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Elephant reaches down with her trunk to pull her calf to safety

Elephant reaches down with her trunk to pull her calf to safety


In the end the elephant decided to reach down with her trunk to try and pull

The young elephant fell down a watering hole at the Addo Elephant National Park in South

Elephant uses her trunk to pull her calf to safety after it gets stuck

The youngster's mother arrived at the scene and had to decided what would be the best

Watch: Amazing video of a mother Elephant rescuing her calf stuck in a waterhole.

After being freed by the rangers, eventually mother and baby were reunited back on dry

Elephants Save Drowning Calf

Elephant uses her trunk to pull her calf to safety after it gets stuck | Daily Mail Online

baby elephant drinking water

HEARTBREAKING video shows baby elephant WITHOUT his trunk

A mother elephant searches for water by sticking her head in the sand in front of

How Do Elephants Give Birth

A young elephant has been spotted in Kruger National Park, South Africa, without a

Elephant trunks CC BY 2.0 Ryan Poplin/flickr

African Elephant family.

Using her trunk, the mother tries to get pull her calf out of the water

african elephant


Vinayaki, the elephant goddess, and Bhunte

Baby elephant VIDEO: HEARTBREAKING footage shows calf without his trunk | Nature | News | Express.co.uk

Rescued elephant delivers calf at Dallas Zoo

By Lauren Cawley, Elephant Orphanage Project

... Cover Photo: Making Friends with Elephants by Ken Wasil

Bhunte's ancestors

22 Elephant Facts and Photos About the Gentle Giants

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Newsflare - Caring mother elephant helps her struggling baby out of river

African bush Elephant calves in Serengeti N.P. - Tanzania

Jokia doesn't look like she's aged a day since I last saw her and seems in good spirits. She, whether intentionally or not, keeps pulling the shared basket ...

General Elephant Facts

Is This a Photograph of an Elephant Carrying a Lion Cub?


WatchingElephants2-Roxanne Reid-June 2014

Snack attack: The elephant reaches into the car and eats the handbag (Image: Caters)

After all, elephants are gigantic so taking one down, even when it's alone, is no easy feat. Still they usually prefer to travel together.

Baby Elephant Facts

Two African elephant (Loxodonta africana) bull standing together resting, Amboseli national park,

“Buddy you must have heard us wrong we weren't talking sh** behind your back. Of course we were talking about tiger sh** since we identify each other by ...

A group of elephants with a baby elephant.

Indian villagers hurl firebombs at elephant and calf 'for damaging their crops'

Every member of the herd began to panic as the tried to figure out what to do. Would they be able to pull the little one to safety?

Mother elephant lends her clumsy calf a helping trunk to stand up

Elephant Hunting

The team successfully rescued her and transported her to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery in Lusaka – one of the Elephant Orphanage Project's facilities.

Trum-Bet You Didn't Know How an Elephant Uses its Trunk

Mother Elephant Refuses To Leave Her Injured Baby's Side

Baby elephant and his doting collective of sisters, cousins, and aunts



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Elephant rescue up close: saving an injured calf in Kenya's Maasai Mara nature reserve | South China Morning Post

Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai

It was an exhausting day for all involved, but at the end of it, the calf in need once again found itself in the safety of its herd, and loving mother.

The breeding herd of elephants making their way through the clearing past us.

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How to Save the Elephants? At Kenya's Elephant Crisis Fund, They've Got a Plan—Or Several - Vogue

Magnificent Elephants

Bhunte's mom is pregnant


The country with too many elephants

Dallas Zoo's baby elephant and mom meet their adoring fans

Facts about Elephant Size

'There's an elephant in the flowerbed again!'

Photograph by Laura M. Brown, Desert Elephant Conservation

"Cindy is by far the most aggressive, malevolent elephant I've ever seen. "

As soon as she gained more confidence, she joined her new family on the daily bush walks, where she exchanged interactions with them, getting to know them a ...

Herd of Elephants Desperately Work Together to Stop a Tiny Calf From Drowning

Elephants Communicate in Sophisticated Sign Language, Researchers Say – National Geographic Society Newsroom

With one great big haul, they gave it everything they had. At last – their plan had worked, and the calf was free from the water!

Using her back legs to brace herself, the elephant buried her trunk in a decent-sized ditch. She worked furiously, pulling whatever bits of mud she ...

Baby elephant clings to sedated mother after calf was rescued from pit

Would they be able to get everyone safely out the other side, or was this herd about to be one member smaller than before? Only time would tell.

A young calf lifts its trunk to investigate scent particles in the air. This is the same calf that lay down amongst the herd, right next to us.

Baby African elephant Loxodonta africana following close behind its mother in the African bush - Stock

Adorable Baby Elephant Does the Helicopter with Trunk

Who Will Save the Elephants?


This story was first published in The FountainInk in its April 2016 issue here: https://series.fountainink.in/the-elephant-men-of-odisha/


An elephant retreats after charging at farmers. The mother had been separated from her calf

Indian Elephant Facts

Angry elephant flips mother hippopotamus into the air with its trunk as she tries to protect her calf

Jokia doesn't look like she's aged a day since I last saw her and seems in good spirits. She, whether intentionally or not, keeps pulling the shared basket ...


African bush elephant spraying water on its body

Africa's elephant population has decreased by an estimated 110,000, down to 415,000, since 2006