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Galaxy class upgrade with warp capable Saucer section ST Star

Galaxy class upgrade with warp capable Saucer section ST Star


Galaxy class upgrade with warp capable Saucer section

Galaxy class

Galaxy class

... capable of saucer separation.

Saucer separation

Forward port view

Constitution class

Starship class: Galaxy-class (refit)

Sovereign class

Prometheus class



As Enterprise NX-01 already had saucer design, only Vulcans could influence the design if we consider inspiration from ...

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Star Trek at 50: The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). The Galaxy-class ...

Galaxy Class Starship

Dreadnought class

USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D, Galaxy Class. Launched Stardate 40795.5. She is the sixth starship to bear the name.

Enterprise-D firing multiple weapons.

Galaxy Class refit | Tea Earl Grey Hot (Star Trek) | Star trek starships, Star trek convention, Star trek universe

Saucer separation

The Enterprise's saucer section crash landing

Enterprise-D saucer separation

Galaxy class stardrive section (secondary hull & warp nacelles) detail, top view

As Enterprise NX-01 already had saucer design, only Vulcans could influence the design if we consider inspiration from ...

Star Trek

... 141.1 & 154.7, and Federation Security Council General Policy, the following objectives have been established for an Galaxy Class Starship:

A Closer look At The USS Enterprise In 'Star Trek: Discovery'

... Zone at the Canopus Shipyards. Over a dozen were constructed and sent into the war, and only 3 returned from that brutal conflict (the USS Snoqualmie, ...

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... Galaxy class Twice as long as an Odyssey class It would fit in the saucer section of the Universe class,sideways, of coursepic.twitter.com/Soho1fR6iF

GWS Nebula class variant (with galaxy class saucer by nichodo ...

Here are the ship specifications for the USS Polaris. USS Polaris design and specifications by Michael Wiley

... Design Plans: Galaxy-plans.pdf

Class Information

Galaxy Class Starship

... supply and computer systems are sealed off, creating two independent vehi cles. Saucer separation can be accomplished at impulse or warp speeds.

Calm Before the Storm by celticarchie.deviantart.com on @deviantART. "Saucer separation complete, Battle Stations!"

Other ships of this design generation were the Ambassador class, Challenger class, Cheyenne class, Galaxy class, Nebula class, New Orleans class, ...

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12. The ship was supposed to be so advanced that the engines would never malfunction. But a chief engineer was added because engine malfunctions were useful ...

Here is a visual from Star Trek Online's rendering of the Prometheus class that shows the nacelle extended

Pre-Federation era[edit]

Introduced in the early 2370s, the Intrepid-class was Starfleet's answer to their growing need for a versatile and quick class of ships, capable of ...

USS Calypso NCC 71350

Figure 5 (Courtesy of EAS) ...

U.S.S Typhoon - phase 2 galaxy class by fastleppard ...

image by Brady (@startrekstarships) with caption : "My all time favorite class

NX-01, main setting of Star Trek: Enterprise.

I think a couple of peregrine fighter wings could easily fit inside there.

An overhead and side elevation of the starship Enterprise.

The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) is a Galaxy-class ship and the fifth Federation starship in the Star Trek universe to carry the name Enterprise.

One of the lesser-known capabilities of the Enterprise is her ability to, in an emergency situation, jettison the back half of the ship. Called a " saucer ...

It's sleek, well-armed, extremely fast, very tough, and capable of operating as an effective ship with as little as the main computer, the EMH, ...

USS Enterprise Saucer Hull Diagram

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... show:

USS Formidable NCC-73085 (Modified Galaxy Class)

... especially the refit version!

Type: Galaxy Class Integrated Craft Accommodation: 3 flight crew, 4 passengers. Power Plant: Toroidal driver coil-based impulse propulsion system; ...

In 2359 Starfleet initiated a research project intended to explore the possibility of a true multi-section vessel. The requirement called for a vessel able ...

Class Description

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Class VI Comm Relay/Emergency Beacon 25. Class VII Remote Culture Study Probe 15. Class VIII Medium-Range Multimission Warp Probe 15

Review: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Keeps Hope Alive With Season Finale “Will You Take My Hand?”

U.S.S. Avalon / Excelsior-class (Type-C) version 2

25 Things About Star Trek's Enterprise-D You Probably Didn't Know [List] - The Geek Twins


caption = The Galaxy class starship Enterprise first = "Encounter at Farpoint" last = "Endgame" status = Active affiliation = Starfleet launched = 2357

Sources: Daystrom Institute of Technology, Ex Astris Scientia, Computer Core Dump, Ships of Starfleet Galaxy Class Starship Copyright Paramount ...

NX Refit by Thomas Marrone for STO - Some interesting details. : startrek

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U.S.S. Enterprise saucer crashed. A Galaxy class ...