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How Bcells Work to Promote MS and Tcell Attacks on Myelin Detailed

How Bcells Work to Promote MS and Tcell Attacks on Myelin Detailed


How B-cells Work to Promote T-cell Attacks on Myelin That Lead to

ACP and MS

The inflammatory phase of multiple sclerosis.T cells, B cells and antigen-presenting

The role of B cells in MS pathogenesis. Antigens (viral, processed, novel

Four roles T & B cells play in MS

Four roles T & B cells play in MS

Four roles T & B cells play in MS

B Cell Diagram

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Multiple Sclerosis: A Coordinated Immunological Attack against Myelin in the Central Nervous System: Cell

Two different types of CNS inflammation in multiple sclerosis. (A) Many CNS lesions are found in the white matter of the CNS. Loss of the integrity of the ...

Hypothetical pathogenesis of MS. Via their T-cell receptor (TCR),... | Download Scientific Diagram

Multiple Sclerosis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Risk Factors

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www.frontiersin.org. Figure 1. Potential MS-relevant B cell ...


The Affected CNS Itself Provides a B Cell Fostering Milieu in MS


Plasma cells (PC) are found in the central nervous system of multiple sclerosis patients

Multifaceted functions of B cells and their implications in the pathogenesis of MS. In

Targeting Non-classical Myelin Epitopes to Treat Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis | Scientific Reports

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During MS there is a loss of myelin in defined areas—known as lesion sites—in the brain and spinal cord. The process leading to lesions is summarized in ...

Enzyme Produced by Gut Bacteria Linked to T-cell Attacks on Myelin in Study

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T-cell specificity found to play a role in attacks on myelin versus β-synuclein in MS

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Blocking brain inflammation in multiple sclerosis with gut immune cells

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Antibody-producing B-cellsV. ALTHOUNIAN, SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL ...

Enzyme that triggers autoimmune responses from T-cells in patients with MS found

Immune-mediated attack on axons and myelin sheath:

Figure 3: Schematic representation of the pathogenesis of celiac disease. Gluten peptides can be transported across the intestinal epithelium by three main ...

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The immune cell team in MS

It has been well accepted that teriflunomide reduces the number of activated peripheral T and B lymphocytes, which could potentially infiltrate the central ...


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B lymphocytes in neuromyelitis optica | Neurology Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation

Four roles T & B cells play in MS

(A–D) MOG_pool-reactive CD8+ T cell lines were generated as shown in Fig. 1. The 59 individual OLPs were interrogated, using IFN-γ Enzyme-linked ImmunoSpot, ...

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Recent clinical trials showed that B cell depletion Therapy (BCDT) in people with relapsing-remitting MS led to dramatic decreases in new disease activity.

Myelin-specific Th1 and/or Th17 cells drive inflammation within the CNS... | Download Scientific Diagram


They would need to study it further to get to the point where this discovery might help patients, but the scientific community was so rooted in its T cell ...

Human brain endothelial cells internalize myelin particles.

Migration of myelin-specific T-cells depends on presentation of myelin-antigens in MHC-II by BECs.


Multiple sclerosis study reveals how killer T cells learn to recognize nerve fiber insulators

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Immune System Maintains Brain Health

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Myelin particles are preferably routed to the endo-lysosomes.

Diagram of immune system role in multiple sclerosis pathogenesis.

It is also possible that FMD causes an anti-inflammatory effect through the up-regulation of a protein known as AMPK, as shown in Figure 3.

... multiple sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis: 21 Strategies to Heal Naturally

Potential MS-relevant B cell responses. (1) B cells can function as... | Download Scientific Diagram

Autoantibody-boosted T-cell reactivation in the target organ triggers manifestation of autoimmune CNS disease | PNAS

4 How are myelin autoreactive T-cells ...

#MSParis2017 – T-cell vs. B-cell Debate More Meeting of Minds

B cells can develop into immunoglobulin-secreting plasma cells, efficiently present their cognate antigen to T cells, and secrete inflammatory cytokines ...

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Activation of T lymphocytes (in this case, a T lymphocyte reactive to the brain-specific loop of the myelin protein, PLP [proteolipid ...

B-cell–targeted therapies in relapsing forms of MS | Neurology Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation

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CD4+ T cells that recognize self-antigens expressed on thymocytes in the context of MHC-II molecules undergo apoptosis. The key factor in determining ...


fullscreen Figure 1 Key cytokines in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis. In patients with MS and in its experimental models EAE, various immune cells ...

Tweaking the B lymphocyte compartment in autoimmune diseases | Nature Immunology

MS explanation 2

Proposed mechanism of MS pathogenesis. MΦ, macrophage; EC, Endothelial Cell; T

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Pre-tamoxifen immune cells do not accumulate within the spinal cord over time.


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Induction of T cell activation but not proliferation by brain endothelial cells.

MS Demyelinisation CD68 10xv2.jpg

Integrative analysis of Multiple Sclerosis using a systems biology approach | Scientific Reports

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2.1 Autoimmune Attack on Myelin and Oligodendrocyte

Myelin debris within CNS cells. a PLP (red) and Iba1 (green) stainings... | Download Scientific Diagram

What happens in MS ...cross the blood-brain barrier…

Potential chronic phase T cell responses after stroke.