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Hhaha Ahmshk on t

Hhaha Ahmshk on t


I love how this mask smell and the maskk sheet is thick enough, so it's won' t easily torn haha. And the sensation of this mask is great , a little bit cold ...

House Of HaHa Fashion for Your Funny Bone Smiling Mask Logo ...

Here's how I look after I've put on all four of the mask. I look ridiculous, don't I? HAHA!

Shallow, but one of the reasons I like this mask is that it's cute!

The mask smells like some minty toothpaste (maybe Colgate?) I've used before. Not a bad smell and I don't recall being able to detect it after putting it on ...

After a few seconds, it turns into a whipped cream lather and I was amazed by it! Haha! I didn't have any issues with the applicator.

I couldn't wait to try it out! It looks kind of scary, so I apologize for that! Haha It comes in 2 different pieces, a top and a bottom.


This was my first time for putting it on so I didn't know how to put it right but it worked haha.I wore it for 20 minutes, then I rubbed the liquid ...

After 30 minutes the mask was still moist and my face felt better than before. My pores looked better but you wouldn't see much difference if not looking ...

mellouwsim: “ I wanted to do something different so I gave a shot at making a Nose Mask and Teeth. Don't judge, its my first try haha I will make more as ...


Isn't THAT lovely...(not!). Haha! The mask is the fabric that's been soaked and sitting in the Red Earth Clay Spa formula. So you spread it on your face, ...

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It still feels very cooling on the skin even after 20 minutes. I was very reluctant to take it off haha!

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:p This mask doesn't hurt my skin in any way. It's like glue but softer even when dried. It is not hard to peel off, ...


Haha my jaded mask of irony is falling off Haha ...

How to turn your t-shirt into a ninja mask. XD not something i would do but haha, i guess if you're totally desperate?

Otherwise, since I haven't faced any issue with this mask so far, you should be able to feel safe to proceed with a careful patch test beforehand haha!

Paper 3D mask. Made by me I personally don't like it but I think that ...

and laugh like you mean it.

... House Of HaHa Fashion for Your Funny Bone Smiling Mask Logo

They also are not the cute ones you see online or the little animal ones I've seen. It makes me look pretty scary and my dogs avoid me when I wear it haha.

Face mask video + omfg I'm a dork haha😍

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Actually this mask mostly pulled my face hairs haha, of course there're some whiteheads that stick on to the mask but it's counted with my fingers.

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Haha. Little did I know I would soon come to the same conclusion every other bblogger had before me. Sheet free masks, this is the future.

Using the pink one to cover the rest of my face. I thought I'm pretty bad at painting but this doesn't look so bad haha!

Every time I have a mask on my dog does two things. First she jumps up and wants to smell it to see what it is and then (without fail) she rings ...

I hope you weren't drinking tea HAHA. And I hope you didn't spit it out :P.

One thing though, unlike the other masks, this one had a mild sweet scent to it but it wasn't watermelon(?) though honestly, I secretly wished it was haha.

Haha. Pictured above wearing one of the aforementioned Vanedo masks. He is not as picky as I am, and his skin isn't nearly as sensitive ...

Next, if you want to make the mask more effective, once the bubbles have all expanding, massage the mask into your skin! This was a fun process for me ...

Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Operation Moon Fall Slim Fit T-Shirt

So yes, first mask experience was simply amazing! I mean, I didn't know it feels good putting a mask on your face.

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I can see why they call this mas, “Don't look at me!” haha!! Again, this mask costs more than the regular masks at Lush. This retails at $10.95 for 60g!


I think I have a huge face that one sachet isn't enough to fill up the entire area. Haha!

our masks won't look this good because I didn't plan ahead...good thing it's kinder haha

image 0 ...

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This is with makeup on that very day after using the Shen Qi mask. Seriously dk why I applied foundation when I don't need it but haha #oldhabitsdiehard

Under The Mask Amino!

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I could actually open my own spa haha) so I decided to pick two with similar effects and the two I haven't really talked about here on my blog.

Anyway, there are two types of masks that I like to use- ones that hydrate and plump the skin, and ones that clear pores and deep cleanse.

As you can see, it looks really greasy. And you can see on the second picture, I had a visit from my cat haha.

