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Fantasy relating is one way we allow alanrobarge

Fantasy relating is one way we allow alanrobarge


"Fantasy relating is one way we allow..." / #alanrobarge #

"Living in a double-bind means..." / #alanrobarge #

"It is an act of powerful self-loving..." / #

"When you let love cloud your better..." / #alanrobarge #

"If you have an attachment injury..." / #alanrobarge #relationshippsychotherapy

"When we step back and take inventory..." / #alanrobarge #

Faites glisser pour repositionner

"Hey honey, this feels like a no-win..." /

"There's an expiration date on..." / #alanrobarge #relationshippsychotherapy #

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"If you stay in a fantasy dream state regarding relationships, you're not only avoiding reality, but also avoiding yourself." Alan Robarge ...

"Hey honey, sometimes I treat you like my..." / #

"Not all pain has a purpose or is a gift..." /

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"Learn to leave those who don't want to be..."

"Sometimes you'll struggle to..." / #alanrobarge #relationshippsychotherapy

Alan Robarge Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach

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"Don't confuse yourself by getting hung up on terms such as real love. 1 week ago

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What does FANTASY BOND mean? FANTASY BOND meaning & explanation

"Attachment trauma occurs when parents don't know their child as a person, meaning there's little to no engagement or investment in the child's interesting ...

"It's often easier to judge and label others than it is to look at ourselves. "


"You pick unavailable partners because you have not fully let in the crushing grief from. "

"Stop Living in Fantasy." #alanrobarge #relationshippsychotherapy #relationshipcoach #attachmentstyles #

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How to Meditate and Accept Reality

Healing really is an act of balancing and transformation. Sometimes black or white thinking is necessary when protecting ourselves, but once you've done a ...

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#letstalkaboutmentalhealth Fear of abandonment specifically regarding borderline personality disorder: A persistent fear of abandonment

Alan Robarge

Many folks with attachment injuries are frightened of leaving a relationship and do not have the

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[4 of 5] The Role of Fantasy in the Anxious-Avoidant Trap

There is not a simple answer to finding a solution for attachment injuries and attachment trauma

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Grieving Fantasy Bonds And Fantasy Relationships

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This is codependency in a nutshell. I'm sure everyone has felt this sting

One of the most painful human experiences is not being able to emotionally reach our partner

The great Wayne Dyer was right when he said “When you change the way you

IN RECOVERY, we recognize that adults are capable of caring for themselves. We stop doing for others what they can do for themselves.

Grieving the End of a Relationship - Painful Attachment Trauma Af... Добавлено: 3 год.

Get out of your feelings, romanticized “Hollywood” and Shakespearean beliefs about happiness and. 1 22

How are you in relationships? Do you worry constantly about losing the other person?

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Our #wounds are not who we are.

Let nothing and no one stop you. You got this 💪

In hindsight, how might you have betrayed your own needs, allowed boundaries to be crossed and given up your dignity in order to be loved?

Posted @withrepost • @notesfromyourtherapist Practice, practice, practice ... ❤ #relationshipgoals #intimacy #vulnerability .

I beleive that trying to get back to the pureness of your inner child

“Someone cares about me too”, and “that even when it feels like nobody cares, there's always somebody out there” . I received these responses ...

If you've ever been shopping with children, you know why a

Ep. 004 - How Do You Know When It's Time to End a Relationship?

How are you feeling under this Full Moon? 🌙🕯 Remember to allow whatever comes

Have you ever considered how experiences during childhood are effecting your everyday life now? . 1 16

Are you aware of your own core wounds? Do you understand what you triggers are? Where they came from and how you've reacted to them in the past?

Oftast skrivet jag av mig min frustration här. När det är jobbigt och jag är

Super excited to be sending these designs to the printers tonight. “My Healing Little


Some people will always forgive you because their love for you runs deeper than anything they

We needed these 5 qualities to develop a happy, healthy sense of self as a child. If one wasn't available we're unlikely to know instinctively how to attain ...

3 weeks ago

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Double tap if you'd like to hear their answer to this one, too? 😉🤨 . . Support News: My newest Healing The Mother Wound Guided Journal Pages go out today!


How to Interrupt Obsessive Thinking: Drop the Story

Alan Robarge Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach

#Repost @notesfromyourtherapist ・・・ There might still be something I want to do

Plenty of love, cuddles + snuggles will set your children up for a healthy +

One of the most difficult things to let go of is what we never received from our #narcissisticparent in the first place. It creates #codependency because ...


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3 weeks ago

What do you need to hear? 🌷 A poem around “being effected by others moods” . I received this response when I asked “what do you need to hear” on my ...

How You Love on yourself, Your views on Love and more?..Actually

Today is therapy day. Except my therapist is on holiday this week so today is

The first step is to realize the story we've been told, or that

8 Signs it's Time to Let Go of a Relationship


Awakening of the spirit down to the deepest level where the Inner Child is paralyzed by fear. We learned to discover recovery slowly and start to become an ...

Remember, you are not alone!💚 . #bpdQueen #borderlinesyndrom #borderlinesunite #

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As we mentioned yesterday for the month of June we will be focusing on the subject

For some, Mother's Day is a beautiful celebration of many lovely relationships & symbols.

I don't repost much, but this is SO DAMN IMPORTANT. I think

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“What other people think of you is none of your business.”-Unknown; “