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JOHN BANKS CIVIL WAR BLOG Avons Wallace Woodford came home to

JOHN BANKS CIVIL WAR BLOG Avons Wallace Woodford came home to


Wallace Woodford is buried in Avon, Conn. His parents, Corydon and. Sylvia, are buried in the same plot.

'His whole face was shot away': The trials of Private Oliver Dart

Notes from Antietam battlefield: 'Good bye if so it must be'

How 47th Ohio private's death led to an Australian man's life

Lost and found at Bull Run: Prized ring of Confederate officer

Robert Hubbard, a private in the 14th Connecticut, wrote his brother on Aug. 13, 1862. Hubbard was killed at Antietam about ...

Riddled with bullets, Captain Samuel Brown of the 16th Connecticut was killed at the Battle of Antietam. The 26-year-old soldier was a teacher before the

Avon's Wallace Woodford 'came home to die'

Antietam: Private William Pratt and a 'chamber of horrors'

A war-time image of John Mead Gould. (Courtesy Nicholas Picerno)

How 20-year-old Connecticut Yankee saved army in Virginia

Wounded in the thigh at the Wilderness, Lt. Col. John Steele Tyler died in a hotel in New York. (John Gibson collection)

Private George Parmalee of the 7th Connecticut (right), shown with an unidentified boy, survived the Civil War.


Image of Major General Joseph Mansfield shot in Mathew Brady's studio in Washington. (Middlesex County Historical Society collection)

Left: A Civil War-era image of 124th Pennsylvania Private George Miller. Right: An image of. Miller decades later with his grandson.

Luman, Edward and Henry Wadhams: The brothers died in Virginia in 1864.

Civil War veteran Joseph Lindermuth (second from right) and family members at 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry monument on Sept. 2, 1890. (Courtesy Nancy Auman)

John Banks Civil War Blog

JOHN BANKS' CIVIL WAR BLOG: Avon's Wallace Woodford 'came home to die' | Civil War Tombstones 2 | Andersonville prison, Avon, War

Faces of the Civil War: The dead of Middletown

JOHN BANKS' CIVIL WAR BLOG: Avon's Wallace Woodford 'came home to die' | Civil War Tombstones 2 | Andersonville prison, Avon, War

Dr. Augustin Biggs, shown in an illustration published in 1882. (History of Western Maryland, Volume II)

At a dinner in the Piper house, Confederate generals James Longstreet (left) and Daniel Harvey Hill were served wine by the daughters of Henry Piper ...

The American Civil War 🇸🇴 on Instagram: “Joseph A McLean was born in Philadelphia on May 22, 1823. He moved to Reading, PA where he ran a machine shop for ...

Lucy and Rutherford Hayes on their wedding day on Dec. 30, 1852. Nearly 10 years later, he would be seriously wounded at the Battle of South Mountain.

JOHN BANKS' CIVIL WAR BLOG: How 'Captain Tim' & Co.

James Longstreet with his second wife, Helen. (The Longstreet Society)

Unidentified Union soldier and a woman, presumably his wife. (Liljenquist Family Collection | Library of Congress)

What Is Said in Death Is a Sign of the Best of Men. America Civil WarConfederate ...

True grit: How I survived my visit to Lone Jack (Mo.) battlefield

JOHN BANKS' CIVIL WAR BLOG: Avon's Wallace Woodford 'came home to die' | Killed at Antietam ( +died of wounds) | War, Avon, Gettysburg

Antietam Burnside Mann (upper left), whose father was mortally wounded at the Battle of Antietam, suffered with various health issues for her entire life.

'Great cause for thankfulness': Antietam soldiers to remember

Union General Napoleon Bonaparte Buford #civilwarphotos #civil #war #photos #death


In Middletown, holiday cheer, grim news from Fredericksburg

Union Colonel Edward L. Bailey (1841-1930) Shiloh, American Civil War

Potomac to recover dead and aid wounded in his regiment after the Battle of Shepherdstown. (Image courtesy Ronn Palm/Museum of Civil War ...

