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Full translation of the Behistun Inscription Wikipedia

Full translation of the Behistun Inscription Wikipedia


Behistun Inscription. From Wikipedia ...

Full figure of Darius trampling rival Gaumata.

Full translation of the Behistun Inscription - Wikipedia

Close-up of the inscription showing damage

... Bisotun/Behistun Inscription, Iran | by Ali Daneshgar

Full translation of the Behistun Inscription - Wikipedia

Head of Darius with crenellated crown

The Behistun Inscription, carved into a cliffside, gives the same text in three languages (Old Persian, Babylonian, Elamite) telling the story of King ...

Behistun Inscription, The Rosetta Stone of Persia

The Anubanini rock relief, dated to 2300 BC, and made by the pre-Iranian Lullubi ruler Anubanini, is very similar in content to the Behistun reliefs ...

Behistun Inscription is located in West and Central Asia

Intaphrenes as bow-carrier of Darius on the Behistun reliefs.

The Behistun Inscription, a Jewel of Achaemenid Art

Inscriptions from the Behistun Relief

File:Behistun Relief, Tritantaechmes.jpg

Behistun Inscription is located in Iran

Lineage of Darius the Great according to the Behistun inscription.

Behistun relief of Frâda. Label: "This is Frâda. He lied, saying "I am king of Margiana.""

Behistun relief of Arakha. Label: "This is Arakha. He lied, saying: "I am Nebuchadnezzar, the son of Nabonidus. I am king in Babylon.""

File:Behistun inscription.jpg

Route to inscription at upper right.

Skunkha - Behistun relief of Skunkha. Label: "This is Skunkha the Sacan.

Behistun Inscription

King Darius the great of Persian empire (Xerxes' father) Behistun inscription with translation:

Portrait of the Achaemenid ruler toppled by Darius, as appearing on the Behistun inscription. He ruled for several months over the Achaemenid Empire.

File:Behistun Relief, Martiya.jpg. From Wikipedia ...

The Behistun Inscription. (View Larger)

Achaemenids (560 BC - 331 BC) - Behistun Inscription , 522- 486 BC

King Darius I, the Great with the rebels paraded before him

Iran Articles Missing Geocoordinate Data: Medes, South Pars - North Dome Gas-Condensate

Parthian era bas relief at the base of Behistun historic site. Image credit: Wikimedia

Selucid era carving of the Greek god Heracles

Map showing Kermanshah province in northwest, modern Iran (shaded green). Base image credit:Wikipedia

At the base of the inscriptions is a narrow ledge

Herakles at Behistun, sculpted for a Seleucis Governor in 148 BC.

Behistun relief of Phraortes. Label: "This is Phraortes. He lied, saying: "I am Khshathrita, of the dynasty of Cyaxares. I am king in Media.""

Skunkha - Image: Xerxes tomb Saka Trigraxauda


The behistun inscription

Behistun Relief - Inscription from Column 1, 1881

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Behistun Relief of Nidintu-Bêl. Label "This is Nidintu-Bêl. He lied, saying "I am Nebuchadnezzar, the son of Nabonidus. I am king of Babylon.""[2]

Behistun Relief, depiction of ššina circa 519 BC, with label: "This is ššina. He lied, saying "I am king of Elam.""[2]

Behistun Inscription - Wikipedia Silk Road


Balash Stone with carved reliefs on three sides of a Parthian King Valgash (Vologese)

Behistun Inscription

Drawing by French orientalist traveller Pascal Coste, 1840 CE. Image credit: Wikimedia

Sketch on Mount Behistun from Rawlinson's Seven Great Monarchies

Papyrus with an Aramaic translation of the Behistun inscription's text

Apadana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Archaeology of the Achaemenid Empire - Achaemenid Cities, Behistun Inscription, Marvdasht Complex, Susa

Balash Stone with carved reliefs on three sides of a Parthian King Valgash (Vologese)

Gaumata being trampled upon by Darius the Great, Behistun inscription. The Old Persian inscription

... the word Magi is in the trilingual inscription written by Darius the Great, known as the Behistun Inscription.".......http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Magi

What my guide tells the group, 'two side by side Parthian era rock relieves known as Behistun I (aka Mithridate II's audience) (Left), and Behistun II (aka ...

Globular Amphora culture | Wikipedia audio article

Parthian King Valgash (Vologese) standing before an altar. On the altar is an inscription identifying the king.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

How Five Ancient Languages Were Translated


87.15 AED

Ahura Mazda (on the right, with high crown) presents Ardashir I (left

Achaemenid Empire Naqsh-e Rustam Behistun Inscription King Of Kings Wikipedia PNG

... Behistun Behistun, Reliefs of Mithridates II and Gotarzes II ...

Scaricare Libero Inscriptiones Pompeianae: Or Specimens And Facsimiles Of Ancient Inscriptions Discovered On The Walls Of Buildings At Pompeii (Classic ...

Sketch by French traveller Guillaume-Joseph Grelot. 1673


The ruins of ancient Susa, administrative capital of Darius I and his successors, probed and uncovered by archaeologists since 1884. have yielded a rich ...

Behistun Inscription, IRAN meaning "the place of god") is a multilingual inscription

Behustun Inscription. From Jatland Wiki

Behistun, unfinished Sasanian relief ...

Behistun lies on a branch of the Aryan trade road running between Ecbatana / Hamadan to Kermanshah

19 The Faravahar ...

According to Herodotus and Darius' own Behistun Inscription, after the death of Cyrus, Cambyses, his son, took the throne. During Cambyses conquest of Egypt ...

The Cyrus Cylinder

The Behistun Inscription

Assyrian Cuneiform

Monuments of Taq-Bostan , carved 4-6th A.D

Persian Empire

... DOC116/14528 - Ahura Mazda, god of the Achaemenid kings of Persia | by

Gaumata under Darius I's boot engraved at Behistun Inscription in Kermanshah.

The Behistun Inscription (meaning “the place of god”) is a multi-lingual inscription located on Mount Behistun in the Kermanshah Province of Iran, ...

Behistun Inscription

The ruler who lost a Bactrian revolt is mentioned as a Margian in the Behistun inscriptions of ca.

... unfinished Sasanian palace Behistun, free-standing Parthian rock relief ...

Behistun Inscription Wikipedia

Behistun Inscription