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Indigenous Bolivians celebrate the winter solstice Photo David

Indigenous Bolivians celebrate the winter solstice Photo David


Aymara people greet sunrise during a winter solstice ceremony in Tiwanaku, 43.5 miles from La Paz. (© David Mercado/Reuters/Corbis)

Winter Solstice Ceremony, La Paz, Bolivia

Inca Empire, Summer Solstice, Give Thanks, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia

The celebration took place amid the ruins of the ancient city of Tiwanaku, with religious

In pre-Hispanic America, native people depended on agriculture and many of their rites

Bolivians throw offerings of coca leaves onto a fire during an event to celebrate Aymara New Year or Willka Kuti (also the winter solstice).

Solstice celebrations.

Indigenous Bolivians of the Aymara culture hold their hands up to receive the

Bolivia's indigenous middle class rises during leadership of 1st ever native president

Bolivia's indigenous stand next to the Bennett Monolith during sunrise celebrations of the winter solstice in

Aymara women raise their hands to receive the first sunbeams during a June 21 ceremony marking

Winter solstice ceremony in Tiahunaco, outside La Paz.

Bolivian President Evo Morales wants to ditch the Gregorian calendar for a one used in the Tiwanaku indigenous culture

The calculation of the year 5526 results from the sum of the five cycles, each

How people around the world celebrate the winter solstice

The celebrations began at dawn in cold temperatures as followers warmed to the first rays of

Stock photo of Bolivia Indigenuos Summer Solstice - Jun 2008

Winter Solstice or Willkakuti in Tiwanaku

On the Bolivian altiplano, cultures collide

Native American Winter Solstice Celebration

Image: Revelers watch the sunrise as they welcome the summer solstice

Bolivia's President Evo Morales (C) celebrates the sunrise during a winter solstice ceremony in Tiwanaku, Bolivia June 21, 2011.

The Aymara celebrate winter solstice. At first sign of the sun, people hold up their hands to greet the light. (© Jenny Matthews/In Pictures/Corbis)

The Winter Solstice celebrations aren't just an invention of the ancient Europeans. Native Americans and indigenousness people all over the world celebrated ...

Bolivia Welcomes Winter Solstice With Traditional Ceremony | Multimedia | teleSUR English

Bolivian President Evo Morales delivers a speech during a celebration for the Aymara New Year at the presidential residence in La Paz.

Bolivia Andean New Year

Stock photo of Bolivia Indigenuos Summer Solstice - Jun 2008

After being elected for a second term, Bolivian re-elect President Evo Morales,

An Aymara witchdoctor makes an offering at sunrise during a winter solstice ceremony in Tiwanaku. (© DAVID MERCADO/Reuters/Corbis)

La Paz, Bolivia. 21st June, 2018. A indigenous music group play native rhythms during the celebration of the Andean New Year, in La Paz, Bolivia, ...

Andean ...

Reuters/Toby Melville. Celebrating the winter solstice ...

Two groups perform winter solstice ceremonies atop La Cumbre Pass, near La Paz, at 15,260 feet. (Jenny Matthews/Corbis)

Bolivia toasts winter solstice

Celebrating the End of Capitalism on Lake Titicaca

Bolivians Usher in the Aymara New Year

La Paz, Bolivia. 18th June, 2018. Indigenous Bolivian Aymaras participate in a

Bolivian indigenous people descend from a mountain after celebrations for the Aymara festival of Willkakuti in

An Aymara priest blows a "pututu" (a traditional wind instrument made with

Image. Aymara indigenous people celebrating the sunrise of the southern hemisphere's winter solstice ...

Actors celebrate the Inca ceremony "Inti Raymi" at the Saqsaywaman ruins in Cuzco, Peru, June 24, 2018. Across the Andes, from the tip of Argentina as far ...


... much at any time of year, you can rest assured there will likely be an event to celebrate. Bolivia's festivals are colorful, alive, all-consuming, ...


Celebrating the rise of the sun on the winter solstice outise La Paz, Bolivia.

Honoring the Sun

Fun-Filled Festivals in Bolivia

Los aymaras In the pre-Columbian ruins of Tihuanaku, an Aymara priest blows on

On June 17, 2009, by means of supreme decree, Bolivian president Evo Morales, of Aymara origin, declared that every 21st of June was to be a national ...

Bolivian indigenous people attend the Summer Solstice celebrations on... News Photo - Getty Images

Bolivian indigenous people play Andean music before the celebration of the rising sun during a winter

1 Aymara AP Photo/Juan Karita

An Aymara man blows into a shell during a ceremony in El Alto near La Paz

NEW START: A religious leader makes an offering during celebrations of the New Year in

Bolivia's Indians celebrate New Year 5524

The sun rises over the ancient observatory at Kokino, Republic of Macedonia, as people celebrate the summer solstice on June 21, 2014.

Fast forward to modern day Bolivia and there are numerous intriguing events to attend for Aymara New Year. You can see the sun rise at the ruins of Tiwanaku ...

Bolivians hold up their hands to receive the warmth and energy of the rising sun at an event to celebrate Aymara New Year or Willka Kuti (also the winter ...

People observe the first rays of sun as they appear through the "Door of the Sun" at the ruins of the ancient city of Tiwanaku, Bolivia, June 21, 2018.

Ayahuasca ceremony in celebration for the summer solstice and Willkakuti (the Aymara New Year )

Bolivia's Indians celebrate New Year 5524. Indigenous ...

Members of the Aymara indigenous community from Tiahuanacu town attend a ceremony marking the start of

Festival of the Sun at National Museum of the American Indian in New York Welcomes the Winter Solstice of the Andes

Bolivia's Aymara celebrate the winter solstice - video

Backpacking Bolivia Travel Guide (2019)

Photo Credit: Cltn

In simple terms, we experience the solstices because the Earth is tipped at an angle from the plane of its orbit around the sun. In the northern hemisphere, ...

Choquehuanca opened his heart and some weird things came to light

An indigenous leader prepares an offering from a group of drivers to give thanks and ask

June 24, 2017 Cotacachi, Ecuador: closeup of indigenous kichwa men participating in a parade at summer solstice

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Thousands of indigenous people celebrate the summer solstice and the harvest with a traditional dance in

Aymara indigenous men and women attend a new years ritual at the ruins of the ancient

Have I missed any notable celebrations? You tell me! I couldn't find anything for northern Africa, for example.

Ingapirca, Ecuador - 20 June 2015: Unidentified Indigenous Couple Celebrating Inti Raymi, Worshiping An Incan God In Ingapirca On June 20, 2015


Aymara indigenous musicians play flutes and drums after receiving the first rays of sunlight during a

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA, 21st June. Aymara amautas or spiritual leaders wait to receive the rising sun with local people at an event to celebrate Aymara New Year or ...

Bolivia is a festive country filled with endless traditional celebrations that every visitor should experience at least once in their life.

Winter Solstice

Aymara indigenous men attend a new years' ritual at the ruins from the ancient civilization

Illustration image

⚜️Huaras, Peru⚜️I've always heard that Easter celebration in South America

Winter Solstice is the day when light is reborn out of the darkness of winter. Our days start to become longer and lead us back to the beauty of spring and ...