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Fablecoin Tether Finally Fully Discloses that USDT Is Only 74

Fablecoin Tether Finally Fully Discloses that USDT Is Only 74


Tether (USDT) is only 74% backed by cash and securities as stated in the affidavit filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York by Stuart Hoegner, ...

Tether only 74% Backed By Cash And Equivalents: Tether Lawyers

Bitfinex reveals stablecoin is only 74% backed by cash, says it's 'simultaneously addressing' requests from NYAG, DOJ and CFTC

Technical Indicator Suggests Tether Trouble Has Put an End to Bitcoin Rally

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BREAKING: Tether Confirms That 26 Percent of Its USDT Supply Is NOT Backed by Fiat


Tether Scandal Sparks Bitcoin Price Gains; Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash Up 4%-11%

Japan's Authorities to Require Crypto Exchanges to Strengthen Custody of “Cold Wallets”

Facebook Reportedly Sets the Date to Launch its “GlobalCoin” Cryptocurrency ...

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Ethereum Classic 51% Attack: Security Firm Submits Final Report

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Square Sold Over $166 Million in Bitcoin in 2018, $52 Million in Q4 Alone

Bitfinex-Tether Case: Supreme Court Issues Show-Cause Notice To NY Attorney General

Featured: The Legal Minefield of Stablecoins

Nasdaq Introduces XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX) in Partnership with Brave New Coin - AllStocks Network

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Featured: The US-China Trade War and Bitcoin's Price Spike

Featured: The Legal Minefield of Stablecoins | Crypto-News in 2019 | Cards, Games, Playing cards

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From the Dark Web to Crypto: Drug Dealers Plead Guilty to $2.3M Money Laundering

There has been a lot of questions and panic in Japan following the news of Masayoshi Son losing about $130 million on Bitcoin. Son is a renowned investor ...

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Cryptocurrency Crime Is Already at $1.2 Billion in Q1 of 2019 Alone

Hackers Looted Users' Cryptocurrency Funds after Breaching into their Microsoft Outlook Accounts

Tether Mystery Solved: Only 74% Is Backed by Real USD

Faceook Makes Blockchain & Crypto Advertising a Little Easier; Eliminates Pre-Approval Requirements

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis (May 1): Breaking Resistance of $5,475, Lingering at

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Europol Reveals a Multinational Takedown of a Crypto-Based Dark Web Marketplace

HTC to Release Second Blockchain Phone Already in 2019

Tether Lawyer Admits Stablecoin Now 74% Backed by Cash and Equivalents

Report: 152,000 Electrum Bitcoin Wallets Infected by a New Trojan

With a New Acquisition of a Crypto Custodian, ICE's Bakkt has Big Plans for Bitcoin

Tether and Bitfinex confirm USDT is not fully backed by fiat, only 74% of tethers backed with cash

Fablecoin: Tether Finally Fully Discloses that USDT Is Only 74% Backed by USD

Australian Taxation Office Set to Invade the Crypto Space to Sniff Out Tax Evaders

Brazilian Police Clamps Down on a Bitcoin Money Laundering Group, Seizes High-End Mining

Bitfinex and Tether Exodus Leads to 7th Most Confirmed Bitcoin Transactions in a Day

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Featured: The Current State of Government-Issued Cryptocurrencies

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Top Oracle Executive: Half or More of Businesses to Implement Blockchain in a Few Years

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William Shatner and Mattereum Turn to Blockchain to Fight off Fraud in Art and Collectibles

Two People Charged for Providing Unlicensed Banking Services to Crypto Exchanges

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Prominent Venture Capitalist Tim Draper: 5% of the Earth's Market Share Will Belong to

Tether Just Burned 500 Million USDT Stablecoin Tokens

Bitfinex and Tether Ask Court to Loosen NYAG's Fund Restrictions

Bitcoin (BTC) Stumbles As New York Attorney General Accuses Crypto Exchange Bitfinex and Tether of Massive Cover-up

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The Fallout Of The Bitfinex/Tether Debacle

How Crypto Markets Are Reacting to the Tether-Bitfinex Allegations

Serena Williams' Investment Firm Invests in Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase

NYAG: Bitfinex Should Be Made to Disclose Tether Deal Documents

Tether Stablecoin Only Has 74% of USDT Backed by Cash and Fiat Equivalents, Says Legal Counsel

Tether Lawyer Confirms Only 74% USDT Is Backed By Cash Reserves

Tether Lawyer Reveals USDT is Only Backed by 74% of Fiat

Antoni Trenchev of Nexo Says He Isn't Worried About the Recent Tether (USDT) Controversy

Tether Is Only 74% Backed By USD - Finance and Funding

Tether Says Stablecoin Is Only Backed 74% by Cash, Securities

Tether is now 74% backed by Cash and Equivalents says Lawyer

Latest Tether Scandal - Only 74% coins are backed by Fiat

Across different exchanges, bitcoin converges to three distinct price levels depending on the relationship to Bitfinex and Tether

Rumor Says Bitfinex Preparing for Tether (USDT) Exchange Offering

Tether lawyers confirm USDT stablecoin only partially backed by fiat


Confirmed: Only 74% Of Tether Backed By.

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Tether Lawyer Shocker: Only 74% Backed by Cash, How Will Bitcoin React?

USDT Now Backed by 74% Cash, Tether lawyer Reveals

Tether could bring down bitcoin after $850 million went missing

Tether Shocks the World, Says It Is Backed by Only 74% Cash and Securities


Tether Lawyer Confirms USDT Is 74% Backed By Cash And Other Assets

Scott Purcell of PrimeTrust on Tether: They Refused an Audit, that Means One Thing - Fraud

Filings Reveal that Only 74 Percent of USDT Is Backed by Short-Term Liquid Funds


Billionaire Bitfinex Shareholder Hints at Exchange Token after $850 Million Tether Scandal


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Tether is only 74% backed by the US dollar, according to legal documents

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Bitcoin ...

Bitcoin Exchange Guide

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