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Is Lego THE defining toy of our generation Its changed a lot but

Is Lego THE defining toy of our generation Its changed a lot but


Sorry, But the Perfect Lego Brick May Never Be Eco-Friendly

How Lego clicked: the brand that reinvented itself | Johnny Davis | Life and style | The Guardian

Lego's female scientist set could inspire a generation of girls to become scientists

Image. At Lego ...

Ekaterina_Minaeva/Shutterstock Recode. Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing ...

Good-bye plastic: Lego announces a huge change in the future of its toys


Lego figures

As they were leaving the team members shared some feedback… ”Everyone was into it ...

The iconic toymaker LEGO Group faces a crisis in the mid-2000s as increased competition and changing consumer habits threaten its business.

If you have children of your own – or nieces, nephews, or young cousins – or if you care for kids these days in some other capacity, you will probably at ...

Looking for a great kid's toy for a little one in your life? You really

Subway map in case.

... perhaps to save his feet from the dreaded LEGO ...

Are they fighting? Are they friends? LEGO didn't make you choose it simply said 'here are a bunch of knights and a castle, now get to it kid and have some ...

Rediscovering Your Brand Story: An Interview with LEGO's Vice President of Marketing, Michael Moynihan

How Lego lost its innocence

I know those who have described it as 'The most significantly defining feminist film of my generation' and others who have gone with a less charitable ' ...

How LEGO freaks stack and store their LEGOs

The Muddled Message of 'Lego Movie 2'

There's A Huge Problem With Kids' Toys That No One's Talking About | HuffPost

Interview with Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of The LEGO Group

Innovation Lessons from the Rise, Fall, and Rise of LEGO

Lego people.

The Lego Movie 2 review: Inventive, hilarious sequel is a worthy successor

NanoJ-Fluidics. Credit: Dr Giorgia Siriaco, MRC LMCB

Child's and holding toy tractor

How 'Little Ideas' Can Lead to Powerful Innovations

Image Unavailable

Killer concept: LEGO's latest game allows players to build their own world from digital bricks

Lego Boost Review: The Best Robot Kit for Kids

LEGO: Play Well

Retail Positions

The Lego Movie 2 film review: animated sequel is fast and funny – but repetition weighs it down | South China Morning Post

Lego is investing about $150 million into finding alternative, more sustainable materials to use for

People Are Posting 'Illegal' Lego Building Techniques And They Are Actually Genius

LEGO® botanical elements such as leaves, bushes and trees will be made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane in the future and will appear in LEGO ...

Career with the LEGO Group

... wrote this essay as part of a new, two-week May term course at Loyola University New Orleans. The course was called “The Poetics of Childhood,” and it ...

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Cabbage Patch dolls

How Lego clicked: the brand that reinvented itself | Johnny Davis | Life and style | The Guardian

After avoiding bankruptcy in 2003, LEGO has effectively used open innovation to align with customer demands and to become a global leader in toy innovation.

Our people

Lego Stranger Things is a work of art, but far from relaxing to make

Diverse Toys Could Help Children Become Compassionate Leaders

LEGO Group achieves 100% renewable energy 3 years ahead of schedule, builds LEGO-turbine to celebrate

Lego art by Sean Kenney Photographs by Matthew Septimus

Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Toy BoxBreaking Gender Stereotypes in the Toy Box

LEGO Just Announced A Major Change In The Future Of Its Toys That's Going To Make The World A Better Place - LEGO Beginnings | Guff

A cardboard LEGO figure cutout and the sign "LEGO education"

Star Wars models displayed outside a shopping mall in Hong Kong

How playing with LEGO can make your kid smarter

I Did It All Wrong (but I'm fixing it)

Tiffany ...


Sustainable Materials

For example this custom printed Deadpool (My favorite superhero especially with the new movie) you can get at http://www.fig-factory.com/ and there's many ...

The Mines of Moria™ Lego Lord of the Rings by Lego in 2012. The. Photos: Our childhood toys: Then and now

BETWEEN GENERATIONS: The gender-neutral parenting experiment's in full swing

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Unacceptable, do not show the baseplate in Build Mode.

large-pile-of-duplo-legos ...

Dalek Doctor Who Mr. Potato Head by Playskool in 2013. Mr. Potato Head. Photos: Our childhood toys: Then and now

Courtesy of Arndt Schlaudraff @lego_tonic

In my LEGO City, the sky is rising

Lego Mindstorms

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Our biggest lesson from this experience was probably the universal appeal of East Asian culture. We have often taken inspiration from Western history and ...

The Little Girl from the 1981 LEGO Ad is All Grown Up, and She's Got Something to Say

The LEGO Movie

Simplicity Leads To Happiness In Children (And Here's How to Do It)

If you can't wait till then though there are already five special ...

Lego, the children's building block company, learned this invaluable lesson after a significant amount of trial and error, according to Scott Davis's Forbes ...

The results were different and their focus went into ensuring that their Intranet doesn't fall apart and is ...

While we can't count the pieces in your photos, if your model looks too big we'll send it back and ask you to make it smaller at our own discretion.

Don't panic, but there may be a LEGO shortage coming this Christmas

Children playing with classic LEGO bricks

TIP 031 | Lego Movie

Amy's LEGO duck, which looks nothing like a duck

Getting Innovation Right at LEGO

Through Indiegogo, LEGO can deliver unique products, in small quantities, on platforms that typically don't have mass brand presence.

LEGO Dimensions 1

Design Life-Cycle

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Our Generation Dolls

furby 90s toys