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Kardemummakaka Recept Smrgstrta recept Cardamom cake

Kardemummakaka Recept Smrgstrta recept Cardamom cake


Perfect for your afternoon fika, John Duxbury of SwedishFood.com brings us a recipe for a simple Swedish cardamom cake.

Recipe / Recept


Swedish Cardamom Cake (Kardemummakaka)

Kuwaiti Saffron Cardamom Cake - Gers Ogely - Sukarah

Norwegian Cardamom Cake... Sounds yum! Reminds me of something my Mom or Nana would make. I bet this smells so good.

... Fikamix NO.4 KARDEMUMMAKAKA (Swedish Cardamom Cake)_Card inside package ...



Vetebullar (Swedish Cardamom Buns)

You can find the recipe for this cake in Fika by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall.

Kardemummakaka (Cardamom Bundt Cake)

This type of cake reminds me of when I was little, since it was one of the first things my friends and I learned how to make! It's still as good today, ...

Snabb picknickkaka Efterrätt Utan Att Baka, Bageri, Gud, Recept

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fika: kardemummakaka

If you are going to be using different pans, be sure to adjust the baking times! I wrote out the varying times in the recipe. These cakes can be stored at ...

Kardemummakaka - Finnish cardamom cake.

Mjuk Kardemummakaka

Kanelbullesockerkaka | Fredriks fika

Two decades of my life has passed, and I'm no longer a teenager. This post gives you a recipe of a Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake, ...

Now what I really need to do is work on the pronunciations of these Swedish words! Duolingo will be here to help me. In the mean time, I'll stick to calling ...

Tate's Bake Shop: Baking For Friends

Yes, here comes another recipe from the inspiring facebook videos, but this time from tastemade. I thought it looked amazing to be able to cook a whole ...

Khanfaroosh / Khanfaroush: Emirati fried saffron and cardamom 'cakes'

... Our dear Swedish friends sent us #fikabröd 🍪🥮🍩🍰 Little cakes to enjoy ...

(Image credit: Yvonne Larsson)

A Taste of Norway: Flavors from the Norwegian American By popular demand, a third printing of the cookbook featuring recipes from The Norwegian American is ...

Det här är en av de godaste kakorna jag någonsin skapat, och som alla storheter

The recipe calles for "raw sugar" which is here interpreted as demerara or possibly muscovado sugar. This gives the dough a slightly darker color, ...

The Hirshon Finnish Cardamom Donuts - Suomalaiset Munkit - ✮ The Food Dictator ✮

I am officially two weeks into my Junior year of college and my third year on the APU cheer team so it has been quite a busy time of year, please forgive ...

Scandinavian Success Tart a.k.a. IKEA Tart

The Hirshon Finnish Blueberry Pie - Mustikkapiirakka - ✮ The Food Dictator ✮

Syltgrottor (Jam Thumbprint Cookies)

One of those things, is this cake. It has a soft sponge layered with banana and raspberries, covered in whipped cream and ...

Kaka med pärontosca

Smoothie + chiapudding = love

I'd like to share with you this recipe for pumpkin cookies with a fluffy, moist, cake-like texture, covered in a smooth, cream cheese frosting.

Kardemummakaka Mix

Hallon- och kardemummakaka i långpanna.

IMG_2053 IMG_2059

Blueberry Banana Oat Muffins

Chocolate chip cookies i långpanna 😍🍫 Det ultimata sättet att baka chocolate chip cookies på


Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

Glaserad päronkaka med subtil smak av ingefära, nytt recept just nu på bloggens förstasida.

Julekage: Scandinavian Holiday Bread

Oatmeal Lace Cookies

As you might assume, this recipe book is all about fika, the beloved Swedish custom of the daily coffee break (with treats). I love the size of this book ...

Recipe / Recept

TILL RECEPT. kardemummakaka med lingon

For the cake, I found the recipe off of the Southern Living magazine's website. I will put the link in the recipe below. It called for three 9″ cake pans ...

Cooking Slow

Pear and cardamom cake made with pears from our pear picking adventure last weekend. #

Swedish Princess Cake Recipe on Food52

It's quite a simple recipe! The somewhat trickier part, at least for me, is the baking. Biscotti are Italian biscuits that are twice baked, ...


Klenät (plural: klenäter) or klena (plural: klenor) is a fried

Turtle Thumbprint Cookies

En härlig klassisk äppeldessert från vårt kära grannland 🇩🇰 Spana in receptet på: http

varumärkesbild foods

Torta de Chocolate - peruvian chocolate cake

This easy Hungarian chocolate cake with cottage cheese filling and chocolate ganache is a scrumptious cake for every occasion.

P.S The bread goes really well with a harder goat (or any hard) cheese.


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Chaga 100g RGB

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Vill ni lyxa till en mjuk kaka så är toscasmet svaret! En saftig mjuk kaka

Sötsur, ljuvligt god paj med smulig Digestivebotten. En lyxig, lättgjord dessert! | kakor, efterrätt in 2019 | Key Lime Pie, Key lime, Key lime pie recept

Matcha WINNER 100g RGB

Toscakaka med päron, glutenfri, utan tillsatt socker //Baka Sockerfritt

Sitter i soffan och stickar, @nyhetsmorgon är på med @ebbavonsydow och hennes mamma

Superbooster WINNER 200g RGB

Fransk hallonkaka – Lindas Bakskola

Mandelmjöl 500g RGB

Media by ebbavonsydow: Får blir #guldskor (well, en i alla fall 😂

Swedish Sandwich Cake Recipe

A dish that sits just as well on the Christmas table as in everyday life. Hemp seeds are taking the meatballs to a whole new level.

Världens snabbaste långpannekaka med kardemumma (recept) | Recept | Banana bread, Food och Desserts

Doroteakaka Saftig och mjuk kaka som görs med en smuldeg som varvas med en fyllning på

Quark and pumpkin pudding cake by Pille @ Nami-Nami. Serve as it is or with cranberry kissel. Excellent Halloween or Thanksgiving dessert!

Salted caramel kärleksmums