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How to treat and repot a sick vanda orchid with decayed and

How to treat and repot a sick vanda orchid with decayed and


How to treat and repot a sick vanda orchid with decayed and dessicated roots and turn it around from a dumpster-candidate to a healthy, growing plant.

Repotting a sick vanda orchid

The poor vanda that desperately needed rescuing

Sick Vanda Orchids update

Saving a Vanda Orchid from Fusarium rot

Fixing yellow leaves on Orchids - The case of my sick Vanda, now healthy!

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This is the part that will be saved.

How to deal with sick Dendrobium orchids - rotting roots and pseudobulbs - YouTube

Giving it the upside-down treatment to encourage root growth. Apologies – pic's a little out of focussed.

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Vanda orchids come in a variety of colors, including blue and spotted shades.

This small pot has three different cattleyas. They're not seedlings, they'

Lots of dead roots here.

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How to Care for a Dendrobium Orchid

How to save Orchids with Black Rot

Paphiopedilum Orchid

Orchid Care – How to care for Vanda Orchids

Crusty Bumps on Leaves

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Black rot moves quickly through a plant and can decimate an orchid collection if not treated

Rotten orchid roots

How to Grow Vanda Orchids

PAUL's ORCHID GARDEN "Paul" ASK PAUL AN ORCHID QUESTION (and Orchid Warning): We have known Paul for some time now and have accompanied him on some of his ...

White Orchid Fungus

... Phalaenopsis Orchid leaves pictures ...

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Dendrobium Leaves Sickly

(*Note: Vandaceous orchids associated with renantheras ...

Phalaenopsis Orchid pictures Phalaenopsis Orchid plant images Phalaenopsis Orchid images ...

Our New Ceramic Collection

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orchid problems

And I'll finish with a commentary, not a problem, really. My vanda is enjoying the sun but maybe it's a bit too much. There isn't any leaf with burns but I ...

Severe scale infection on the leaves. This was eventually treated with horticultural and neem oil.

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Image by Gardening Know How, via scottedwardkelly

As illustrated ...

Vanda orchids are absolutely beautiful and easy to grow outdoors in Florida.

How to save an Oncidium orchid without (or with very few) roots

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The bottom arrow points toward the remains of a leaf she shed last week. The arrow on the right points to the orchid she's getting ready to shed and the top ...

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How to grow Phalaenopsis - an orchid blog "meme"?


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New fragrant mini Phalaenopsis orchid!

How to Tell When an Orchid Is Dead?

New orchids just delivered. The black areas are fungus right? 😡(i.redd.it)

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What makes semi hydro horrible for some? - Orchids I don't keep in s/h | MissOrchidGirl - yeuqua.com

Wilsonara Golden Afternoon care must include abundant light and definite dry periods between waterings. It belongs to the Oncidium Group.

Bloom Spikes on Vanda Dried Up

Oncidium Orchid

Roots have intertwined inside the pot.

This is a dendrobium that wants what seems to be Oncidium light levels- in between Phal and cattleya. It wants to dry out between waterings, and it does not ...

... from supermarket, packed in broken down bark/soil/moss although look fine at the top they had rot at the bottom. Cut it out, sterilised and repotted but ...

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How should orchids be watered?

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9 things you will definitely experience when growing Orchids!

Here are the roots growing all over the place. The ugly ones in the front are those that were cut. Right now the orchid is blooming again.

This miniature greenhouse with high humidity encourages the

Repotting Orchids

Toh Garden. Singapore Orchid Plant & Flower Grower

Dendrobium Orchids – Orchid Information · Propagating and Potting Orchids

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Download · Saving my Phalaenopsis Orchid with limp leaves and no roots - Long discussion about cutting spikes

The illusion of the perfect nursery Orchids

Striking the balance between keeping the plant adequately hydrated and dry all while avoiding root rot makes caring for orchids in the Oncidium genus ...

Phalaenopsis Orchid pictures Phalaenopsis Orchid plant images ...

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Orchid Is Growing Roots – What To Do With Orchid Roots Coming From Plant

Plants I love


New project – Saving Miltoniopsis Orchids

One of the more popular Orchids due to the unique flower shape , colors, and very pleasant fragrance are Vanda Orchids. ...

Okay so what to do with the yellow orchid leafs?

Next you'll want to consider the space you have available. Orchids grow in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you'll want to make sure that you match ...