qotd: do you have a pet/

Let's get it on, Beautiful Creatures! 📖 . Reading this series now. I

Books I read in June⠀ ⠀ #ReadingResolutions⠀ #JuneStats #MonthlyStats #JuneWrapUp

the_bookish_blog welcomes you 🌸🔹🔸🔹 Book : The Prophet Author : Khalil Gibran Publication

Gerald ( @_the_voodoo_man_ )

Привіт...Напиши улюблений фільм і головну думку, яка приходить по закінченню перегляду .. . У мене фільм Пасажири 2018..В ньому розповідається про те що,Всі ...