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Hand crafted bespoke renaissance sword Inspired by Antique Rapiers

Hand crafted bespoke renaissance sword Inspired by Antique Rapiers


Hand crafted bespoke renaissance sword. Inspired by Antique Rapiers. Custom Crafted by Brendan Olszowy

Details about Antique Medieval German Pilsen Rapier 44.3/4" Sword With Scabbard

Danish officer rapier - Karde (thistle), sword

Inspired by 16th Century Renaissance swords. Hand crafted custom longsword by Brendan Olszowy / Fable

17th century Rapier Sword, exclusive of weapons factory

Rapier 2 century XVII, exclusive of factory of arms

Spanish Rapier

Swords of the Renaissance. Sword blades were manufactured in Toledo and Valencia (Spain), Solingen and Passau (Germany), and Milan and Brescia (Italy).

Renaissance Rapier Swept Hilt Spiral Medieval Fencing Re-enactment Sword

Renaissance Rapier Swords

17th Antique Renaissance Italian 46" Rapier Sword Designed by Bruce Brookhart

Vintage Rapier Sword, Made in Spain, Ambidextrous

NORTON, renaissance rapier, sword

A very nice antique 16th Century German Swept Hilted Rapier, on the blade "JOHANNES", length 110 cm, in very good condition. Price on request.

43" Black Stainless Steel Swept Hilt Guard Rapier Medieval Renaissance Sword

Sword Colada del Cid

Spada da lato, circa 1560 Fantasy Sword, Fantasy Weapons, Swords And Daggers,

... experience comes from a professional background in theatre and video design and production, graphic design and a practical knowledge of historical sword ...

Elegance Achieved: The Italian Rapier

Rapier Sword or Cavalier, exclusive of gun factory

Bespoke Rapier and Parrying Dagger set by Fable Blades. Hand Made Sword Belt with hangers

Medieval Renaissance Flowing Rapier Thrusting Sword Carbon Steel Blade Replica

medieval sword scabbard albion integrated reenactment ...

Fabri Armorum Italian Renaissance sword

Featured Swords

We carry grand selection of authentic pirate swords. Most other places are selling you renaissance rapiers, Civil War swords, Revolutionary War sabers or ...

Swedish Swords Repier Thirty Years War

Decorative Swords & Knives

Viking sword

Antique Renaissance 17th Century Candlesticks Flemish Italian Bronze

Hand and Half Swords

Spain Spanish Tizona Espaniola Toledo Cup Hilt Rapier Sword Vintage


Irish/Scottish Halflang circa 1400.

Functional Fantasy Swords

Fabri Armorum Italian Renaissance sword

Miniature King Charles III Rapier Sword (Bronze) by Marto of Toledo Spain

Sword of Caliph Umar, with later hilt.


Training rapiers

Miniature Spanish Tizona Cup Hilt Rapier Sword (Gold) by Marto of Toledo Spain

Sword of the Death of Fran Frazetta

Windsong – The Sword of Kings

BT2701 Battle Tested Broad Sword

+ 3 more photos

FENCING has been an Olympic event since the games were revived in the late 19th century. So it is fitting that visitors travelling to London for the 2012 ...

So what's so special about these swords? Well they are of course the Official Marto Conan Sword, In an Official Marto Conan Box, complete with Official ...

... Medieval renaissance messer sword 16thBreughel re-enactment todsworkshop historical replica ...

Exclusive functional Rapier or rapier

Rapier of the future Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian II

Men Medieval Armor Renaissance Knights Holster Scabbard Waistbelt for Rapier Costume Props Brown/ Black Leather

... Parrying Dagger ...

Wild Cat themed Small-sword ...

Pirate Weapons

Medieval swords up to the 14th century for re-enactment and living history

Hallstatt swords

1590 Antique Renaissance French Deschaux Rapier Sword with Swept Hilt Guard

Amazon.com : Black Prince Sword with Sheath : Martial Arts Swords : Sports & Outdoors

Handmade Sword

The blade becomes thinner and longer, and the hand protection becomes more encompassing and complex, and becomes the rapier around 1500.

and a beautiful sword and dagger example of silver craftsmanship, where the silver has been cut as if it had been made from wax or even cheese – according ...

Aragorn, Sword, lotr, lord, of, the, rings, ...


2019 Men Medieval Accessory Knights LARP Two Buckle Sword Frog Holster With Belt Rapier Scabbard Holder Belt Halloween Cosplay From Superstarsupplier123, ...

Heart ...

Shell Hilt Rapier, Sharp, Swept-hilt RapieR, Hand Made Collectible Rapier

Spanish Main Gauche Fencing Dagger Short Rapier Sword

One-Handed Swords

Game of Thrones Red Viper's Spear

Image may contain: night

My husband got a sword after working for his place-of-employment for 5 years. At 10 years you get a shield to go with it.

... Landsknecht steel rondel renaissance medieval dagger re-enactment historical replica todsworkshop ...

Pipe, Hawk, Axe, Brass, Tomahawk, ...

King Charles III Rapier Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain

I bought a badly abused 1888 Lee-Metford bayonet blade on Ebay. I asked a good friend and noted knife maker Les George if he ...

Rapier and Left-hand Dagger Dated: circa 1600 Culture: German Swords And Daggers

Temporary wrap to protect the 400 year old wood and some

Colichemarde Sword

Windlass Made Replica Of Antique Musketeers Left Hand Dagger Knife & Scabbard • 175.00$

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toy rapier sword


Long Sword, The Galway Sword - Irish Arming Sword 16th Century ...

Munetoshi Handmade Sword

1917 Hybrid Cutlass

Sabre ...

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