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Joseph Gurney Cannon Wikipedia historical characters Abraham

Joseph Gurney Cannon Wikipedia historical characters Abraham


Joseph Gurney Cannon. From Wikipedia ...

Cannon as a younger congressman circa 1875-1880

Cannon at the 1904 Republican National Convention in Chicago

Joseph Gurney Cannon Quotes by Joseph Gurney Cannon Like Success

CANNON, Joseph Gurney

Joseph Gurney Cannon Cannon Joseph Gurney NCpedia

Joseph Gurney Cannon Uncle Joequot Cannon Michael Wolraich

John Palmer Usher. From Wikipedia ...

Champ Clark - Image: Champ Clark (cropped)

Speaker Cannon presides over the House of Representatives during the 59th Congress, 1906.

Dick Thompson Morgan

Frank Trimble O'Hair

Theodore Roosevelt. From Wikipedia ...

Frederick H. Gillett

Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Cannon, and Philander Chase Knox on March 4, 1921

John G. Carlisle - Bureau of Engraving and Printing portrait of Carlisle as Secretary of

Clarence Cannon

Joseph Gurney Cannon Fashion Form Texture and Value Get yer blog here

John Dalzell

Samuel T. Busey

John Lowell Jr. (philanthropist) - Wikipedia

George W. Norris

Yoshisuke Aikawa, founder of Nissan

Cannon, a self-taught man much like Lincoln, forged his way through tragedy and poverty to study law in Illinois.5 By the time the bill reached his desk in ...

Dean of the United States House of Representatives

United States Secretary of the Interior - Image: David Bernhardt official photo (cropped)

Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791), an American author was one of the signers

John Sharp Williams

historical characters · Rick Santorum - Wikipedia

Rick Grimes

Edward A. Pease

I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views.

Joseph Gurney Cannon / Uncle Joe Cannon of Illinois

1860 United States presidential election - A Constitutional Union campaign poster, 1860, portraying John

Cannon on Time Magazine's first cover on March 3, ...

General Andrew Goodpaster, 1969-1974

Gurney Braithwaite

Champ Clark - Genevieve Bennett Clark

historical characters · William D. Byron - Wikipedia


To us it appears natural to think that slaves are human beings; men, not property; that some of the things, at least, stated about men in the Declaration of ...

Cavagna Sangiuliani Collection

Robert M. La Follette, in full Robert Marion La Follette (born June 14, 1855, Primrose, Wis., U.S.—died June 18, 1925, Washington, D.C.), U.S. leader of the ...

Simon Cameron American Civil War, American History, Antique Photos, Edwardian Era, Old

Burrows of Michigan and the Republican Party; a biography and a history (1917)

Maria Weston Chapman - Wikipedia

Joseph John Gurney

John G. Carlisle - Ladies of the Cabinet: Mrs. Lamont, Mrs.

Jim Jeffords - Wikipedia

Unreasonable Men: Theodore Roosevelt and the Republican Rebels Who Created Progressive Politics

Wikipedia: Mathew B. Brady (ca. 1822 – January 15, 1896)

He may well have trained at 73 airschool during the second world war.

Abraham O. Woodruff

Abraham Lincoln & Jefferson Davis in Agreement:

I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.

Joseph Gurney Cannon Photo Album (Digitized Content)

Vice Presidential Candidates

Darwin, Francis & Seward, A. C. eds. 1903. More letters of Charles Darwin. A record of his work in a series of hitherto unpublished letters.

Abraham Hoagland

In some respects she certainly is not my equal; but in her natural right to eat the bread she earns with her own hands without asking leave of any one else, ...

Brigham Young in 1851; photo from LDS archives

Articles (Wiki)Event (Wiki)Wiki

investigative journalist, lecturer, and chronicler of American industry, best known for her classic The History of ...

Joseph Pease (railway pioneer)

New on our bookshelf today:

Jacob Sergei Kasanin (1897-1946)

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president

Ch 117 The Surprising Quakers

William Henry Harrison, an American military officer and politician, was the ninth President of the United States (1841), the oldest President to be elected ...


Withdrew Before Convention

Millard Fillmore, in 1873, 20 years after he left the presidency. Portrait by

At the 1896 Republican Convention, in time of depression, the wealthy Cleveland businessman Marcus Alonzo Hanna ensured the nomination of his friend William ...

Death Valley Days Poster

Shelbyville, Illinois - A statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of the Shelbyville Courthouse


Spread the word; friends don't allow friends to repeat history.


Lincoln Steffens, in full Joseph Lincoln Steffens (April 6, 1866, San Francisco, California, U.S.— August 9, 1936, Carmel), American journalist, lecturer, ...

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.

Presidential Candidates

J[eremiah] Gurney (American) 'Untitled [Cross-eyed man in


SAWYER, Philetus, a Representative and a Senator from Wisconsin; born in Whiting, Rutland County, Vt., September 22, 1816; moved with his parents to Crown ...


Darwin, Francis & Seward, A. C. eds. 1903. More letters of Charles Darwin. A record of his work in a series of hitherto unpublished letters.

Senator · Philander C. Knox of Pennsylvania

View Full Record · Carte-de-visite

Pres. George W. Bush delivering the State of the Union address in 2007,

He is the seventh child in the closely knit and competitive family of Rose and Joseph P. Kennedy.

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