It has little scrubby bits in it which you can scrub for face with after you're done masking. This mask doesn't really dry completely even after the 10 ...

It was a little baggy in some areas, as you can see. And it didn't cover my forehead all the way.

Well I never told him anything about foot masks before haha! But do let me tell you about the benefits a foot mask can bring! Well, people don't dump money ...

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Once you try it, make sure to take a "bubble selfie" for le 'gram! Aaaaaand... don't spill the milk! Char. Haha! 😝

Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl, Desktop Wallpaper, Chernobyl Disaster, Personal Protective Equipment, Gas Mask PNG

Haha… Sorry about this answer, but I couldn't help myself. I needed some humor…

I've only used it twice, but it has snatched my face up REAL good already, haha! I could't eat while the mask was on – that's how good it was!

Haha how to make your own facial mask!?

The instructions say to leave this on your face for 10-15 minutes. I left it on for 20 minutes. I figured it wouldn't hurt and the mask wasn't dried out ...

I once use this mask everyday for few days and it doesn't make my skin dry so I think if you feel like you need a deep cleansing, go with this mask.

before the hives set it * The new masks are amazing , except the blue one , I can't use it haha. However , the rescue mask helped with its calamine ...

This is with makeup on that very day after using the Shen Qi mask. Seriously dk why I applied foundation when I don't need it but haha #oldhabitsdiehard

Haha. I got my Boxycharm in last week. For those who don't know, Boxycharm a monthly subscription beauty box where you get 4-5 FULL SIZE products each month ...


... and I love how plumped my skin felt all day. The lace pattern is a cute bonus, too. Kinda gimmicky but it makes my mask snaps less scary, haha.

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Earthwise Beauty Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask* - babes, if you ever want to try a product based on my recommendation, then this would be it.

'Don't think Mick has ever seen a face mask before': While. '

... they are wearing a mask. They change. They get to be a lot of the things they aren't when they are just themselves. I guess that's what I was drawn to.”

(this is what the mask should look like

Back to my younger years, when I was a small girl i used to apply to my face stuff from the kitchen)haha. Who is with me?

Everytime I put a facial mask on, my face will become stiff. Can't smile and talk at all haha!

Edison T. Crux's tweet - "We maaaay have started tinkering with mods on A Hat In Time... as this picture sums up—Banjo's shorts from Banjo-Kazooie, ...

ditch pony @molly7anne DEPRESSION you cant just drink tea and do a face mask and


Haha here's a clearer one from my back camera. Wah my skin is damn nice here lah, if I may say so myself HAHA but really, I was very impressed.

Just can't wait now to add the dirt marks!

You'll smell the vinegar in the whole room, haha! As they say, you'll feel your face pulsate and tighten. Then it hardens, becomes odorless and starts to ...

I am incredibly happy with how this project is turning out so far and I am looking forward to the next step in completing this, as well as my own mask.

This mask smells absolutely delicious and sweet! Haha, sorry about the bad fit on my face that night – it was one of those nights where I was so tired, ...

So this is what the mask looks like when it is applied, I didn't have to use too much either it spread across the skin nicely (pls ignore my hair I know ...

And this is what I did with my 10 minutes. Haha. I heart face masks!

I would be lying to you if I said I didn't take around 40

Review: L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask


Just can't wait now to add the dirt marks!

Some people who have sensitive skin might not like peeling mask/nose strips as it hurts when peeling but for regular skin, it shouldn't hurt at all!

I'm back even though I wasn't that popular on here haha -

Couldn't decide what color to use haha. Ended up with a gif.

DIY Hair Mask and Favorite Products

a festival tip with the 1975 on long drops. 1. take a scarf 2. put baby wipes in scarf 3. create a gas mask haha oh matty // #the1975

Without applying Sleeping Hair Mask the night before, this is my usual bed hair… Lol. Don't judge!!!

So crazy tore my eyes can't even open, soothing them by eye masking haha shit la and I'm late wtf.

Grell is thinking about his beloved Sebatian haha by T-lover ...

First of all, who doesn't LOVE the smell of coffee? Haha! This might be one of my favorite DIY face scrubs and face masks. Coffee helps with:

... a mask), I didn't try that but I doubt it haha (in this pic he was so shocked that he wouldn't have said anything anyway even though 47 doesn't have a ...