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How to Convert Your Road Bike for a Triathlon Triathalon Cycling

How to Convert Your Road Bike for a Triathlon Triathalon Cycling


Why buy a new bike when you can convert your bike to a triathlon bike? Two bikes for the price of one!

How to Turn Your Road Bike Into a Tri Bike

Convert your bike skills to triathlon

Aero triathlon bike rider

25 Quick Cycling Tips for Triathletes

When to Upgrade Your Triathlon Bike

Triathlete cycling on a bicycle

If the road conversion needed any validation, consider that Tom Zirbel won the 2013 US Pro Time Trial title on a converted Orbea Orca road bike, ...

The Canyon Speedmax used by Jan Frodeno at the 2016 Ironman World Championships with added tri-specific accessories (top), and the version used by the ...

Buying an Entry Level Triathlon Bike

The biggest purchase you'll make as a triathlete is your bike – and not just in terms of money spent. The bike is the longest portion of most triathlons, ...

Triathlon training | How to master the bike

Triathlete using clip-on aerobars

triathlete on bike racing

How to Turn Your Road Bike Into Tri Bike

5 Great Entry-Level Road Bikes

Matt Bottrill was national time trial champion but transfer to triathlon. Image: Andy Jones

Triathlons are dominated by the competitors who put in the most work leading up to the race and dig up the most grit come race day.

Getting started in triathlons – what bike do I need?

image of triathlete cycling in race

How to Convert Your Road Bike for a Triathlon

Diamondback Andean triathlon bike. The Diamondback Andean takes aero to a new level

triathlon bike

Bike Handling Skills to Practice if You're a Triathlete on a Tri Bike

Road bikes vs. Triathlon bikes

fullpage triathlon bike buyers guide 2

Tri/TT-bike vs Road bike – what should you choose? – Allans triatlonverden

Any road bike is good enough to get you started, but a decent road-

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR ROAD BIKE Quick, easy and cheap customization tips to transform a road bike

Video: Triathlete Lucy Charles' ultimate guide to becoming a better cyclist

How a chubby engineer started triathlon training | A tale of a triathlete

Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike

... your existing road bike double as a triathlon bike. The Switch Aero System consists of quick-release aero bars and a dual-position

best time trial best triathlon bikes

Cody Beals on his Ventum.

These Family-Friendly Triathlons Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

Best Triathlon Bike

Swim, Bike, Run – The Art of Being Organized for Triathlon

Triathlon biking - male triathlete cycling on triathlon bike. Fit man cyclist on professional triathlon bicycle wearing time trail helmet for ironman race.

Above: A volunteer gives a triathlete a banana at an aid station during the bike leg of Ironman Copenhagen. Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images ...

Discover ideas about Touring Bike

AJ Alley expected to be a “one and done” triathlete. For his first sprint triathlon, he borrowed some pieces of gear he needed, improvised others, ...

If you run, cycle and swim then you're probably ready to try a triathlon. Here's your guide to the training, kit and race-day tactics

Carbon frames, like the one found on this Orca M30, have become a norm in the entire tri bike market lately. steel bikes on the triathlon market, ...

Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You.: Meredith Atwood: 9780738285436: Amazon.com: Books

Jan Frodeno on his Canyon Speedmax

This rule eliminates all of the triathlon superbikes (the "Y" shaped aero bikes) from road racing.

You might have a few sprint and Olympic-distance triathlons under your race belt and you're toying with the idea of doing a 70.3 triathlon this season.

Top 5 Triathlons With the Most Challenging Bicycle Courses

These are triathlon's hottest bikes right now

Matt Dixon offers his plan of attack for high performance in long-course triathlon—without sacrificing work or life.

Cycling Triathlon man - male triathlete biking on triathlon bike. Fit man cyclist on professional triathlon bicycle wearing tri suit and time trail helmet ...

Road Cycle Training: The IronMan Triathlete who ONLY cycled in his garage

For triathletes who hate the running part, there's a new sport that offers a path to glory

Triathalon Diet Plan

How To Pace An Ironman Bike

From fancy bells and whistles to basic road versions, the options are endless. Here's how to get the most bang for your buck at the bike shop.

Fast-Track Triathlete by Matt Dixon

Dolan Scala TT/Triathlon Carbon Bike - Ultegra 6800


Two Ironman triathlons in Sonoma County yield $20 million windfall for local economy

Ace Your Transitions

17 of the best and fastest 2018 aero road bikes Sept 2018

It's crazy how many questions we got about Elisabetta her bike the last weeks. Is it because of her two Italian championship titles or because of her ...

Ask a Mechanic: Converting Road Bikes into TT Bikes

Cover Image: The Best Triathlon Shorts for Iron Man & Long Distances

There may be many bicycles on the racks when you leave for the ride but few

Zinn and the Art of Triathlon Bikes: Aerodynamics, Bike Fit, Speed Tuning, and Maintenance: Lennard Zinn: 9781931382977: Amazon.com: Books

The distance from rack to mount line can be considerable at large triathlons. By running safely and quickly with your bike, it is easy to fly over this ...


One of the more common questions we get from beginner triathletes is if they can use their mountain bike, commuter bike, or hybrid bike in the triathlon.

Fit cyclist man on professional triathlon bicycle wearing time trail helmet for ironman race. SLOW MOTION.

Triathlon training guide

Shimano 105 / FSA Metron 22 Speed Carbon Fork Aero Triathlon Road Bikes NEW Fuji Aloha ...

How To Do A Flying Mount | Can Heather Learn From A Pro Triathlete? Global Triathlon Network

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Time Trial Bike Triathlon Bike

If you're into mountain biking you'll be a natural in Xterra triathlon

Focused Sportive Triathlete Rides Down The Hill On Curvy Road Turning. Triathlon Concept. Stock Video - Video of bicycle, cinematic: 146872023

Durham Cycles, Road Fit A

Though our own audience survey found that nearly 50 percent of our readers still buy their bikes from a bike ...

Seat post: Connects the saddle to the bike. Is clamped into place at the top of the seat tube, but can be moved up and down to adjust height and allow for ...

Introducing new Senior (55+) Training Plans for Half and Full IRONMAN® Triathlons

Beeline - who make a cool navigation device for bikes wrote a piece about me on their blog :)

The Best Triathlon Pro Bikes Of 2017

... P5X completely does away with UCI regulations, with extreme aero shapes in the frame, a 'beam' design and various add-ons specific to triathlon.

3 bike

I do two different types of gym work in the off-season – one which I call the “PRIME MUSCLE MOVER'S SESSION”. This includes:

DIY: changing your bike tire is so easy, even a girl can do it! #TwoTri

Talansky on transition from professional cycling to triathlon