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If you have other pets in the house be extra cautious when

If you have other pets in the house be extra cautious when


If you have other pets in the house, be extra cautious when introducing the new

Great tips for keeping your house clean with dogs or other pets!

puppy and kitten cuddling

Regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood

Keeping the Peace in a Multi-Pet Household

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Rehabilitating your rescued dog: The positive, gentle and kind way

If you, your dog or other pets have been sprayed by a skunk, combine:

if you have other pets in the house, be extra cautious when introducing the new

couple sitting in front of lake with two dogs

Pet Hazards

Adjusting to a new home can be a frightening and anxious experience for a cat who may have been bounced from one or more homes, to a shelter, ...

cat hiding under house plant

How Safe Are Secondhand Used Pet Supplies?

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Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets? Here's What You Need To Be Careful Of When Using Them

Do cats cause asthmatic attacks or prevent them?

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

5 Frighteningly Common Reasons Dogs Run Away

Aggression in dogs

... pet apart from physical space. Addressing those concerns, here's what you need to know about welcoming home your first furry or feathered family member!

Black senior dog who was in the shelter before being pulled by a breed-specific. This resource explains how shelters can ...


7 Tips to Manage Your Child's Pet Allergy

If You Spray Your Clothes With Permethrin, Be Careful Around The Cat


The Most Important Do's and Don'ts When Grooming Your Dog at Home

Web Image: Baxter and Stretch4 Introducing Your New Dog

How to Make Your Cat Happy

Frontline Plus for Cats

Grooming should be an essential part of your cat's life. If you begin when she is young, she will become accustomed to grooming early in life and it will be ...

Cat Care 101 covers all the basics you'll need to know about caring for

Emotional Support Animals & Waiver of “No Pet” Policies: What Does the Law Say?

Pet sitting vs pet boarding- which suits your dog and cat better?

You adore your dog. After all, your four-legged friend is a member of your family. We understand, our dogs are very much our family members as well.

PetArmor Plus for Dogs, Flea and Tick Prevention for Extra Large Dogs (89-

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Advantage II Flea Treatment for Extra Large Dogs Over 55 lbs

adopting a shelter dog, dog adoption, dogs

For dogs intent on eating their own or other pets' waste, as soon as you see the dog finish his business, call him to come and sit.

acugard for dogs

two kittens. two kittens. If you have a child with allergies ...

Are Raccoons Dangerous? 11 Questions To Get The Facts About Raccoons

Hint: For more related topics, see. How to read your ...

16 of the Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

Dog and cat snuggling in the grass Cats ...

Are you a cat person or a dog lover?

Socialising your puppy

How to Handle a Stray Cat

Sentry Fiproguard Plus for Cats

House training / Crate Training

Happy tan and white dog next to a black cat. They get along well and. Many dogs and cats can ...

toddler kisses jack russell. “

Prednisone For Dogs: A Word Of Caution — Innovet Pet Products I Best Hemp Products for Pets

... if the first one you choose isn't working for you and your pup. As the pet parent, the call of who trains your dog (and how they do it) is up to you!

Animal advocates across the country are reminding dog owners to bring their pets inside when temperatures

The importance of being sociable

Web Image: Lovey and Clara3 When you introduce pets to each other ...

One of the best experiences on the planet is adopting that cute little puppy at the shelter and bringing him or her home to your family!

If you enjoy camping, and you love your pets, odds are that sooner or later you'll combine the two (if you haven't already). KOA welcomes a variety of ...


Great tips for keeping your house clean with dogs or other pets!

Pet sitter with dog: Rover dog sitting reviews

Our pets: the key to the obesity crisis?

Cancer patient cuddles with dog. KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images. Pets can ...

Mario Tama/Getty Images

The Landlord Guide to Assistance Animals

Essential Oils and Pets: What you need to know

What Does Your New Kitten Need? New Kitten. When bringing a kitten into your ...

Why Adopt a Second Cat?

Yellow Golden Labrador decorated with daisies in a garden

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for

A responsible approach to introducing your puppy to excercise

Does Your Cat Need a Friend?

First: Are you ready for an adopted dog?

House Training. First, teach your ...

If there are children in your house, especially small ones, introduce your cat to them gradually, during short periods of time. Frequent handling and gently ...

The veterinary team takes many precautions during your pet's surgery. Photo: Pixabay

how long can you leave a cat alone?

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Cat and dog


Why do cats need wet food?

They're Stressed

Why Giving Pets Away On Craigslist Is A Terrible Idea

Great tips for keeping your house clean with dogs or other pets!

Pet Suffocation Awareness

Is Your Pet Safe Flying In Cargo?