Sgt. Matthias Roseberry, Company G, 21st Missouri Infantry. Killed at Fort Blakeley

Calista Hubbard, Lucien's mother.

If you still don't have an Instant Pot in your kitchen (or want a second; it's not that crazy!), your best option left over from Cyber Monday is the Instant ...

John D. Martin (1830-1862). He had

John Bell Hood and John Schofield,


behind St. John's Church near Columbia, Tenn. The Irish-born officer's remains were disinterred and re-buried in ...


John S. Taylor (1820-1862); Lt. USN, Lt. CSN, Cpt. or Maj. CSA. Here as Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy in 1850.


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Damian Beeson Bullen's definitive 2019 collection has been described as 'The Sgt. Pepper's of Poetry.'

After the Civil War, Frank L. Smith's remains were re-interred in City Point National Cemetery in. Hopewell, Va. From Granby, Conn., Smith is buried in ...


Fought in the Battle of Gettysburg. Killed in the Battle of Chaff in's Farm near Richmond

'Shrouded in gloom': An assassination at Antietam in 1912

A post-war image of Edward Russ, who suffered an abdomen wound at Antietam.

Top Virginia Democrats imperiled by blackface, sex assault scandals

Union Soldiers grouping, sold on eBay for $550 in Dec 2018 American Flag, American

Deadspin Twitter User Puts Tony Stewart In His Rear-View Mirror | The Muse To Understand Kanye West' - Utter Buzz!

Faces of the Civil War: John Hathaway

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civil war regiment flags ohio - Bing images

"Liberty" of the Quicksteps of Spring Hill. All the players have nicknames. Mine would be "Flounder," my favorite movie character.

Trump slams criticism by 'Mr. Kellyanne Conway'


Faces of the Civil War: The reenactors

Napoleon Bonaparte. Victoria & Albert Museum

A look at US involvement in Syria's civil war

Laurence S. Baker - Wikipedia Civil War Photos, History Photos, American Civil War

One man's quest to discover story of Confederate Colonel Samuel Lumpkin, who was mortally wounded at Gettysburg

Andrew Moffatt by Lemuel Francis Abbott

Elon Musk to Resign as Tesla Chairman, Pay $20 Million Fine in SEC Settlement Over Catastrophic '420' Tweet - Utter Buzz!

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In 25 images: My 'brutal' trip down (and up) Lookout Mountain

I have spent a few hours transcribing the LOC campaigns. One of the interesting ones

John Jack Edward Mallory, Jr. July 12, 1928 March 3, 2014 The

More 18th-century career choices

Splinter LIVE BLOG: The Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh Senate Hearings | Deadspin Fiancé

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GvXI61p21k for Grg Miller interview.

Thomas Benton Smith, shown in a war-time image, spent more than half his life in an insane asylum. (CLICK ON ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE.)


Wade: 'I don't live in a bubble'

JOHN BANKS' CIVIL WAR BLOG: Soldiers attempt to 'wake up' grieving brothers

In an enlargement of the William Tipton image below, Civil War commanders (from left) Joshua Chamberlain, Daniel Butterfield, James Longstreet and ...

Putin and Pence

Miles Shepard, a private in the 16th Connecticut, died in a government hospital in Knoxville, Md., on Nov. 13, 1862. (Photo: Connecticut State Library ...

William L. Gregory February 17, 1935 February 14, 2014 The Rev. William


White Lies Ihimaera Witi

Newspaperman and novelist Edward Wright has died. Ed was born on Dec. 18, 1939, in Hot Springs, AR. He got a bachelor and Master degree in journalism, ...

The priest who gave a general absolution at Gettysburg, Reverend William Corby died December After the Civil War, he went on to serve twice as the president ...

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Orville moved to London "at an early age" and "in trouble with the police at an early age". His psychiatric history began when he was 22.

6th Connecticut Colonel Redfield Duryee

Relix Announces The Songs Of John Perry Barlow Live Webcast

Faces of the Civil War: The Hincks family